Chesapeake Bay Gifted!

Water gifted the Chesepeake along the eastern shore on Saturday south from St.Michaels for a few miles and then went into another bay off the Chesepeake and gifted that.

Towards the end of my gifting adventure out on the bay we were treated to an early evening thunderstorm and lightening show.

Not sure if the abundance of orgonite in the water had anything to do with the rolling in of the lightening strikes or not , but it added to the excitement of the day.

You all can chew on this and size up this coincidence.

A navy radar installation at the very end of the 24 mile long peninsula from Easton to Tilgham island was gifted as well as the bay yesterday and just last night around midnight a small crew of navy guys went to work on the towers and radars.

Why would a radar crew repair radar at midnight on the eve of July 4rd ?

Could it be that the orgonite tb’s around the installation had anything to do bringing an emergency repair crew out in the middle of the night ?

Overall a great success gifting the Chesepeake ! Maybe enough orgonite in the Chesapeake will bring back the Oysters .

eric’s from near boston, everyone, so i guess he is out on the road again. way back in 8/03 when i was first getting with it, eric was a major presence in boston by then from his busting efforts all around that area. i used to read gifting reports in those days about these ‘legendary’ guys and eric was on of my favorites. his name was bostonbuster, i think, on some now defunct board (too bad all that history is lost… or maybe that was the point , as don often alludes to…) called cloudbusters, i think. apparently eric has been the anchor pin in the north-east since the beginning of the orgonite grassroots movement that don and carol started. eric’s work goes many places and he was the first gifter that i am aware of that overlapped my efforts here in south fla., after i tagged don and carols early 2001 gift at the hutchinson island nuclear plant.our history.

thank you eric for your long-running, continuous gifting efforts on a grand scale in so many locations. i do not think many people know the extent of your dedication and perseverence.

i intend to pay forward a little to you very soon as i will be in chapel hill, n. c. and will finally take care of a task i know you want done… royally. i will do it in my usual heavy-handed way and maybe you can close that chapter forever.

dude, i appreciate what you do in your ‘everywhere’ way more than you will ever know. perhaps my trip to n.c. will be the overlap return i can do to match when you first gifted jupiter inlet. i’m sure the down-easterners thanked you etherically, too.

I still can’t post CHPEL HLL on the EW anywhere.

Good Luck and gift Village Crossing and the Meadowmont area too !

The boogey-man lives in that neighborhood.


Tilghman Island Multiple Research Site

The Chesapeake Bay Detachment [CBD] occupies a 168-acre site near Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, and provides facilities and support services for research in radar, electronic warfare, optical devices, materials, communications, and fire research. Because of its location high above the Chesapeake Bay on the western shore, unique experiments can be performed in conjunction with the Tilghman Island site 16 km across the bay from CBD. Some of these experiments include low clutter and generally low background radar measurements. By using CBD’s support vessels, experiments are performed that involve dispensing chaff over water and radar target characterizations of aircraft and ships.

Tilghman Island was first charted Captain John Smith in 1608. Established in 1650, Tilghman Island was settled within the earliest stages of American history. In the years following its settlement, a succession of owners make good use of the rich soil for raising livestock, feed, fruit and timber. Originally called “Great Choptank Island”, it was known also as Foster’s Island, then Ward’s Island, until finally the Tilghman Family name stuck. In the early 19th century, parcel of land were sold to oystermen who wanted to be near the prime harvesting grounds surrounding Tilghman Island. By the turn of the century, steamboat service had been established, as had a thriving seafood industry, The island eventually became a popular haven for vacationers.