Chewing good massage

Only an hypotesys…

Quoting from Mosley posts, the clip about chewing bubble gum and seeing demons. It could be that there some empowering info.

I noticed that when one is chewing there is an internal massage caused by the movement of the facial muscle, the movements interests also the forehead in between the eyes. it might be that activates the third eye (assuming one in not eating detrimental food). At the same time is combined with the stomach being open so also the solar plexus is active.

When one is eating and something bad is seing the stomach gets a spams and is not possible to use the jaw. It may also mean that the contractions impair clarity of vision power.

With the occasion, the other day I got on wrong diversion and that was leading to a place in the hills Valgreghentino, there was a guy walking fast by the side of the road he was chewing a piece of bread he had an air of fury, and wild, we stared his eyes were kind on fire. I thought he could be the village idiot in a bad mood. I dont know, it felt also personal.

I kept driving and the r oad was leading to the Dozio Sanctuary on the mountain, but it was going to be dark, the road was dodgy anyway I got on the top of the Dozio, and left few gifts some in the woods and on the stream below. I saw there was stone with carved Via of Our Lady Czestochowa. I saw there a hostel for dogs, but avoided the walk to the sanctuary, later discovered on the internet there is a Woytyla statue outside the church. And also that Czestochowa is a main place of cult in Poland with a black madonna, by chance there is on their crest a bird with a piece of something like bread in the beak.

When I was up a man was looking a t me from the shadows of a ruined house, I greeted him anyway.

In the village Valgreghentino I saw a house called Ca’ del Diaul (house of the devil), it had a rainbow flag outside I think is now a seat of a local association.

Chewing helps keeping the mind from being obscured and controlled by digusting demons!?

Chewing sweet Clementine mandarins,

I found that exagerated "chewing’ and yawning helps to get the connecting passages of the eye ear and nose flushed out and healthy. A walk in nature without glasses of any type or a brimmed hat allows for sunlight to pump the eye up so it’s plump and round and chewing helps to flush out the dissplaced fluids. Extended use of close vision tasks like the smart phone is a recipe for myopia.