Chinese orgonite instructions!

Don Croft
07 Nov 2008 12:52
Thanks a lot, John!! I’m posting this, also CCing to Alejandro so he can put the Chinese information link prominently on EW, in hope that our Chinese-speaking readers will send it into China via email. Let’s start a genuine, lifeforce revolution, there!


On 11/6/08, John Burchell <wind[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Don and Didier,

Some beautiful sylphs today over parts of Hong Kong…I love those guys – their expanded energy is palpable. I continue to do more daily gifting in areas all around the city, especially the DOR filled darker areas. Boosting too on the mojo bed…running the energy up through my cb and through all the tb’s placed in the area.

The instructions for making a tb in the Chinese language are complete. Our translator did a wonderful job. She translanted “orgonite” to “Oi Gong Loi” which means in Chinese “Love Power Coming” … actually if you say “Oi Gong Loi” fairly fast it sounds a bit like “Orgonite” … way cool. I feel the Chinese heart will open quite easily to Orgonite since the flow of energy concept is already quite well established in their rich heritage.

The link to the Chinese instructions can be accessed through my website at this link:


They can go direct to where the Chinese tb intructions are hosted at:

People can post this link on their website and/or share it with their Chinese friends. Please share this link wherever you feel appropriate.

Don – excellent to see that you’ll be speaking at the David Wolfe “Best Weekend Ever.” I have great appreciation for David’s genuine work and I’m sure the people in attendance will be enriched with your sharing. Go orgonite go!

All the best…Hong Kong John

P.S. – below is my simple perspective

The high-end mainstream world is run by reptiles. Creatures of high intelligence but with cold blood and closed hearts. Their control and influence is far reaching into the education system, chemical/pharmaceutical companies, politics, religion, mainstream science, military, media and especially the money system. It’s all controlled and the reptiles are basically parasites. They operate on the same principles as any parasitic organism. They are physical at the higher echelons of our society and still more of them are etheric just out of your 3D perception.

Their systems and the circus around you loves to distract you with useless bullshit. Real solutions must be viciously attacked by the system because real solutions might set people free and wake them up and the last thing the controllers want is your real freedom. They appear to have great power yet there is a force far more powerful. Let us call this higher force the “Operators�. The Operators are beautiful, powerful and filled with a magnanimous light. They truly run the show but allow the charade between humanity and the reptiles to play itself out. Since the truth is that humanity has plenty of unprocessed shadow and humanity is served by this “squeezing� by the reptiles. In essence it allows humanity (you, me and Joe next door) to face our shadow, to embrace our darkenss and also for us to grow up. We are like little children being deeply fooled and manipulated by the reptiles. Yet if we were to truly stand in our clarity, the game the reptiles play with us would be over in a flash. We would cease to be duped.

This is the opportunity lying before us now. The opportunity to truly grow up and wake up. It may not be easy but the Operators have provided a simple tool for us to fight back with. It’s called orgonite. It turns nasty energy into a beautiful energy. The reptiles don’t like this. They don’t want you to try it and they don’t want you to make it. They want you to doubt yourself. They are parasites and parasites thrive in an oxygen deprived toxin filled environment. Orgonite changes that, it changes the frequency of energy so that it becomes a beautiful expression. It changes a parasitic dark energy into an expression of light. It’s that simple and by gosh the reptiles don’t want you to figure it out.

But don’t take my word for it. You have been doing that and following for far too long. With your priests, financial advisors, scientists, professors, doctors, media stars and presidents. Most of them are unwitting pawns in the agenda to deceive you. It’s best for you to have your own experiences. Try making orgonite, try gifting it. What do you have to lose? Then see what happens.

You may be surprised.

Enjoy and have fun…John

Don Croft
08 Nov 2008 10:20
Heheh, how did you like John’s manifesto to PJ folks? Cool

Ale is doing his homework with those links. We might end up doing a little ‘fine tuning’ in the international chatroom to get the info to China. Here’s a little signal that the corporate Chinese don’t want their billion sleepy drones to know about orgonite:

Hi John,

Congrats on the translation. I checked if you could see the website from China, but the site can only be viewed from hong kong and not from Shanghai and Beijing. Your website……-1_002.htm CAN be seen in shanghai and in Beijing but not the instuccions. Maybe you could put the instruccions directly on your webpage?


10 Nov 2008 06:15
10 November 2008

Today I received this email from China. Since there are other vendors
with orgonite in their domain name, I wonder if they got this email too?


Company registration notice

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are Hong Kong Network service Company Limited, a domain name registration center in Asia.

Yesterday we received an application from another company for the domain names “orgonite� , but later we found your company is their original owner and this may involve your company name or trademark and this may cause confusion between your products and others’ , and bring about negtive effect on your company.Therefore we decided to inform you of this and check out your attitude toward this matter. We would appreciate if you can spare some precious time to settle this issue.

Thank you for your cooperation and looking forwards to your early reply.

Kind Regards,



Tel: +852- 31757930(8015)
Fax: +852-31757932

Hong Kong Network Service Company Limited

Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at
10 Nov 2008 11:25
Apparently it is a scam: someone in Norway sent me this link about an email that her musician friend received. You can read his blog article “Asian-pacific domains – scam or genuine?” here
I’ll go answer them that I hope they’ll sell all Asian orgonite-dot domain names to other vendors!!

Oi Gong Loi,
Carolien Mr. Yellow

Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at
Don Croft
10 Nov 2008 12:33
Carolien, the timing is interesting and maybe significant so please don’t shrug this off, okay? We’re waiting for the ‘other shoe’ to drop after Ale and Hong Kong Johnny succeed at getting the instructions on teh Chinese internet and John is expecting reprisals but the psiquicos say he’s got a shipload of Operators’ protection, so we’re not too worried.

For what it’s worth, when someone in mainland China orders something from Carol and I we always ask them to arrange for shipment to Hong Kong or any other location outside of mainland China because it’s so uncertain whether anything will be delivered to a mainland address. We have the same policy for customers in Russia, for now, but that’s based on our pakages having been intercepted in Russia so often.

Saudi Arabia is a country we’ve been able to send zappers to without a problem but orgonite packages are always intercepted by the $#!+birds in Saudi Arabia–probably SS/Vryal (no kidding–all the secret police agencies in the British-owned Arab states are run by the SS since right after WWII ended: please read THE HITLER BOOK if you think I’m making it up, okay?).

I certainly agree with Carolien that it’s fine to spread ‘orgonite’ around for domain names. If Herr Welz had a genuine claim on the word, he would have been able to drag at least one of us into court long before now. He started threatening us with copyright infringement over five years ago, which was a couple of years after many of us started using the word in correspondence and posts. The scare campaign was initially conducted on a now-defunct, agency-sponsored orgonite forum, by the way.

If the fellow had a genuine claim on the name, we’d be genuinely guilty but we only use the world because it’s handy and brief, after all. It’s pretty clear that Mr Welz wasn’t the first to figure out that combbining metal particles and catalyzed resin changes bad energy into good energy but he’s probably the first to commercialize that discovery and I’ve always given him credit for that & always will. He makes phenomenally good radionics devices, too. I won’t ignore his contribution just because he says bad things about us and our work. I have the same attitude toward Mr Constable. I don’t have much respect for another energetic detractor, ‘Doktor DeMento,’ because that guy never demonstrated any proficiency to go along with his claim to be an expert on Wilhelm Reich.

So, we’re not plagiarists for using the term, ‘orgonite.’ I struggle every day to overcome some of the disinformation barriers around our business and the unorganized gifting movement that were erected by plagiarists and, at least until recently, I’ve failed to get those plagiarists’ devotees to consider that plagiarism, as a strident indicator of diseased character, should automatically cause a reader or listener to question any personal claims, warnings, recommendations or theories that the plagiarist is attempting to sell.

The curious way that so many otherwise-intelligent people ignore plagiarism as a clear sign of a diseased character indicates a cultish, heavily programmed worldview and I do what I can to avoid personal entanglements with cultists because they’re ultimately untrustworthy. We don’t have to be saints to promote empowering information but we have to pay attention to our own personal credibility, at least, if we want to finish (and win Cool ) the race against the agency-sponsored disinformants and saboteurs.

When enough of humanity reaches that reasonable standard of discernment (seeing plagiarism as a character defect; a disqualifier), the sewer rat agencies, who field most of the plagiarists Cool and other disinformants, will lose their parasitic foothold and when you go online to find usable information you won’t then have to plow through all that muck, any more.

You may notice that charisma is usually also applied to sell disinformation, which is why I also constantly ask people who correspond with me to distrust ‘alpha male’ histrionics. Since the world is still struggling under the yoke of misogyny, most of us are conditioned to assume that only men have something worthwile to offer, which is probably why the only ‘alpha females’ who gain prominence are homosexuals or are labled that way. The whole alpha personality thing is a formidable barrier to consultation, though, and it seems clear to me that consultation is the only pathway out of this old paternalistic mind control cesspit that we’re all wading in, still.

Why else do you think it’s so hard to conduct any meaningful discussion in any sort of group without some testosterone-spewing guy pounding his chest and stepping on the meek ones? Notice that when you question that dynamic in any meeting, even the meek ones are usually programmed to ‘protect’ the chest pounder’s ego, which needs no protection, by the way Wink

We’re all getting there, don’t worry. It’s curious that beta personalities are now demonstrating the most dramatic results in gifting reports, by the way. It’s good to be meek Cool and the meek ones are winning the race.

Chinese culture features cooperative effort in preference to alpha-personality domination and it’s going to be wonderful to get more Chinese contributors to Etheric Warriors in coming days.


10 Nov 2008 14:01
If the pictures are too big: use the bar below the photo’s to see all text. I thought it best to make it as big as possible, so the Chinese symbols can be read allright. Pics are harder to censor for the text displayed, so: COPY AS YOU LIKE!




Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at
Don Croft
11 Nov 2008 12:11
Well done, Carolien!


14 Nov 2008 00:37

I asked a couple of friends in Mainland China to try and access the Chinese instructions and neither of them could (although they could get into HKJ’s English language site no problem).

They’re both interested in making orgonite so I sent them a screen-shot JPEG of the instructions.



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