Choga Zanbil Ziggurat Picture (or CV Vortex)

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Thanks a lot, Carolien! This vortex in Southwest Iran, very close to Iraq, is what our psyhchics are calling ‘The Creator Vortex’ because it seems to be the key to healing all the other pirated vortices on the planet.

I asked Carolien for a URL so that we can visualize it a bit. I think it’s the last standing ziggurat in that part of the world, by the way. Interesting similarity to the stepped pyramids of Central America.

In the days when that culture was still vibrant the Prophet, Zoroaster, a royal descendent of Abraham through His third (Aryan) wife, Katurah, introduced a fresh, progressive civilizing influence that spread all the way to Europe and perhaps China. His teachings are partly magical, by the way, which is probably an indicator of why the Zoroastrian adepts who showed up to observe and honor the arrival of Christ (another royal Descendent of Abraham) are termed, ‘Magi’

If you want to do a number on the world odor’s assailants (assuming you’re doing a good enough job healing our planet that you’ve gotten their jaded attention, of course) please apply the abundant energy of the CV in your effort to ‘balance’ these predators and you’ll have an easier life. If you’re not getting it right, yet, get some direct instructional help from Coach Dooney, okay?


On 24 february 2007 we found this ziggurat vortex in Dooney’s saturday chat, following up on Nancy’s intuitions (we owe you, Nancy!). Some of us have used a picture of it, to visualize the energies. I made this picture a screenimage on my computer to focus on. For some time now, my computerscreen turned all black (flickering), whenever I started my laptop. In last night’s chat, the psychics saw I was infected with nanobot bugs, which happen to hate creator vortex energy. Nice confirmation!
Nanobugs feel like a crawling energy, btw. Rather ichy and easily moving through the body. I had the impression that the bugs sort of “retreated” in my nerve knots, joints and chakra’s (like the psychics saw bugs in general can transport themselves through earth portals). At least that’s how it felt to me. Using a zapper on those spots in your body – as well as using CV energy to cleanse – helps. Though I feel the nanobugs can move around fast and aren’t easily “pinned down”.

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