Christmas Gifting Philippines

Toward the end of last month (December) one of my sons and myself traveled up along the Philippine Deep and gifted cetaceans in four different locations.
Once we arrived in the Northeastern Mindanao city of Surigao we joined forces with Jukka and his friend.
The following morning in the midst of a tropical storm we traveled further north to the island of Dinagat. En route we managed to gift our last marine orgonite.
Once dry and with things stowed in our cabin in Dinagat we set about making HHG’s and distributed many TB’s to the curious onlookers. Children joyfully aided us as they brought pieces of local quartz and some small black magnetic crystals of octahedron shape. We incorporated these in the devices
On several occasions both Jukka and I were encouraged by the appearance of a small replica of an American Bald Eagle. The bird that presented is not an eagle at all but rather a buteo-a broad winged hawk. It’s remarkable though that it has identical markings to the Bald Eagle, and we both took it as a positive confirmation.

Dinagat has an interesting history. From where we made HHG’s one can see Leyete in the west. It was precisely in this stretch of water that the largest single naval battle in the history of the world- the Battle of Leyete Gulf- occurred. The superiority of US naval power for the remainder of WWII was achieved on that day.
Several HHG’s and dozens of TB’s are seeded now on Dinagat. Let’s hope that the operators will support all of our efforts and that a fortuitous outcome results in peace around the planet.