CIA Scapegoating Mossadomites For 9/11

Don Croft
08 Aug 2008 10:59
Subject: CIA Scapegoating Mossadomites for 9/11
The Pajama People in the US (and especially abroad) are actually getting suspicious about the US Government’s culpability in murdering all those thousands of people in the World Trade Center, so CIA disinformants apparently put up a YouTube video implicating the Mossadomites®

You’re probably on one or another of the thousands of CIA-orchestrated kneejerk lists that incredulous, terrified faux-awake people are sending around. This very short YouTube piece is an apparently professional presentation describing the five Mossadomites® in a white [fedmobile] van that set up on a street, earlier that morning, to film the demolition of the buildings, then were seen dancing in celebration after the event and were arrested for questioning.

Pajama People still cling to the notion that America or any other country still has some national sovereignty, of course, so they don’t understand that the Mossadomites®, like the CIA, FBI, NSA, MI5/6, KGB, Chinese Triads, etc., are simply one of many sewer rat agencies that the corporate world order uses to commit their global crimes. They’re all one agency, though they don’t get along with each other very well.

The world order has been scapegoating Aryan (Zionist) Jews since the early 1800s and these descendents of the Tenth Century, AD, Khazar converts in Central Asia seem to be comfortable with the role. Meanwhile, the actual descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are getting the $#!+ end of the stick. The latter have always gotten along with the Muslims and Eastern Christians pretty well, in spite of the terrorism committed by the Zionists since 1844’s Balfour Declaration, which was a masonic scheme to eventually turn the MidEast into a battlefield. Under Turkish rule, the Middle East was peaceful and generally prosperous and it can be again as soon as the ruinous, corporate-sponsored Zionists are brought to account.

The good news, it seems to me, is that the global parasites are so nervous about American Pajama People fully recognizing the criminal nature of their own alleged government that they’re frantic to divert attention to another culpable but minor player in that mass murder event: Mossadomites®.

I hope our readers will stop taking that disinformation bait and will dig a little deeper, then recognize that the world order is not an ideological or respectable agency: they’re merely rapacious corporate parasites who need to be exposed and held accountable as soon as possible. Exposing every one of the CIA’s disinfo charades is a good step toward that noble goal. These corporate murderers have an awful lot of their eggs in the CIA basket, after all.