CIA's Terrorist Role in Syrian Ersatz Revolution

Shades of 1789 France [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hyperion, a world-class orgonite flinger in Hellas (Greece) was trained in college in Britain to be a data miner, among other things. He’s one of the very few people I know who can go online and come out with usable intel from largely-legitimate sources on the internet. These sources are a distinct minority, as you may have found out, the hard way. I know that people who contact me after having been seduced by the fakers are usually kind of angry about it but all of us got surreptitiously poked this way at one time or another during our ‘formative years.’ We ought to simply consider it tuition and use that anger energy to start digging for real info, which is mostly still found in BOOKS, of course [Image Can Not Be Found]

He sends several of us some real intel nuggets from time to time and since this is real-time history in the making I think it’s important to post a lot of it. It will be some time before some of this shows up in books, after all.

The reason I’m posting the following is that it can help our readers climb out from under the stinking pile of the Terrorism Big Lie that the Fourth Reich (sometimes also correctly referred to as the Trotskyite Agenda, heheh–Obama represents the Stalinist agenda and the neocons are Trotskyites but both are also elements of the international Fourth Reich. All of this secret-handshake crap was excreted by the (Venetian/Babylonian) City of London, after all):

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Syrian Opposition’s Amazing CIA Credentials
by thomasmantell
By Daniel McAdams, The LRC
Thanks once again to the indispensable Moon of Alabama blog for highlighting, among other interesting facts, the amazingly open ties of the Syrian opposition to their Western paymasters. As the astonishing Guardian story linked in the MoA piece outlines, down to the person these Syrian engines of regime change are products of the US empire and its interventionist, Trotskyite foreign policy of “global democratic revolution.” I urge interested readers to click on the original piece for the full story. I am paraphrasing and quoting the Guardian story below by way of summary:

Syrian National Council (SNC):

Image: Bassma Kodmani leaving Bilderberg Group meeting, june 2012, Chantilly, USA

Bassma Kodmani — member of the executive bureau and head of foreign affairs, Syrian National Council. Two-time Bilderberg meeting attendee. Director of governance and international co-operation program for (CIA-front) Ford Foundation in pre-“Arab Spring” Egypt. Executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) — a research programme initiated by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Image: Ausama Monajed, Director of Communications, National Initiative for Change; Nadim Shehadi, Chatham House; Dr Radwan Ziadeh, Visiting Scholar, Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard University; Dr Najib Ghadbian, Associate Professor of Political Science and Middle East Studies, University of Arkansas

Radwan Ziadeh — senior fellow at the federally funded Washington think tank, the US Institute of Peace (the USIP Board of Directors is packed with alumni of the defense department and the national security council; its president is Richard Solomon, former adviser to Kissinger at the NSC). In February he joined an elite bunch of Washington hawks to sign a letter calling upon Obama to intervene in Syria: his fellow signatories include James Woolsey (former CIA chief), Karl Rove (Bush Jr’s handler), Clifford May (Committee on the Present Danger) and Elizabeth Cheney, former head of the Pentagon’s Iran-Syria Operations Group. Close allies in US House of Representatives and Senate.

Ausama Monajed — Commentator on Al Jazeera, owned by the dictatorship of Qatar. Blogger for Huffington Post. Adviser to SNC president and “the Founder and Director of Barada Television”, a pro-opposition satellite channel based in Vauxhall, south London. In 2008, a few months after attending Syria In-Transition conference, Monajed was back in Washington, invited to lunch with George W Bush, along with a handful of other favoured dissidents. Recipient of large amounts of State Department funding through its front organization The Democracy Council.

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I’d like to point to a great website (and not very known to western people) to get real news from the middle east, or at least alternative opinions, it might not be all true, but it gives completely different views from what we get on mainstream medias that’s sure.
My quick analysis is that obviously what happens in the middle east and north africa is that colonial imperialists (france, uk, us, italy, germany etc.) never wanted that part of the world to become independent and prosperous! There they have everything they could need to do that! So since the colonial ages (and it still is so) the colonials install puppet regimes after puppet regimes, drain resources, exploit cheap labour (that reap huge benefits for multinationals), use a divide and conquer (internal wars and conflicts) strategy wherever they can to prevent this part of the planet from uniting and becoming prosperous. You just have to watch the new economic opportunities china provides them, china is not perfect but they don’t interfere with the countries political/religious systems they just make economic deals that are both good for these poor undeveloped countries (exploited/ravaged by western imperialists) and good for china. Obviously china knows what it’s all about in these regions and that’s why they don’t agree for any intervention, and since the fall of the soviet union russia does the same (economic deals that are win/win for all)… Meanwhile the imperialists keep trying to create internal conflicts to prevent anything good in these countries. But the more they try the more it backfires, there’s no other way around it [Image Can Not Be Found] It will clearly make history one day and all the colonial ravages that we never hear about in school will also be in history books! I found history (fake/fabricated) boring when I was in school, but real history is quite fascinating!
Anyway, is a great place to find alternative news about this part of the world!

Interesting to observe that the biggest trouble in Syria is along an oil pipeline and near a raffinerie (Homsk).

To point is that at the end of the day they want to pull down all relatively independant countries. Somtimes though that strategy fires back, for instance in Iran, the finance mafia tries to dry them out, but what they do is to trade oil for gold with Turkey, in the same time securing their exports and fighting the gold price manipulation…

nice thing!

Good points, Habibi, and I’ve also noticed that the response time of people on the internet, pointing out the Big Lies in the media is getting much shorter.

It took a couple of years before anyone (high profile) publicly observed in America that the World Trade Center buildings (all three, including the one not hit by a plane [Image Can Not Be Found] ) were brought down by controlled demolition, then it only took a few days for the Indonesian tsunami to be shown as a nuclear/seabed assault by the US Navy (that Australian fellow was murdered shortly afterward).

The Babylonian banksters’ Fourth Reich (US/UK/Israel) have completely failed to attack Iran as they (most notably: Obama, during his ‘presidential appointment’ accceptance speech in Chicago in June, 2008) have been promising to do for about 8 years and China and Russia have already told the Fourth Reich to back away from Syria, even though the CIA’s favorite wetworkers, Al Qaeda, are there in force. I love to see Peking shortening the leash on these rabid Nazi attack dogs (US, UK and Israel), heheh.


It’s worth repeating, too, that Muslims, historically, have been instruments of peace and civilization except for the period of Ottoman conquest from 1300 or so until the end of the European Renaissance. Look at all the Arabic-sourced words and disciplines that were adopted and/or reintroduced to Europeans slightly before and during the Renaissance, for instance: chemistry, algebra, architectural advances, usury-free banking, bathing/hygeine, practical medicine, most of the sciences and progressive philosophies, etc. Some alleged that Pope Gregory XIII (caused acceptance of the present solar calendar in 1582)) moved the Vatican to Southern France in order to get the benefit of Islamic culture in Spain, though it also or rather might have had something to do with the Cathars, who were also a great deal more civilized than Romanized Europe at the time. I think that during that time there were still a lot of Muslims in Spain, which was a center of learning and commerce at the time. The Spanish Inquisition started a century earlier when the Moors were militarily conquered in Spain. The Inquisition first targeted the Jews, ten years after the Catholic conquest of Spain, and then the Muslims a few years later. Jews and Muslims who stayed in Spain pretended to be Christians in order to survive but the Inquisition (real terrorism in history, sort of like America/UK/Israel’s role in the world at the moment) wasn’t sated and killed all of the Jewish and Muslim converts to Catholicism that they could find, then confiscated their property.

The Ottomans Turks disregarded Muhammad’s clear injunction to honor the Christians and Jews and to never force acceptance of Islam. The fact that there were large Christian and Jewish populations throughout Muslim Spain attests to the relatively balanced tolerance of Muslims, compared to the tolerance of state-sponsored Christianity in history.

I checked Wikipedia for some corroboration of things I had read over the years about Islam and, wow! what a confused mishmash of alleged factual data, there. [Image Can Not Be Found] I felt like I was back in college.

No wonder people call it WiCIApedia. I think the dates, people and places in Islamic history are more or less solid, there.

Anyone who has examined the history of Islam and has known Muslims from various regions easily understands that they’re one of the least likely sources of ‘terrorism.’ The Ottoman Empire began falling apart in the 1700s and entirely disappeared in 1922. They stopped acquiring territory in the 1500s, shortly after their conquest of the Byzantine capital, Constantinople, which became Istanbul.

I think it’s important to know something about Byzantine history in order to have a better understanding of the Ottoman conquest, too. We’re all taught that Christianity was adopted by Emperor Constantine, who was a Greek and was based in Anatolia, which is now part of Turkey. Rome was sacked several times but Constantinople wasn’t ever sacked until the ‘Crusades,’ financed by Venetian and Genoese (Babylonian) banksters, conquered the city on the banksters’ behalf on their way to Jerusalem. If it weren’t for that I’m sure that the Ottomans would not have come to power and established the Turkish empire because Byzantium was actually a trading empire and not a military one, per se.

One wonders what part the banksters played in the demise of Byzantium but the funny part is that because of the Ottomans these parasites had to eventually flee Venice and establish themselves, after staging a conquest of Britain from Holland, in London, where they eventually came to call themselves the New World Order.

Learning some history can help anyone get past the Big Lies that the these parasites have always used to weaken and then infest (conquer) nations, religions, etc., since the dawn of recorded history. Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China was supposed to have been their predecessors to global domination, genocide and plunder but a lot of people are seeing that they’re now failing at an accelerating rate and have been for many years. Exposure will be the final nail in their coffin, of course, and don’t hold your breath for the media to tell you about it.

I have been following the developments in Syria via and other alternative websites. And with some passion as the amount of lies and injustice is just unbearable. Last but not least the official Syrian news agency
The Syrian story is in a way a repetition of the recent destruction of prosperous and self reliant Lybia.
In all cases the violent “Rebels” are Al-CIAda like elements. Secretly armed and coordinated by the Nato-Israel aligned states.
The empire is creating it’s bogey enemy with great enthusiasm in order to bring about permanent conflict between the Islamic and “Christian” worlds along with “elite think tanker” Samuel P Huntington’s" Clash of Civilisations"
Funny enough the NTC rebels that took over Lybia after massive airstrikes from NATO was the first rebel movement that has a Reserve Bank before it had power.
Gaddhafi was about to lauch the Gold Dinar. Like Iran, Lybia was about to not sell oil for US Dollars any more. Was another surviving secular “revolutionary” state from the original wave of Arab nationalism (Nasser, Gaddhafi etc)
The attack on Syria by Western armed bandits ( a lot of them are plain mercenaries, lots of them were told they were fighting against Israel btw) also serves as preparation for attacking Iran.
The Western aligned fundamentalist Islamic dictatorships Quatar and Saudi Arabia play a major role as proxies, so does Turkey of course.
Reading the Western media on this issue is like experiencing suffocation.
Question remains: how do we get the orgonite there?

on Syria; a while back (maybe 6 months)there was an interview with Webster Tarpley calling in from Syria. He was saying that things at that time were pretty normal even though our news was saying a revolution was brewing. The locals were telling him that there were snipers shooting random people as they went to the market and so forth. No one new who the snipers were. There was speculation from Tarpley that the shooters were the same people that were brought in to take Libya; Al-cia-da, general thugs, and so forth. There was also a very recent Tarpley interview where he points out that Syria has the biggest mix of peacefully coexisting religions in that region. There are lots of christians there which he claims will be genocided if the NATO thugs are allowed to do what they did in Libya. His point was that christians that are pro NATO invasion are also pro christian genocide. Tarpley seems like a competent fellow, but i didn’t check to see if his info is factual. Russia has apparently vetoed the NATO invasion so that indicates to me that they know something that the press-titutes aren’t telling us.

Don’s history lessons are interesting but he gives no book titles, authors, or page numbers. In other words he goes straight to step 3 of the trivium. One would need to go to the source material and see how the information fits together in order to know whether or not to agree with his conclusions.
If you drag the slider to the mid section of the video linked below and listen to Gatto speak for 5 minutes or so you will notice that he always sites his source material. The presentation is 5 hours, but if you have the time over a couple weeks it’s good to watch the whole thing. the podcast (listed in the info for the vid) is even better because people that have read the books that he mentions analyze the material after every 15 minutes. that might take a few weeks to listen to. … plpp_video
or here you can buy the dvds:

The comment that no one high profile was questioning Sept.11 for 2 years doesn’t sound right to me. Bill Cooper was high profile enough to get assassinated in his own yard and he said something about it before it even happened on his radio show, and of course afterward as well. i received a sarcastic email about how jet fuel should be used to melt steel instead of using a blast furnace to save money with in about 2-3 weeks of the event. On the other hand i had no idea that it had been proven that a navy nuke had caused the Indonesian tsunami. Foul play was suspected right away on that one for me though. We are meant to believe that the towers were a controlled demolition for sure, but Judy D. Wood phd, former professor of mechanical engineering has shown quite a bit of evidence that we saw a weaponized version of “free” energy dustifying the towers before our eyes. There were, no doubt some high tech and low tech explosives used, but i am not convinced we saw any “known” technology at work doing the main job there. in fact my gut told me that before i ever heard of dr. judy wood just from watching the news videos replayed on the internet. There is even speculation that the OK city “bombing” is another example of this unknown (to most experts) tech….food for thought; just my impression.

globalresearch site; a quick scan showed the top headline calling the guy in custody the “batman shooter”. That seems like an assumption to me; already calling this guy the shooter before the trial. The gunman had a mask on and there could well have been accomplices according to some witnesses. There is no logic to planning out a big shooting, rigging your apartment to blow up, then having no escape plan, and just huddling next to a car in the lot. Here is a possibility; a few guys grabbed him out of his apt., drugged him, rigged his apt. then dropped him off in the lot during the shooting. the shooting having been done by trained pros in current issue military gear. There is a story out there that this guy’s dad was working on software that would identify the villains in the LIBOR scandal. If true that would be a bit fishy. To me orgonite gifting is doing it’s job when villains are called out by good people as in the LIBOR scandal. You will have to plug some of the terms into the search engine concerning my statements if you are interested; or just use your intuition to see what you think or if it’s even worth thinking about.

David, I agree with you that one should try to name one’s sources. Question is if this forum is the right place to go into this great depth.
Interesting yesterday and today (at least) the Syrian official news agency website is down. Or is it blocked for viewing outside Syria as an act of Cyber War?

I think this could be a good news if true:

Saudi Spy Chief Prince Bandar Assassinated: Report

https://www.informationclearinghouse.inf … e32059.htm

Syria reportedly eliminated Bandar bin Sultan in retaliation for Damascus bombing … ted-Bandar

Saudi silence on intelligence chief Bandar’s fate denotes panic … otes-panic

and now let’s enter Iran into the equation:

How to become axis of evil … amp;p=4884

Laurent, you seem to dig for info in the same corners as I. The Keshe story is definitely interesting if it is real. Generally we can see that the Crisis of the “New World Odor” is heating up and therefore it’s belligerent stance against any and all countries that try to preserve a remnant of national souvereignty.
If you follow the tenor of sites like “[url:1e4sbpla][/url:1e4sbpla]” an “axis of resistance” is forming, comprising countries such as Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela etc…
Iran and India (just like Libya before it was bombed to smitherenes) were angering the bankers by refusing to continue delivering their resources in exchange for the intrinsically worthless US dollars the banksters print as they like.
The hassle about Iran’s atomic programme is a diversion. Other than Israel, Iran has all the rights to develop it’s peaceful atomic programme as it has signed and ratified the “Atomic non proliferation treaty” in the 1960s. Of course, if Keshe is real*, nuclear tech is blatantly obsolete anyways, but Iran is demonstrating a legal principle here.

The real thing is Iran’s growing influence and technological prowess. Like India Iran has moved away from the US Dollar step by step. The are now preferring gold as payment for their delicious crude oil and China has that.
Already years ago, Iran was moving to establish an oil exchange based on Euros. Then sabotage started in earnest. US submarines immediately cut under sea internet cables and threatened the software company that was developing the platform for the new exchange. (they were in London and I have that on personnal account of someone who worked there and witnessed it first hand)

Remains to be asked: How do we get the orgonite into all these beautiful countries before they get wiped out like Libya?


*Iranian atomic scientist M.T. Keshe says he’s developed antigravity and free energy tech. It is rumoured that the Iranian military have that technology and that it enabled them to bring down the US spy drone that had illegally entered it’s airspace a few month ago.
They brought down that drone in one piece without damage and are now happily analysing it.
More interestingly he"s set up a foundation in Belgium (NATO headquarters of all places) to share that tech with the world.
We shall see what comes of it. Read more on [url:1e4sbpla][/url:1e4sbpla]

Remains to be asked: How do we get the orgonite into all these beautiful countries before they get wiped out like Libya?

That’s the big question Georg and I have no answer to it for the moment apart boosting alll the middle east and planet Earth with heart energy as much as I can.

Really men of concern that is a clear mark of empathy that you have developed.Syria like other beautiful countries like the southern Sudan,Somalia Ethiopia which had been in the war turmoil can just be breached before it’s very late.Some days back our brother Don thought of a way of how we can reach the Nigerian with the orgonites.We looked for one Nigerian whom we are now using to reach those people with the orgonite and now that nation is well circulated with the orgonite.

We as the kikundu who now operates in the eastern side of the continent of Africa,our team had been vigilant in overseeing these places and not only visiting them but by doing thorough gifting till now the southern Sudan is now a republic,in Somali something had been done and now the operation of the Al-shabab had been minimized.
The question as who can reach these nations with the orgonites before they are completely devastated i would wish to say that our team the kikundi can sacrifice to visit them with thorough gifting. Even in Libya we can still have some people whom we can use to reach them with the orgonite very effectively.We will talk to Egoli for more consultation. We appreciate Laurent who had been standing with us and in fact he had enable us to produce more orgonites in our plants through his supports
Mrs O