Cleaning Up House Etherically To Restore Health

hi all,

After my spectacular recovery from a 2-year illness by merely changing shoes (see post on, I now can report another interesting story. I know already that houses can have an important influence on one’s health, and got the chance to witness this firsthand recently. A colleague of mine knows about my ‘strange interests’, and asked me why she felt better on holiday, and worse upon arriving at home again. “Could it have anything to do with her house?” she asked me. I took a psychic look, and surely her house was in disagreement with her etherically. I gave her two bits of orgonite, and the places to put them in (sleeping room and entrance). Three weeks later, we can prudently speak of a succes. She is having trouble in understanding the reason why, but she is feeling better, even when faced with a lot of family pressure. This allways caused great fatigue and even depression. Etherically she is looking radiant ever since the orgonite was put in place, whereas before she often had an unhealthy aura.
Note the unusual opennes from an MD that has been working in classical medecine for years, and has no specific interest in, or knowledge of ‘alternative’ healing methods.



Any idea why the entrance? Usually it is to deal with the blak lines. I wouldn’t mind knowing what one in each corner does.

Entrance does seem to be where people like to place them, maybe energy moves easily through gaps like windows and doors.


I made that choice intuitively. I haven’t actually visited the house, so can’t give you any more information. In Feng Shui, they care about what is in front of the house, roads ‘attacking’, etc… , but upon asking her about that, I didn’t get any wiser.