Clearing the Air of Some Slanderous Flatulence

Two years ago, when Dr von Peters had developed ChemBuster and I was starting to promote it, an individual started a slander campaign based on the accusation that the Doc is a mason. If you look at his site,, you’ll see that he enjoys collecting titles and has quite an international rack of them, and perhaps still counting.

WE correspond a lot and he’s just developed another homeo-herbal remedy for his patients that may be particularly helpful at overcoming destructive mental and emotional programming & also easing the assimilation process for new energy/information–something that Dr Reich would no doubt approve of. We’ll be sending some of that out to individuals for testing and I started using it yesterday.

This great man has gotten assaulted by the feds and by jealous peers in the same way that Dr Reich had been, though thankfully the feds, at least, are finding it harder and harder to imprison and murder pioneers in the healing profession.

He’s a devout Catholic, having converted in the early 1990s, after he and his Catholic wife had eight kids together. To demonstrate his love for his new Faith he took on the task of transliterating the Douay-Rheims Bible, an English text that was originally published between 1582 and 1610, in the early stage of the transition in England from national sovereignty to the hegemony of the Venetian bankers in the late 1600s, who had fled Venice due to their proximity to the expansion of Sultan Abdul Aziz’ empire (he had seized Constantinople, which was a buffer for Venice’s control of most of the Mediterranean trade routes). Muslims are forbidden to lend money at interest and the Sultan (he was no gem, either) was pretty keen to teach these usurious slimeballs a lesson or two [Image Can Not Be Found]

Doing what parasites do best, they eventually picked the country that had the most potential for achieving world hegemony–that virile little island seafaring nation, England, far from the Turk and surrounded by a moat, so to speak, to protect the parasites from continental and Romish interference, then took it over secretly and remained hidden until recently. The Venetians, made up of families that apparently financed/managed Egypt’s empire expansion from Phoenicia, then moved on, eventually, to the same thing in Italy during Rome’s rise to power, tried Amsterdam for a bit, probably as a staging area for taking England by fifth column methods (Cromwell et al), then military conquest via their patsy, William of Orange. Modern mind control protocols were soon born in London and later disseminated on a near-global scale, based on these families’ ancient occult and political successes. Some scholars contend that the families who control the World Odor originated in Babylon during the time of Nebuchadnezzar. We know, at least, that the present World Odor didn’t come out of BushSr’s fertile if rotten imagination, nor was it ever a Jewish conspiracy. The London-based, masonic Zionists who created and operate the State of Israel and are pinned with that rap these days are mostly descended from the Khazar converts (Aryans of the steppes of Central Asia) of the ninth century, AD.

Eustace Mullins was Ezra Pounds’ protege. He was the first substantial author, in America, of conspiracy books, in the 1950s, and is a tireless research journalist. By the late 1960s, Mullins had become convinced that the Jews ran the world. I think Ezra Pound was influential in this assumption but by the time I first heard Eustace Mullins on the radio, in 1985, he claimed that five men rule the world, most of whom are Episcopalians and Unitarians, when a caller asked if the Jews run the world order. He said that when one drops dead, another takes that position but he specifically said that the world order is not a Jewish conspiracy.

For what it’s worth (this is impossible to document) Carol and I personally found plenty of validation for D Bradley’s insistence that the Great White Brotherhood, based in the Gobi Desert, has always run the world order and that these London parasites are just middlemen. HIs claims are based on past personal experience within the GWB hierarchy, which is also something we can’t validate but which claim we operate productively on, if the almost total absence of global terrorism since the detonation of the WTC–almost five years of relative freedom from overt martial law and genocide–is a measure.

The World Odor was unable to bring Islam under control until a century ago, then the rest of the world rapidly came under their hegemony and the Islamic nations and clergy were all afterward kept by the Dark Masters as chattel and a potential ‘menace’ scapegoat, which is its current role in geopolitics. London took control of Islam through its clergy, which is an old trick. Khomeini was the eventual keystone of that patient effort.

The King James Version of the Bible (1611) was one of the most enduring and successful mind control ploys, this time through the masonic stronghold in Scotland, via James I, as was the later plagiarism of Leibnitz’ groundbreaking work and the usurpation of his well-earned continental reputation by Isaac Newton, who was one of the City of London’s masonic chattel. It seems obvious to me that the takeover of London by the Venetian bankers in 1688 would have been impossible if the ground weren’t first patiently prepared by the masons in the previous century or so.

Two scholarly English Catholic exiles in France translated the Latin Vulgate (Roman Catholic) Bible into English in order to enable ordinary CAtholics to read it, rather than have to rely on clergy to tell them what’s in the Book and what isn’t. One of the protestations of the Protestants was that clergy have no right to keep this information from their congregations. This was a revolutionary act for the CAtholic scholars, in fact, and I can see why the Doc was attracted to the work. The formal English that was used in the late 16th century–Shakespeare’s time–is close enough to current formal English that anyone can read and understand it but the alphabet was different, then, also the spelling was drastically different so it’s a chore, if not impossible, for most to read that smoothly ‘in the raw.’

A Lutheran minister had photocopied one of the last remaining volumes at 10% reduction, not long before the Doc found it, and Dr von Peters spent eleven years of his spare time typing out the entire Old and New Testament, simply changing the archaic letter-usage and spelling into current forms. He didn’t change any of the words, themselves, so what he did is faithful to the two original English scholars’ phenomenal Latin Vulgate translation.

He used to self publish this in four affordable volumes and they’re available at

Like many modern Catholics who enjoy critical thinking, the Doc detests what’s going on in the Vatican these days and, as I’ve mentioned, he’s got a cloudbuster, blasts predators and has gifted most of the metro Chattanooga area by now and seen the confirmations of all thatl. He’s cured many of us; Carol credits him with saving her life, last year, when the physical assaults and poisonings had become ovehwelming.

We go to bat for him in the chat sessions whenever the gov’t and/or the Bastyrds (a national guild of incompetent but politically aggressive naturopaths, junior patners of the murderous AMA and centered at Bastyr College of Naturopathy in Seattle) initiate new campaigns to ruin him. We’ve been 100% successful, so far, which is only possible because so many folks, these days, no longer support the old federal, AMA-driven War on Healers.

Another feature of the Latin Vulgate Bible, hence Douay-Rheims, is that it’s entirely free of any of the revisions that took place in both the New and Old Testaments since 395 AD. Worth noting, here, is that the then-current Jewish Old Testament, which Roger Bacon used for the King James Bible, was so distorted, chopped and polluted by the time it was ‘standardized,’ around 1000AD, that it’s probably not much use by now. The bastardization of that version by Jewish clergy was concurrent with their development of the Talmud, which is a pretty horrific document by anyone’s standards, though the nice, clever bits are used to validate it, publicly. One can see a pattern in the way the Jews were set up by the World Odor as scapegoats with the full cooperation of many of their clergy over the millenia.

Some scholars claim that the most valid Torah was the one in use before the Babylonian captivity of Israel and that the form of Hebrew script, itself, was altered during that time. They say that the geometric/mathematical encoding of the Biblical script was more genuine then, the most crude form of verse encoding (by the masons) being the King James Version.

The persistence of the scapegoating of Jews in recent centuries has all the earmarks of a conspiracy. The rational mind recognizes that there have been many people of Jewish descent who have made significant cultural and spiritual contributions, not least of whom is Dr Wilhelm Reich. In demographic terms it’s likely that the same ratio of heroes, villains, pioneers, etc., is roughly the same for Jews as for any other Western culture. I say, ‘culture’ because most Jews, including the cancerous (Zionist) Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, are not Semitic. The Semitic Jews in Israel are second class citizens, in fact.

The best modern ‘World Odor scapegoat’ example is the murder of millions of Jews in Europe as a managed, foundational effort for the establishment of the STate of Israel, right afterward. The endless parade of holocaust books and movies is the ongoing effort of London-sponsored parasites in the media to validate the murderous, fascist Zionist regime in the Mideast, of course. ‘Lest we forget,’ indeed. I haven’t forgotten that the Jews probably didn’t even make up the majority of SS victims, then, nor that Stalin killed several times as many of his own countrymen as Hitler did. Mao topped all of them in terms of the wholesale slaughter of innocents by a single tyrant. For that matter, the US Government slaughtered most of the Indians without provocation, a fact that Hitler was quick to point out to his chagrined American critics, and America was mainly built on racist slavery, to boot. In Argentina you’d be hard pressed to fins anyone who has Indian DNA because all of them were wiped out or driven out by the Spanish. At least in America, most of us whose ancestors arrived more than a century and a half ago are part Indian.

The wholesale sacrifice by the World Odor of innocent Jews in Europe is kind of like how Roosevelt enticed the Japanese to destroy some obsolete ships and a few thousand men in Pearl Harbor in order to manipulate Americans into waging war in both the Pacific and in Europe, how Stalin encouaged Hitler to take Poland, also how Madeleine Albright promised stupid Saddam that the US would keep supporting him if he were to take Kuwait. The middlemen of the World Odor use the same old tricks again and again but, thankfully, most of that is backfiring these days.

The vigorously emailed, unprovoked slander that was directed by sociopaths at Dr von P in the fringes of this network a couple of years ago was that he’s a mason, therefore Illuminati. I’m telling you all of this to show you that this isn’t so. I’ve found that it’s a bad idea to ignore our enemies’ slander and backbiting campaigns and he doesn’t participate on forums, though he contributes a lot to the movement, so I’ve taken the responsibility to defend him and promote him, here and in my business efforts.

Lots and lots of people who were chronically ill but weren’t getting cured with our zappers were cured and also healed after they started adding ChemBuster to their regimen and many of us in the front rows of the movement were rather rescued by the Doc through his more specific treatments to remove poisonous metals from our bodies. The sewer rats only poison the front row folks (the ones who don’t run away when the spears and arrows come at us) this way, which is an honor but also needs special attention [Image Can Not Be Found]

Conservative Catholics aren’t Illuminati–they’re kind of the opposite of all that and they’re furious that the previous, dishonored Pope quietly allowed even some of his cardinals to belong to P2, the murderous masonic lodge in Rome.

I’m not a Christian but I deeply honor anyone’s heartfelt, demonstrated religious convictions and there are gifters from just about every religious background who get along with each other just fine. We appreciate our differences rather than resent them. I imagine that the only way which God’s Messengers compete with each other is to vie for ‘Most Humble,’ which is something we can each strive for, perhaps.

I’m telling you this now because it may be that a lot of artillery will be directed against him, again, if his new remedy pans out and we start promoting it. It would be a damn shame if the slander campaign is successful at depriving people, through induced paranoia, of a remedy like this one may be.

I’ve mentioned the ‘other stuff’ in this post because that’s how I put all of this into pespective, personally. How else would I sort it out except through my own pesonal understanding? I apologize if my mental method seems tortuous or full of non sequiturs [Image Can Not Be Found]

I correspond with him more than just about anyone else and we share a lot of insights and ideas with each other. Here’s a smidgeon of yesterday’s:

On Mon, 3 Jul 2006 09:32:10 -0400 (EDT), doncroft wrote:

Doc, you explained a bit about your work with the Douay-Rheims
Bible, before, but now I get it–thanks for sending that article,
which I enjoyed very much and will help me promote you better.
I’ll order a printed version, since we don’t have a Bible here, and
it will be particularly valuable, since you spent eleven years of
your life getting it done–a really significant, timely
contribution to Bible scholarship! Did you self-publish it? I"m
using Trafford Publishing in Canada for my book. publishes it on-demand so I don’t have to have several hundred printed at a
time. They print them as ordered. They do a great job.

How many did you have to order from Trafford?

Thanks for the kind words. It was a major effort. Once you get it and read it you’ll
see that it is a Bible like none today.

I’ve always been a little creeped out by the KJV, then a few years
ago I read a pretty convincing book that included an account of
Francis Bacon (allegedly the real engine of that effort) using the
opportunity to encode the KJV so that masonic doctrine was loaded
into it, unseen by regular readers. Note that KJV is featured in
all masonic lodges, though it’s not a Christian organization.

That is a very true point. Masonry is satanic, and that is why it is forbidden by
the Catholic Church to be a Mason; though almost all Protestant groups (actually all
that I’m aware of) permit it. Also, the novus ordo/post-Vatican II Church under the
anti-popes have tried to permit it by winking at it. But it remains officially

Did you see Michael Hoffman’s “Bible Wars”? If you haven’t I’ll see if I can scan it
and send you a copy.

Elsewhere, Francis Bacon was said to have been the overseer of the
witch hunts and trials of the period, some of which spilled over
into New England, then: top masons getting rid of the female
threats to their parasitic hegemony. Disinfo specialists tried for
awhile to persuade us that Bacon was the real author of
Shakespeare’s work. It may be that Bacon was acutely clever, like
Newton, but the creative spark wasn’t there.

I think I heard that in a few places, but never believed it. I agree with you. Here’s the intro writeup on the site:

Dr William von Peters

We are pleased to offer the original and true Rheims New Testament, published by the English College in Rheims in 1582, and the original and true Douay Old Testament, published at the English College in Douay in 1609 (Genesis through Job) and 1610 (Psalms through IV Esdras).

Owners of Douay Rheims Bible in England had their property confiscated and were either given prison sentences or death after torture.

The original & true Douay Rheims Bible is the English translation of the Latin Vulgate of St. Jerome of A.D. 385; making it the most trustworthy Bible available to students, scholars, and individual Christians.

“Lost” for some 423 years (1582 Rheims), and almost 400 years as the entire Bible, due to the only print editions being in old English script, Dr. William G. von Peters has transliterated the text into modern English.

The copious marginal notes and voluminous annotations make it a superb study bible. Contains references from the Apostles, Fathers of the Church, Councils and Saints.

More information is available on our websites – Protestant – and Catholic –