Clipped Wings - The Prisoners of Orgone

I have been fretting over writing this report for over a month because I still have not come to terms with the experience and what it means to me and my further course of action. but here is the first attempt:

Johannesburg, 4 September 2006

Great Expectations

It was supposed to have been the trip of all trips, the expedition of all expeditions. Since at least 2 years I had wanted to do this and preparations were extensive. Many people had helped us to make this great trip possible with donations and moral support.

XL from Austria had joined me to share the experience.

For a description of the planned Safari click here


Originally planned trip

The arsenal of orgonite for the trip

We had 7full size CBs, 2000 TBs, plenty of HHGs, many Dolphin Busters, Earth pipes and Etheric Sticks on board. XL had also brought some very special gift for special places.

But it was going to be a very different trip from what we expected. Read here what happened:

Zimbabwe – a country falling apart

The trip already started with some strange confusion as we already lost the way in South Africa on the main road to the Zimbabwean Border, which I had travelled many times in the past.

For those who are not familiar with regional events in Southen Africa, I want to give a short introduction to the situation to what’s going on in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has been spiraling to economic destruction after The Mugabe Government started chasing the white farmers from their land a few years ago.
Since then the country has not only lost most of it’s agricultural production and export earnings but hyperinflation and an increasingly draconian neostalinist approach have crippled all business in the country.
Essentially 5 out of 17 million Zimbabweans are now “over the border”, that means making a living by working illegally in South Africa. Interestingly that is about the same proportion East Germany reached after 40 years of communism, only in Zimbabwe it took a mere 4 years to achieve the same result.

No ordinary economic activity is possible any more in Zimbabwe and people are generally desperate, while the government prosecutes the poor fellows that try to find some fire wood in the forests as “fire wood poachers” and puts them in prison, while high officials curruptly organise big game hunting safaris for rich foreigners with impunity.

Sick people are brought to hospital on handcarts, and many die on the way, in the morgues dead bodies are openly rotting because of lack of refrigeration.

EU and Commonwealth (and I think the US as well) have put the country on sanctions which contribute to the meltdown of course.
They also make it easy for Mugabe to blame the whole calamity publicly on Tony Blair and MI6 or what he calls neo-colonialist forces.

Of course the history is complex and nothing is what it seems to be.

Mugabe uses a shrill anticolonial rethoric which still buys him a lot of support all over Africa.

But the irony is that he is factually working for the New World Order take over of his country.
It is necessary to know that he was put in his position by Lord Carrington, the “British Kissinger” in the Lancaster House Negotiations in the 70s that led to the present Majority Government in Zimbabwe after the renegade settler republic Rhodesia broke away from England with it’s white minority government and was finally overcome by a plethora of liberation movements with lots of western secret service support, Mugabe’s only being one of them and not the most popular one. One of his first acts in stabilising his rule was a well publicised massacre of more than 20 000 people in Matabeleland who were deemed to be loyal to the competing and possibly more attractive rebel leader Joshua Nkomo.
In these talks a 20 year moratorium for land reform was agreed and large sums of money promised for implementing a peace- and lawful land redistribution programme after those 20 years by Great Britain,
because of course the white land grab by Cecil John Rhodes and his cronies in the 1880s was a historical injustice of magnificent proportions.

This promised aid never came forth of course. So in a sense there is some truth in Mugabe’s public Argumentation, only that, sadly but true, he works for exactly the forces of destruction that he so eleoquently lambasts in his hateful public speeches .

Be that as it may, the country is in shambles and ready for the big corporate take over after the elimination of any middle class, be it black or white.

In that sense Zimbabwe is an advanced model of what’s basically planned worldwide by the ruling elite:

The elimination of any economically independent group, creation of a state where a small functional elite is required to “keep things going” and a mass of rightless and economically enslaved serfs, as many as needed, to keep up comfort levels for the elite. The majority of “useless eaters” (NWO parlance, not mine) is to be eliminated by biowarfare like “AIDS”, vaccination programmes, starvation, attrition wars , weather manipulation and other forms of genocide.

So look at Zimbabwe: It’s a testing ground for certain policies, just like Ruanda, Burundi and the Congo.
(I forgot to mention Cambodia etc…)

And my feeling is that that’s exactly the job that Mugabe is paid to do.

Your Bank Manager (I’m not talking about your branch manager, who is probably a nice person and has no clue of what’s going on) is also working for the same goal and vision, hoping that he will be part of the elite, haha…

Never forget that!

That is of course only to happen if we’re not able to stop these plan’s in their tracks and create an atmosphere in which self organisation and self reliant prosperity are encouraged to grow worldwide, replacing the fraudulent international money system (wealth extraction scheme). Massive saturation with orgonite holds the promise of turning things around apart from it’s immediate positive effects on the weather and fertility of farm land, securing abundant crops and stopping attempts at mass starvation through weather warfare.

You can imagine that the atmosphere in the country is pretty tense, can’t you?

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe – MI6’s best asset in the country?

Whenever I sound my theory that Mugabe is actually doing the MI6’s bidding in destroying his own country I get a lot of approval and mostly a lot of additional information from intelligent and awake Zimbaweans (of which there are many)
For example what I just heard in Conversations during this turbulent visit is that the “great mining houses”, especially LONHRO under Tiny Rowlands shifted their allegiance from the white minority government to support the rebel movements, just like the western secret services did.

Nothing is what it seems to be in this world of deceptive layers of smoke and mirrors…

Rock formation near Ngundu, an underground base is not far from here.

We were going via Masvingo, the Town near the Ruins of Great Zimbabwe.

The first night we stayed in a lodge in Ngundu, about 100 km before Masvingo.

Like everything in Zimbabwe, the lodge was on the edge of disintegration.

No more warm water, but of course the prices stayed the same as in better days and were to be paid in foreign currency.

I had received very interesting information from an anonymous source, who claimed to have been a former operative in the secret “one world army” that messes up Africa with all these senseless wars.

In fact, there is no war in Africa that is not run by outside secret services who mostly create he various 3-letter “liberation movements” that murder and create mayhem. All these Insurgent movements are equipped and suported by the “One World Army” of the “New World Odor”.

This monster has many names, call it UN, French Foreign Legion, South African Mercenaries, CIA, MI6.

It’s activities are supported by a network of underground bases with weather warfare and mind control capacities, secret and forbidden territories for training and assembling armies etc. Most rebel insurgencies originate from the vast “game reserves” in Africa that are mostly already under the control of cover organisations like the WWF (run by Prince Charles of British royalty)

Nowhere but in Africa is the NEW WORLD ODOR so obvious and so murderous at this present moment in history.

The information I received consists of a map with the location of 100s of different places that are allegedly some kind of underground bases, some of them military, some of them alien in nature.

We had already started acting on this information on a tentative basis in South Africa and had received very good results. That means great changes in atmospheric energy after treating these places.

Also we found clues at some of the places that indeed indicated some underground activity.

What I’m trying to say here is that I am not able to judge the authenticity of the information we received and therefore treat it as unverified for the time being, but events of this trip as well as or previous experiences tend to add a lot of plausibility to this information.

The first of these underground bases was near Runde. The place is marked as some kind of memorial on the map. Interestingly we found a network of construction roads to indicate that there had been some kind of activity going on, and they (the roads) were demolished only close to the main road so that a casual passer by would not notice anything special happening in the bush.

Bingo! The map was spot on again!

For the fine tuning work of placing the gifts at the right spot one still needs some intuitive guidance, but luckily my travel Companion XL was quite good with that.

We normally place 1 or 2 earth pipes over an underground base and possibly a HHG or some TBs for support.

Lake Kyle near Great Zimbabwe

Coming back to the Area of the famous ruins of Great Zimbabwe which had already been gifted twice, was a revelation:

It felt like paradise!

Even though we are at the end of the dry winter season, the place looked surprisingly lush and a peaceful, very positive atmosphere prevailed.

The last time I had been there with Kelly, also known as Laozu, when we gifted a vortex nearby and left some general gifts in the area.

This time we actually gifted the lake itself for the first time and found another hilltop array that had escaped my loving attention the last 2 times.

The hill complex of Great Zimbabwe

The seat of an entity that Kelly noticed at our last visit

XL and our guide Robson who had also guided Kelly and myself last time

The great enclosure seen from the hill complex

The conical tower in the great enclosure

Arriving in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, we checked into a derelict Motel that was nevertheless charging the proud amount of 50 USD. The next day was reserved for Harare and surrounds.
Generally the energy around Harare felt very bad. Also we got stopped by a corrupt policeman who was fishing for a bribe by threatening to search ou car thoroughly and by several road blocks and traffic cops trying to collect speeding fines. The brand new radar guns seem to be the only functioning equipment in Zimbabwe.

We did 2 underground bases outside town and another one near the airport.

The one at the airport was obvious as it had various vent shafts showing above ground. The other ones vere invisible but felt very nasty energetically.

We also did the town centre and residential suburbs.

In the evening we found the place of Sheik Yusuf in Chitungwidza. He is running an orphanage with a school and feeds, clothes and teaches about 60 children who would otherwise live on the street.

Sheik Yusuf and associates in Chitungwidza near Harare

His Orphanage receives minimal or no support from the government and everything is very basic, including his own living quarters. But the place is neat and clean and the children seem to be happy there.

students’ bedrooms

The CB at the orphanage

Rain cloud forming over Chitungwidza after placing the CB

We left a CB in his yard and observed some immediate changes in the sky.
As so often, a nondistinct grey soup changed into articulate cumulus clouds even looking more like rain clouds, immediately.

From Chitungwidza we left in direction Mozambique, leaving gifts on the way as we went along.
Generally we had felt miserable during our whole stay in Zimbabwe with short exceptions such as meeting the gentle and modest Sheik Yusuf. The atmosphere in the country is generally agressive and negative. One feels like being ripped off at every bend and corner because everyone is so desperate to make a living. So we were looking forward to leaving Zimbabwe quickly.

Involuntary Guests of “His Excellency” Comrade President Robert Gabriel Mugabe

Shortly before the border post at Nyamapanda we tossed out a last TB at a bridge . There were people around and XL actually warned not to do it. But I had never encountered any difficulties with people watching us toss orgonite and ignored the warning.

How I was to regret that moment of stupidity!

I had not been aware how close we were to the border and also that all the seemingly inconspicuous people were police agents in civil clothes.


At first we proceeded normally to the immigration and customs counters at the border, where our passorts got stamped as usual.

But as we got back to our car, ready to leave, the civil police agents started questioning us and asked for some documents that I had never heard about and I got angry with the officer in civils, another mistake it seems. I had actually taken the bunch of guys for the usual parasitic money cangers and “Madobadobas”. (that’s guys who attach themselves to every foreigner crossing an african border, offering “irresistably” to help expedite the process) The last thing that would have occured to me, would have been that they were all police agents.

They then told us that we had been observed throwing an object from the bridge and somebody actually came up with the TB.

We were asked to follow them with the car to the nearby police station for further investigation.

We saw no other way but full disclosure of what we were doing.

The car was completely searched and of course they were amazed at the amount of orgonite we had on board.

Any hopes of a speedy clearance and continuation were soon frustrated when we were told we had to wait for the commanding officer.

In the meantime a lot of the guys were chatting to us in a friendly manner and we had the impression that we could win them over. Except for the one officer that I had been colliding with right at the border, the others were rather curios and friendly than hostile and soon we had a lot of budding friendships going on and a lot of Ogrone Pamphlets, TBs and HHGs diistributed.

But little did we anticipate of things to come!

The commanding officer came late at night and didn’t even want to talk to us much, so we were asked to sleep on the concrete floor in the charge office where people were coming and going all the time and the radio was crackling the whole night.

We were allowed to access our car under supervision of an officer an get food but they took the car key and our passports.

The next day we were interrogated by the commanding officer and the CIO (criminal Intelligence Officer) The latter turned out to be a sympathetic guy. Interestingly his father had been a Sangoma (traditional healer) He would have let s go if it had been his decision.

But it was not in his power.

In fact, wave after wave of ever higher ranking officers was brought in, asking basically the same questions again. Obviously they wanted to see if we would contradict ourselves in our story.

I showed them my registration as a traditional healer with the International Traditional Healers Council of Malawi, which impressed the CIO but did not lead to our release either.

I basically told them I was doing my job as a rainmaker, protected by inernational agreements between the countries of Southern Africa regarding the work of traditional healers.

Then they decided to take samples of our stuff to Harare for forensic examination.

That would cost us at least another day we thought…

If it had been only another day!

After 2 more days (we were allowed to pitch our tent on the police grounds for the other 2 nights) with many more interviews and basically getting to know all the guys at the station, befriending most of them in the process, it was decided we had to be transferred to another station where higher ranking officers wanted to have a look at us.

I was taken in my car, accompanied by 3 officers, using our last diesel, while XL was taken in a police van. Interestingly one of the officers made a remark, clad in a question, that showed that they were aware of outside interference ito their weather, meaning HAARP based weather warfare. The question insinuated that our tools might contribute to this foreign sponsored drought creation effort.
XL’s journey turned out to be the much more eventfull one because the offices used the vehicle for a lot of brisk side business on the way, like transporting chickens and goats, taking passengers for payment and buying some boxes of soap somewhere, trying to sell it at a profit in another village.

Hence he was not to be seen at our first destination, the police station in Murewa. As soon as we arrived there, new orders from above arrived, and we had to continue to Marondera, the central police station for the province of Mashonaland East. XL arrived about 3 hours later due to the business detours of “his” police offices.

Arriving at Marondera, we already found groups of very high ranking officers (judging by their clothing and demeanour) waiting for us.

The Car was completely offloaded and searched again.

A new series of interviews began. We still had the feeling that we could win them over with our natural charme and obvious unevil intentions.

I learned from one of the junior officers who was a bit sympathetic to us that we were now talking to the top charges of the Zimbabwean secret service (nobody ever introduced themselves to us by the way) and that President Mugabe was involved in this.

Quite a confirmation for our work to get such top level attention, I think.

Unluckily the top secret service man in charge found the markings of underground bases in my map and that apparently really sent him on a spin!
Now my computer was searched and they were very dissapointed that there was nothing on it.

I told them that the markings on the map were bad energy spots that I had dowsed with a pendulum.

But Mister Secret Police was not very convinced…

The famous map: Underground bases in Southern and Eastern Africa (click here for detailed version)

We were finally charged with a minor misdemeanor because otherwise they could not have kept us any longer, not even in Zimbabwe. The charges amounted to “depositing an object in a place that is not designated to deposit such object” – littering in other words – under an ominous “miscellaneous offences act”. They told us that we should sign an admittance of guilt and we would be out in no time with a minor monetary fine. We did sign that because it seemed senseless to deny the charges of having thrown something out of the window.

Now we were no longer permitted to sleep in a tent but rather in the normal police cells.

Police detention cells in Moronderas

In a way we were still privileged because we could keep our clothes on (normally only one trouser and one shirt, no underwear, no belt) and get food from our car.

We were even alowed to take our sleeping bags into the cell after some negotiations. And we had a cell for ourselves.

The more luckless “ordinary” prisoners get no food, no water whatsoever, they are declothed and sleep on the naked concrete if they sleep. They may often stay like that for several days, so that they arrive at court already in a quite dehumanized state.

I was even able to smuggle my camera into the police cell at one occasion and take the following snaphots of our luxury hotel:

The prisoners of orgone (here still in own clothes)

The toilet in our luxury hotel

XL in good spirits

Mr. Tata at Maronderas

During the day we were mostly allowed to move freely on the grounds of the police station under lose supervision. As in Nyamapanda we had soon established a good rapport with the ordinary police officers. But in hindsight I feel that some of the senior guys just played confidence tricks with us to get our friendly cooperation and make us voluntarily go to prison where they would then have all the time in the world to think about what they were finally going to do with us.

Anything would have been possible: They could have planted explosives or drugs in our car to get us locked away for a long time or they could have “shot us while trying to escape”. The options are endless, and I believe that it was due to the wonderfull support of many people on the spiritual and etheric level, hat none of these quite feasible potentialities materialised.

“Picknick” at Maronderas central police station

And to prison we went!

After spending three nights at Marondera police station, with high hopes that Monday it would all be over with a slap on the wrist, it was to become worse.

Monday we were escorted to the court to see the public prosecutor. This slick and well dressed gentleman had no inclination of treating this as a simple case of littering but insisted that the forensic report must be in first.

So we were checked into the backward labyrith of holding cells, all our personal belongings were now were finally taken away.

After hours in those ice cold cells with crowds of awaiting trial prisoners, we were presented in court, where a mean and lazy looking lady magistrate decided to keep us in further detention.

So we were to make acquaintance with real prison life in Zimbabwe.

We were led back into the cold mass holding cells to await transport to prison.

By now it dawned on us that we would be well advised to seek a lawyers help.

But how to get one?

If you are used to scenes in American movies, where prisoners have the right to a phone call and access to a telephone book, that’s not what happens in Zimbabwe.
In fact if you don’t know a lawyer already, you are dependant on the wardens who are eager to link you up with an attorney-buddy, getting a nice kickback from the learned man in due course. And what about the loyalties of a lawyer so deeply enmeshed in the court and prison system?

But we had no choice but to go that route and when we chatted to one of the nicer wardens we asked him to find one for us.

But first we were to be tossed into prison for the night.

Transport was a ramshackle old bus that had to be pushed into gear by a bunch of prison wardens everytime it attemptetd to make a trip.

It was filled to more than double capacity with each of us having another prisoner on his lap, plus the grocery shopping of the wardens returning from town to prison and their wives and kids.

A most colourful, almost funny affair.

The bus was to finally break down completely during our time of stay, whereafter we had to cram in the back of a pick up truck with an armoured shell. That was really fun then…

Prison was about 15 km out of town invisible from any major road and looked like a derelict concentration camp with the multiple perimeters of rusty barbed wire sort of holding the crumbling buildings together.

Watchtowers and armed guards were completing the picture.

Here we were “declothed”, that means we had to stuff our civilian clothes in a bag and put on a pair of thin torn khaki shorts an a similar shirt with short sleeves. (To bad, no photos of this episode)

Then we were tossed into seperate cells in 2 adjacent but seperate blocks.

Next shock:

Before entering the cell for the night (it was almost dark by then) I had to strip naked, then to enter the cell were 6 other inmates were already waiting.

Luckily initial fears proved unfounded and my fellow inmates proved to be quite decent guys, mostly family fathers who had fallen foul with the alledged law for desperation to obtain food for their starving families.

In fact I soon learned that some were already sitting more than 3 years without ever getting tried, just because they could not afford a lawyer to get them out on bail or expedite their trial.

They were keeping their cell clean and hat developed many smart mechanisms to cope with everyday prison life.

One of the many small amenities they had developped was a game of chess. The pieces were made of dried maize porridge, the staple food, sometimes accompanied by baked beans.

The black pieces were made of the same, pigmented with ash from burnt newspaper.

The board was made from cut up bibles of the type that all these American mind control churches are so freely distributing in Africa and especially among the prison population.

This game of chess I kept as a souvenir

The next day we were ferried to court again, this time in foot shackles because we were now suddenly clasified as high risk and high security prisoners, (and those cut into your flesh quite deep after a while of hobbling along) to sit for ours in the ice cold holding cells. I learnt to keep myself warm by doing lots of exercises all the time. (Yoga and bush ups in shackles: one could introduce that to fancy urban gyms as a novelty form of yuppie exercise)

This time we finaly met our lawyer.

By the way: If you think that privacy of talks with your lawyer are a universally granted right of the accused:

Not in Zimbabwe. You talk to your lawyer under the eyes and ears of a prison warden!
It turned out that we had already seen him and greeted him while lingering at the police station.
He turned out to be quite alright and helpful after all and promised to move the case.
He also got us a tube of tooth paste, soap and a minuscule towel as well as some juice to brighten up our prison diet.

Thursday was now set for our next appearance in court.

He also told us that the case had been complicated because of a “national security dimension” that was attached to it.

Famous at last: Article in the Herald of 20 July (click for readable version)

The friendly older warden who had also offered to contact the lawyer for us, told us that we were famous now and an article had appeared in the main National Newspaper that normally parrots exactly whatever is the current government opinion, The Herald.
The article was highly manipulative and false in most facts, for example that we had been spotted doing our “evil deed” by some villagers, while in fact they were all police agents in civils.

We spent another long day in prison, whereby I played about 10 games of chess against 3 of my fellow inmates, lost some, won some, all the time thinking about what would happen to us.

XL had decided that he would go on a hunger strike by then to show that he was sick and tired of being friendly and cooperative (and by the way he did not like the food anyways). That got them quite scared and they offered him meat, a rare and desired commodity in this prison, but the way it looked like, he gave that to his cellmates.

They always came back to me for reassurance and wanted me to persuade him to eat.

I told them it’s his decision and they should not worry as we would be out soon. (I tried to persuade myself of that)

On Thursday we were brought to court again (in shackles) where we had a short meeting with the lawyer.

He assured us that everything was under control.

Hours later we appeared in court and in fact the miracle happened:

The sentence was “cautioned and discharged”

Our criminal record in Zimbabwe: “cautioned and discharged” (after 9 days)
click here for readable version of picture

Freedom was finally in sight! It still took hours, but discharged we were. The deputy prison director, who had certain sadistic tendencies, seemed to regret it greatly that we were to be withdrawn from fis sphere of absolute power.
But he still had the audacity to ask me to keep my ears open, when free again, for some sponsors who might fund a new prison bus.

This made me think that if they wanted to execute you, they would probably ask you to buy the bullet for them first….

I still had a late night meeting with the lawyer and some of his friends. He turned out to be quite a likeable fellow privately and so were his friends.

I asked him to have a look at the files of my cell mates and left some money to cover his expenses.
I hope that we can get some of the guys, where the case is pretty straight and just needs a lawyers touch, out at reasonable expenses.

We headed straight back to Nyamapanda, this time to leave for good and the extreme apprehension only left us after we were safely in Mozambique.

Free at last: XL enjoying the relief of being out of Zimbabwe

Unfortunately our feathers were quite ruffled by then, including the loss of some 1200 USD that were stolen from the vehicle. Luckily not much else was missing.

XL felt like breaking off the trip immediately, while I was all for continuing at least as far as possible.

The compromise found was that we would at least continue to Malawi, some 600 km from the Mozambican/Zimbabwean border to liaise with Dr. Chipangula from the International Traditional Healers Council of which I am a member.
From there we would decide what to do. either XL would fly home, leaving me to continue if I could find a suitable companion for the continuation or both of us going home by car.

His girlfriend had heard of our ordeal via the Austrian embassy and was by now quite frantic with fear and worry.


The border crossing into Mozambique was easy and relaxed, quite a relief after what we had ben through.
Our main target on the short passage through Mozambique was Tete, according to our by now famous map, home to 2 nasty underground bases.
Tete had been a stronghold of RENAMO, the western sponsored rebel army, that destabilised the “revolutionary” MPLA government for about 20 years with help of the Apartheid government and of course the whole bouquet of One World Odor involvement.

The energy in and arond that town felt accordingly very nasty.

Hilltop array above Tete (Mozambique)

A Hiltop Array above Tete which proved inaccessible in the litle time we had, was neutralised by puting a distant drawn out chain of TBs and one HHG. We busted the transmiters in town of course, while urgently searching for diesel.

Tete bridge: notice the very negative energy

The bases were on the way out of town and both felt very nasty. One was near a bobed out RENAMO base with smoke blackened remnants of concrete bunkers, the other one tellingly near a large UN base with lot’s of white Nissen Huts with “UN” painted on them in supersize letters.

Another base en route to the Malawian border made it’s presence felt by a strange electric feeling, simmilar to what one sometimes feels near a giant beehive or anthill.


Arriving late at night in Blantyre, the economic hub of Malawi, we found only the best hotel in town really inviting and crashed for a good night’s sleep after a sumptuous meal.

In the morning we called Dr. Chipangula and were met by his associate Dr. Kazua and Chipangula’s son, a brilliant kid of 14 years.

They showed us the way to Dr. Chipangula’s house, a modest little structure in one of the poor parts of town. Dr. Chipangula is well known and respected all over the country and far beyond and is the president of the 250,000 member strong International Traditional Healers Association of Malawi, of which I am a member as well.

The sky above Blantyre before we put up a CB

The sky looked hazy and opressive in the morning, but that was to quickly change after we put up a CB up at Dr. Chipangula’s place.

He was no novice to orgonite because TBs and HHGs had been brought to Malawi by associated healers from Johannesburg, who were also the ones inviting me to become a member because of our environmental healing work.

Together with Dr. Chipangula, we found Dr. Chazerezeka and other healers who were eager to meet us and a steady stream of visitors was to come and go during our stay.

We agreed to leave most of our Orgonite in the capable hands of Dr. Chipangula and his organisation, for distribution all over Malawi, which had recently also been hit by one of the the NWO fabricated HAARP-droughts in order to create hunger and “donor dependancy”, as usual.

My feeling is that with the Healers’ Councils grassroot network, that spreads into the last corner of Malawi, the 3 CBs, more than 1000 TBs and multiple other gifts will do magnificent work, better than we could have ever done by ourselves on a 3 day drive-through visit.
We also left 10 orgone zappers with Dr. Chipangula.

Dr. Chipangula, his son, Dr. Chazerezeka and myself with CB

What a change: the sky above Blantyre after placing the CB

This sky is really looking alive now!

This is generally the lesson of this aborted trip: We cannot do it alone!

In the future we will do much more to liaise with people in Africa who are already distributing orgonite, like the group of excellent busters in East Africa such as Doc Kayiwa and consorts in Uganda, Judy Lubulwa, David Ochieng and friends in Kenya and Dean Nyalusi in Tanzania.

After all, Africa cannot be liberated from outside, however wellmeaning such intervention may be.

The networks of genuine traditional healers who are not yet corrupted by their various governments like most notoriously in Zimbabwe, will also play an increasing role in this “True African Renaissance” .

So, in line with this new found approach we sent lots of orgonite straight to Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam right after returning home.

This in effect guarantees that all the gifts we were intending to distribute on our trip will find their place in the intended destinations after all and additionally will strengthen the emerging African Orgone network, thus achieving much more than we could ever have achieved alone.

While I was still hoping to continue the trip at least a liitle bit more, XL was determined to head home.
His girlfriend had heard of our detention only through the Austrian Embassy and was frantic with worry by now and his intuition said it was not advisable to continue.

I was not at first willing to accept that decision and tried o persuade him to at least accompany me to Daressalam, where I hoped to find a new companion for the rest of the trip.

We did however, in conversation with a friend who is not only psychic but also has some reliable links into the shady world of secret services, learn that it would really not be advisable to continue, as Mugabe’s secret police had sent out messages to other African countries on our way, to detain us again and harrass or dissappear us in any possible way.

We also learnt that the German embassy in Harare had been involved in the plot to detain and possible dissappear us in Zimbabwe, quite frightening, considering that Friederike had put high hopes in the German Embassy to intervene on my behalf.

We probably owe our survival to the determined allies all over the world who etherically blasted the snot out of Robert Mugabe’s occult power structure. (Like all NWO dictators’, his power rests on deeply occult fondations of voodoo, sorcery and masonic black magic)

We were advised to go home as quickly as possible, via Zambia and Botswana, avoiding Mozambique (which would have been the shorter route) and certainly Zimbabwe.

So, after spending 2 nights in Zimbabwe, during which ime we had much opportunity to get to know the wonderful and gentle Dr. Chipangula even better, we were given a full Muti (African Medicine) treatment for our protection and left Blantyre at Midnight of the 3rd night to be at the Zambian Border when it opened in the morning.

Psychic attacks were still rampant on the way out, so that I hit the barrier of a sparsely lit police roadblock with almost full speed, just 80 km before the border, a stupid situation from which we could only extricate ourselves by negotiating a juicy bribe with the 2 senior officers. (We could have landed in a prison again for that) The dent in my bumper is an acceptable punishment for this negligence.

Home via Zambia and Botswana

we headed straight west through Zambia on a mostly bumby and potholed road, leaving our customary trail of orgonite gifts along the way. We didn’t have time to do anything in tha capital Lusaka, but just leave a few gifts on the straight way through. Lusaka would have o be left to some future visit or a yet unknown future Zambian activist.

Elephants in the Zambezi river above Victoria Falls

Vic Falls – Mosya o tunya (The smoke that thunders)
click on the pic to see video clip

Rainbow in the falls
click on the pic to see video clip

XL at the headwaters
click on the pic to see video clip

We camped near Livingstone, the Zambian town near Victoria Falls.

The falls were in fact the second of the seven wonders of Africa we originally wanted to cover on our trip, the first being the ruins of Great Zimbabwe.

We visited the falls, that were almost in full water, in the morning. Quite an impressive sight and of course some gifts found their way into the wide and mighty Zambezi above and below the falls.
It was noteworthy how many HAARP towers were concentrated especially on the Zimbabwean Bank of the Zambezi. Surely an attempt to manipulate the strong positive energy of the place.
While we did everything in Livingstone, we could of course not access the ones on the Zimbabwean side, so had to contend with a large Orgone Pyramid on the Zambian side.

We crossed the border into Botwana with the Kazungulu ferry over the Zambezi (plop, plop, plop again)
and found the Botswana Border refreshingly unbureaucratic.
Botswana is the NWO’s “best managed” African country. Thinly populated and relatively prosperous because of i’s 2 main industries, diamond digging (All in the hands of DeBeers’ joint venture with the Botswana government called Debswana) and beef export.

You may find that odd, but after so much misery and poverty it’s just great to have roads with proper markings, well lit intersections and a border where you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to be admitted to the country.

Kazungulu Ferry from Zambia to Botswana

After hectic almost non stop driving for 2800 km, we were finally back in Johannesburg, and after XL had left, I joined my familly who were spending some days at the coast with friends where we had a very nice boat trip, seing a large pod of dolphins from very close by (of course we had tossed some orgonite) and 2 humpback wales from further afar.

Dolphins near Shelley Beach, Kwa Zulu Natal

We left some traces after all (blue dots are orgonite gifts)

State of distribution of orgonite gifts after the trip


Surely we achieved something on this trip, but I don’t know yet what it will be that come out of it. I am still sad for having missed to meet all the wonderfull people and see the wonderful places that were lined up on our route.
I hope however that the new approach of working much closer with our orgone compadres in Africa will be fruitful and that orgonite will become a mass movement in Africa.

I will soon be going to Zanzibar to meet some of the East African Activists for some exchange of experiences and generally getting to know each other.

All the gifts that were intended to go go north have been distributed, not all at the intended places, but none of the sponsorships for cloud busters that we received was wasted.

The most gratifying part was of course the interaction with the Malawian healers and especially Dr. Chipangula to whom I spoke just a few days ago and he told me how fantastic the CB works in Blantyre. He is really excited about it.

Dr. Chipangula will soon come to Johannesburg and we will be able to strategise even further together.

You can help strengthening this emerging African network by making a donation under one of the following sponsorship options:

See also or more specifically

Fascinating report Georg!

[The URL for the newspaper clipping enlargement seems to lead to the criminal record instead.]

How did you get the diesal to get back to the border?

I have now completetd the report and added a lot of detail and background information.

If for some technical reasons the picture links don’t work and you see only text, please have a loke at the original report on my website.

It’s at

Also it seems that the last part of the text appears in bold letters. Tha is not intentional and I have found no way of editing it away.

@laozu: The diesel ws just enough to make it over the mozambican border. we had 7 Jerry Cans this time and were down to oone and a relatively full tank when we were forced to go back to Marondera.

Do you remember our talkative guide Robson @ Great Zimbabwe?

He’s a budding orgone activist now.



this report is really full of marvel. i get the sense of being along on this very rough and extensive trip.

your goals were really something stupendous when you contemplate it.

trips planned that are this large and encompassing are most certainly subject to variations and change.

we do all we can on a mission and i have found that sometimes the mission didn’t go as planned or that we seem to

be operator-guided instead, or , where we had intended one purpose the outcome was an entirely different purpose.

a small example of this might be a trip don and i took in their boat out sixty-two miles in the gulf of mexico to get a tower we had figured to be a major factior in the hurricane alley network.

the tower turned out to be suprisingly underwhelming to me. i had expected a huge structure.

what we did find though, which was the unknown and unseen true purpose of that sortie, was an undersea base

probably draco, that gave off huge amounts of dor. the dolphins showed us that on the way in and we realized the significance on the way out, gifting it heavily.

this is a small example of trip’s purpose changing mid-trip

what happened to you all looks to me like many layers of purpose and action.

i think what you have really done is to create a living orgone network of people that is of inestimable value.

the living orgone network you created will grow and expand, and may be the overturning point in the return of all africa to the state of freedom.

don keeps saying how things will happen first and quickly in africa compared to the rest of the world due to the people there

i’m just suggesting that you may have done something much bigger than your original huge plan.

in every case, the scope of your work and dedication is a world-class example. thanks, georg.

Georg, your trip was a total success! Do not beat yourself-up for one second! Your courage and passion are very inspiring. Your pioneering efforts in Africa will be imitated in other countires all round the globe. I’m personally in awe of your contributions. Planning my own trip now, thanks for the inspiration.

To everyone reading this thread: please distribute widely!



While I have plunged myself into a major “nestbuilding frenzy” after this trip, (we borrowed some money from the bank and started beautifying our house and garden, a long overdue act of self gratification that has become possible now since our business is more stable this year than ever) a lot of good things have happened in the aftermath of our trip.

Our friends in Tanzania and Kenya have received their massive orgonite packages without too much hassle. (just the usual delaying tacticts and in Dean Nyalusi’s case some exorbitant customs charges that we had to organise for him)

That is essentially the orgonite that we wanted to distribute in these countries. So, nothing has been lost in that sense.

It also looks like we will meet with the East African Activists in December

Doc Chipangula, Healer extraordinaire and president of the International Traditional Healer’s Council of Malawi, of which I’m a proud member by the way, has distributed the more than 1000 TBs all over the country (Malawi) and placed the CBs in a strategic spread as well.

He came under fierce etheric attack and suddenly people started dying around him like flies, which kept him attending funerals instead of coming here toi visit us in Jo’burg. He himself is spiritually very strong, so they can’t harm him personally. He is absolutely enthusiastic about the effects of Orgonite even though his wife died 2 weeks ago as the latest victim of the attacks against him. Let’s boost him and his great organisation of more more than 200 000 (!) genuine African healers with all our heart. Of course we did that already in the German Chatblast and briefly at the EW Chat as well.

Malawi has been hit by HAARP induced drought in recent years and the ususal suspects were trying to unfold a typical “African famine scenario” there like in North-Eastern Kenya etc… Otherwise it’s a tranquil and friendly little country which appears fairly well managed and could be mildly prosperous if it wasn’t for the interference. But I’m sure we’re on the way to end that shortly…

The latest development, on which we are still expecting feedback, is very exciting:

Some new friends of ours who have been working with radionics for quite some time have been invited by the Congolese government to help stabilise that country radionically.

Essentially they were flown around in a government helicopter to wherever they felt necessary.

Guess what we gave them as additional luggage?

You got it!

So this is the first case of Massive orgonite distributrion by gummint helicopter.

Can only happen in Africa at this stage, I guess…

Congo, as most people know has been torn apart ever since the murder of it’s first black president, Patrice Lumumba, by the Belgian royal house who once owned the Congo as a private possession and still controls the exploitation of minerals there through their financial arm, the societe Generale, with help of the CIA etc…

There is much more mystery about the Congo than I can describe here in a few words. We will hear more abou that shortly.

Lastly, I chatted with Doc Kayiwa from Uganda recently and the impression was confirmed, that the region he’s busy with, namely Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Western Tanzania and eastern Congo is in very good and capable hands. I hope I will be able to attend his wedding in November. Any suport you can give to the Doc will work wonders. He also confirnmed that he has done the whole of Lake Tanganyika after reading our report, so that’s sorted! Bravo!

You can directly support our efforts to strengthen the emerging African Orgone Network by making a donation through our website. These donations allow us to send orgonite and zappers to our African friends and support their expanding gifting activities.



A few days ago I met Sheikh Yusuf on his visit to Johannesburg.

He told me that he was also arrested during our little ordeal and held for questioning.

They wanted to know everything:

How he came to know me etc…

But interestingly, they did not take the CB away from him.

Maybe some guys on the police level were really believing we were spies for Tony Blair or somehing to that effect…

He said, they were treating him with some courtesy. He had to sleep in a police cell however with lice infested blankets however. Sheik Yusuf is a well known and respected islamic cleric in Zimbabwe who is doing a lot of good charitable work. So, they can’t really touch him, especially as he hasn’t done anything wrong even by the twisted standards of Zimbawean police and law enforcement.


Thank you so much for posting pictures together with your gifting report, Georg. It was very nice already but now that you posted pictures it is great! We can relate more to the place and situation when there are pictures attached (well at least to me!).

“the falls” video is so nice
I love the great enclosure and the conical tower most!



Things happen faster in Africa for some reason or for several reasons and Georg seized the reins of orgonite distribution in Southern Africa (and beyond) early on and caused more than a few historical achievements. The sponsorships he’s offering aren’t charity; they’re our way of participating in this war–to help Africans wrest that continent from the World Odor–on the winning side.

One reason orgonite gets more bang for the buck in Africa is that the people already believe in magic; they don’t have to be de-programmed first, as we Westerners and Asians do.

Another reason is that the energy field over the entire continent is closer to pristine, as anyone can see who watches the orgone in an alpha state while visiting there: the bright and dark squiggles last longer and are bigger.

Another may be that patriarchy hasn’t made inroads there as severely as it has throughout the rest of the world, though that’s not apparent unless one looks below the What To Think Network surface. That may become apparent to us all after Judy in Nairobi develops some steam in coming days and gets past the roadblocks that we’ve been helping clear away in our weekly chats.

I’m, deeply saddened to know that Dr Chipangula has experienced such severe personal losses on account of his association with this unorganized network, by the way, and for future reference: if any gifter whom we’re not directly in contact with begins to experience this sort of difficulty I hope to God someone will tell me before anyone loses his or her life so that we can go to work on containing the predators and their masters in a timely way.

Africans who are healers or genuine revolutionaries likely take personal losses, including imprisonment and the death of loved ones and associates, in stride and even expect them and worse, but in fact this war we’re all waging is a new kind of war and will be won in a relatively bloodless way if I’m not mistaken.

If an emergency like that one can’t wait for a Sunday chat, Stevo, Dooney, Carol and I (and whoever else can be contacted) are available on very short notice to get together in the chatroom and take care of problems like this. We often do that but we rarely post about it. This is only for severe problems, by the way, not run-of-the-mill poisoning, hacking, livlihood interference, psi assaults, bad dreams, etc., which we’re all capable of handling on our own. Anyone at all who can’t handle this routine interference (if it’s not happening to you, the World Odor doesn’t consider you a threat, so get on track! Cool) stuff ought to get a zapper from one of the vendors and get some etheric combat coaching from Dooney ([email protected]).

If you’ve got a zapper but run to a serial killer for harmaceuticals instead of using the zapper when the first sign of poisoning shows up, chalk your continued suffering (due to tissue damage) as to tuition then next time one of the sewer rat agents doses you, put your zapper on right away! If youi’re near Stevensville, Montana when it happens, stop in to see Dr STevo at and he can fix you up quick.

I’m glad to know that Sheikh Yusuf wasn’t harmed, at least. I understand that the sheikh doesn’t want attention drawn to himself but he’s apparently been quite helpful to Georg.

Another feature of African vitality is that religious people, there, are generally more sincere and self-sacrificing than elsewhere, so religious strife is almost non-existent. When we were in Uganda we associated with a number of friends who included Muslims, Christians (including a high cleric) and traditionalists and they get along with each other just fine. Nobody ever says so, but I had a clear impression that they all consider themselves Africans, first, then religionists.

The fact that Georg and other orgonite business people are prospering is positive evidence that the World Odor lacks the ability to ruin our lives. Have you given a thought to how significant this is? If we didn’t fight back effectively we’d all be in soup lines or dead. It’s the war=making aspect of this global revolution that Etheric Warriors was set up to foster, though most of the members aren’t interested in participating in the chats.

When in history have genuine revolutionaries like ourselves actually prospered? Dr Reich, who never lacked and was able to afford to carry out his work, though other scientists with his background and capacity in those days were relatively wealthy, considered himself a revolutionary, by the way, and by his standards, so are we.

Some things bear repeating, including the fact that right before Georg got busy healing the climate of Southern Africa a famine was predicted for that region. Thanks to sufficient public record, nobody’s tried to steal credit for his achievements; in fact the What To Think Network and academia, worldwide, is ignoring them for now, just like they studiously ignore the continuing reversal of another vast desert region: the American Southwest.

We don’t pay a lot of attention to the latter, of course, because we’re having too much fun balancing and healing the environment and society where we all live. It will be nice for us all to get due credit one day, of course, and this will also vindicate Dr Wilhelm Reich.

Have you noticed that nobody ever castigates Dr Reich? I think this is because he maintained very high personal standards and held himself accountable for everything he did and said. This approach has protected all of us on EW, too, and has been so effective that even our most vindictive personal enemies (except for one CIA disinformation operative who has a following among fundamentalist Christians but whom no rational person takes seriously) won’t dare slander us upenly any more. Even when Rense and crew were publicly attacking our work, years ago, he never mentioned names as far as I know. Even that caused the global gifting network to expand and consolidate.

When Carol’s Harmonic Protector sales essentially disappeared a few weeks ago we eventually went hunting for the cause. The first thing we did was to google the HP to look for slanderous public writings and we found no hostile criticism in the listings, which were numerous; only favorable, objective accounts. Last Sunday, the three psychics delved into it and found a couple of World Odor types, whose name would be familiar to you if I mentioned them, conducting a large-scale but secret radionics/voodoo campaign to discredit Carol. We dodecked them and within hours orders for the HPs started coming in and, in fact, she’s never sold as many in one week as she’s done since that chat session, six days ago. Those two were very, very unhappy that we snagged them but I doubt they were harmed by our efforts.

This is the best way to wage war on predators and the dolphins and whales have directly been teaching our psychics for the past couple of years, apparently. Our heart-centered fighting style has shifted considerably and gotten even more productive since then.