Cloudbuster--Clean Skies--Aerial Surveillance--Psi Assault

Don Croft
28 Jul 2008 07:42
Subject: Cloudbuster–Clean Skies–Aerial Surveillance–Psi Assault
Hey Don,

Well, I’ve been gifting my area for approx. six weeks and have been witness to over a month of clear and natural skies. This is pretty amazing and is by far the biggest and best stretch of clean skies that I have seen in at least seven years.

I constructed my first CB on July 4, 2008 and over the past week I have noticed a low flying white Cessna circling my house on two separate occasions. The second occurrence was yesterday. Today I awoke to a major and severe spraying with giant Xs marking directly above my location. The spray continued heavily pretty much all day long. I was excited to have a “test” for my relatively new CB, but for the entire day there was a nasty blanket of chemtrails all over the sky, including directly above my CB. From everything I’ve read I expected to see a visual confirmation that my CB is working, but there was no “blue hole effect” at all. I didn’t see any noticeable difference.

I’m really hoping that I made my CB correctly and that it’s working well. I’m thinking about making another one. I strongly desire to see my CB plowing thru the DOR like others have reported. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Should I take the spy plane (and subsequent heavy spraying) as a confirmation that I’m doing well? Is there any reason why my CB doesn’t appear to be working?

Thanks a lot!


J, most of the chemtrails one sees, these days, are harmless seeded clouds with little or no DOR component. This is a psiops campaign on several levels, including an attempt to get people in your position to doubt orgonite’s effectiveness.

The period of relatively clear and clean sky was your confrirmation, as was the surveilance from the Cessna and the subsequent chemtrail assault. If you will go out and disable more and more of the death towers and HaARP weaponry in your area it will be harder for the chemtrail spewers to even make those seeded clouds, then. I hope you’ll consider expanding your gifting strategy more than just making additional CBs becuase the death towers and HAARP weapons are hurting people and you can stop all that.

I know it’s a big leap to get from feeling intimidated by those chemtrail-seeded clouds to the certainty that they are harmless psi ops but busting those towers will help you reach that goal, don’t worry. You didn’t mention whether yoyu live in a city or a small town. If you’re in a small town you likely busted allthe local towers and weather weapons in a day or two but if you’re in a bigger city it’s going to take more time to find and neutralize them all. I say, ‘neutralize’ but in fact when you put orgonite near a death tower you’re turning it into a life force generator, which then makes it a weapon in our arsenal, rather Wink , becuase the $#!+bird agencies are apparently too stupid just to turn those things off after we gift them.

It might help you to know that the sequence of events that you described is the typical progression in an area of yet-to-be-disabled death towers and weather weaponry where a new orgonite cloudbuster ‘shows up’ on the $#!+bird agencies’ DOR radar. They can’t conceive healthy orgone; they rather measure their own strength by the relative presence of DOR (deadly orgone radiation) which they generate and are able to perceive. It’s sort of like how the Federal Reserve Corporation can’t conceive the notion of prosperity but rather measure their own worth in terms of the accumulated debts of nations; MDs (we call them, ‘serial killers’) study and intimately know diseases but are trained to disregard the dynamics of healing and health.

It may be that it took them awhile to find your CB due to your previous towerbusting efforts. Otherwise, the cloudbuster would have carved a perfectly round hole in their death energy matrix, so within a day or two their airplanes or helicopters would have found your CB. Apparently, it took longer than that (if I’m not mistaken–it’s good for me to have as many details as possible) due to your previous gifting efforts, which made the hole in their death energy matrix amorphous; without a center.

We can also probably assume that you came under surveillance at some point, though there’s a lot less of this, now, than there was several years ago, simply because there are only so many of their agency thugs to go around and there are more and more good gifters. Sure, they use Carnivore and have keyed in all of the terminology regarding our efforts but there are only so many of their creeps manning the monitors, too Cool

They might have built enough prisons to hold themselves (ultimately) but there would never be enough prisons to hold us, fortunately. They know it better than we do and I think they’re more concerned with preserving their own butts than with getting rid of us, by now. By ‘us,’ I mean that large segment of humanity who are waking up to the existence of parasitic tyranny. They’d much rather be shot at than exposed to scrutiny. We won’t give them the satisfaction of shooting at them, of course Wink

As you may notice if you watch the chemtrails overhead more carefully, there are two distinct kinds, now: the stuff that disappears immediately and the stuff that seeds transient clouds. The former is loaded with deadly orgone radiation because it’s poisonous; the latter is harmless; psiops. If you had noticed chemtrails before the middle of 2002, when they were still sickening and killing people, you would know that they looked a lot different in those days: they immediately spread out to blot the blue sky and on their way down, they destroyed all the moisture-bearing clouds in a few moments. YOu won’t get this important information on the Chicken Little websites, of course, which are all CIA assets, after all.

Most often, especially in cases like yours, whenever the $#!+birds are spewing the harmless stuff in the sky, they’re also spewing a certain number of poisonous chemtrails: the fast-disappearing ones. These were disappearing fast before you built your CB, by the way, because you were no doubt already within range of someone’s CB effects at that altitude. Your CB immediately neutralizes the bad stuff, apparently by simple ionization. I hope you’ll focus on observing that so you won’t feel discouraged by the harmless skywriting. The message they’re apparently trying to convey to you (who else, really?) is something like, ‘Abandon hope!’ Cool

It’s been a long time since a CB could plow a distinct hole in the death matrix. Shortly after the dissemination of thousands of orgonite cloudbusters, the $#!+birds figured out how to replicate the visual effects of their death matrix with harmless, high altitude whiteout (thin stratus layer) and harmless long, seeded clouds. I can tell you that it was glorious to plow big, beautiful furrows in their previous death matrix on our travels but it wasn’t so great that they had been turning entire continents into deserts, were defoliating large forests and had even created dense, poisonous smog over large wilderness areas. All of that is reversing, now, thanks to relatively few of us quiet workers, here and abroad (several thousand committed gifters is a few people, compared to billions of PJ folks)

You might not think that psiops are significant but the world order is built on pis ops, of course, so that’s where they put a lot of their Big Money and human resources. Why else would their pet movie stars, talking heads and ringball players make more money than they can possibly spend?

You can feel rightfully flattered that the world odor is spending a fortune just to discourage you. I sure do hope you’ll expand your own gifting efforts because this is how we’re ultimately pulling the energy rug out from under global parasitic tyranny, now. That will also make it harder for them to even make their seeded clouds linger.

Just keep working and trust that certainty will eventually come to you. Keep reading, too, but read books rather than CIA websites, okay? The right titles are going to fall into your hand as long as you’re committed to making the world better. The Operators will see to it.

Remember that when you see Sylphs it means the energy of your skies has turned decisively positive, thanks to your efforts, and from then on, the Sylphs and the less visible allies will be working with you to neutralize the weather weaponry.

Please consider that subscribing to the CIA-sponsored disinformation sites that abound on the internet puts blinders on one’s own subtle discernment processes. Act on your own hunches, even when they don’t immediately make sense.

Thanks for getting in touch with me, and congrats on your initial success!


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