Cloudbuster Tutorial

Someone asked me about orgonite cloudbusters in an email and I was going to refer that person to the cloudbuster tutorial on EW but when I checked it out I focused on alerations and experiments that have nothing to do with how a basic CB works and it always works more than well enough, of course.

I was expecting to see the simple photo tutorial that Carol and I made in 2001 because that’s what was on there the last time I checked. If you have access to that simple and empowering tutorial and can help me set it up with its own URL (this is what EW had before it was interfered with) please contact me at [email protected] and I’ll give you a free T-Rx zapper for your help.

People are drawn to EW in order to get basic, empowering information so I deleted that ‘extended’ tutorial, which is bound to seem misleading and discouraging to newcomers. If you figure that there are ten thousand of us doing this work, now, and that most of the people who do this are ordinary, like me, then of course we have to keep it simple enough for when millions of people get into this work. That’s going to happen before long. I want Thom’s forum to be a home for aficionados and energy sensitives who get a lot from exploring the finer aspects of subtle energy dynamics because my forum needs to remain a source of inspiration for the rest of us (the vast majority of committed and potential etheric warriors).


Cloudbuster instructions

Don, I think these are the instructions you are looking for. Thanks to John from who has the
Instructions hosted on his site.
I would suggest saving them again and host the instructions on the ew servers. One never knows when a page gets deleted [Image Can Not Be Found] . I would like to host the tutorial on my site as well.


I will install them on the ew site.

Thanks a lot, Eric and Capt. Azti. Did you build the CB in the photo, Eric? It’s stunning!

Capt, after I deleted the link I found that I was unable to decipher the code to add that page link. I also want to replace all the other tutorials with suitably simple ones and I’ll be sending you URLs or else will write them up.

When Thom (new proprietor of has his fancy-stuff forum going I think the entire process will be more streamlined so that people who are seeking that material, here, won’t be frustrated any more. There’s room for everyone in this unorganized and potentially vast new global revolution. I think my wife will finally start writing posts regularly after Thom’s forum gets launched–she’s really looking forward to it.