Cloudbusters in the Middle of the Caribbean Chain

Jose Baztan’s in a position to make some cloudbusters in Dominican Republic, which is kind of the center of the spread of islands that reaches from Florida to Venezuela. DAve Emmett’s got the other end covered and we’ve pretty much castrated HAARP on the Florida end, as evidenced by Alberto’s sudden demise near Tampa this week.

HIs obstacle is getting copper pipes, which are costly there. I feel that aluminum pipes are appropriate under the circumstances and I’ve told Jose that. As Kelly noted, the energy may not be as friendly as copper’s in this application but the HAARPicane season has just started adn it may be that the sewer rats will focus on the middle of the Caribbean chain, since the ends are denied to them, so I’m hoping JOse will get something set up ASAP.

YOu can send him a donation if you want to see it happen sooner, I think. He’s a full time college student, so has limited funds for orgonite. Contact me at [email protected] if you want to do that and I"ll put you in touch with him directly. Jose can put his email addy in this thread if he feels it’s appropriate. It would save a step and some time to contact him directly, of course.

He told me that he’s got a possible Haitian contact now and it would be great to get at least one CB to Haii, where some folks are literally dying of thirst now, due to HAARP interference.

Maybe orgonite will do in Haiti what it’s doing in Africa.


Thanks Don, weather is shifting in many ways here at DR, in one single day you get ot of sun, no sun, rain, no rain, dark clouds and all kind of variations, it’s crazy… we have been hit very hard with HARPicanes and stuff, I really dont know quite sure what would be needed to cover the island, but I think that building 5 CBs, putting one on each corner of the island and one at the center, will make a difference!

There are some places here, that look pretty much like deserts, in fact are smal deserts and sure will benefit, also we get lot of days without rain, and here is so HOT, that some people cant stand it.

As Don said, I have a Haitian contact and maybe I could go to Haiti and locate the Cb on Haiti, with that done, the other parts of the island will be much easier to cover, since Haiti is the toughest place to get in or be.

There is Moneygram and western union here at DR, if anyone feels to put some money into these CBs will be welcomed, please email me at [email protected] (please put orgone, orgonite or CB on the subject so I can tell what is spam and what isn´t)

The sooner the better, I will be making these as fast as I can and my time is very limited because of College, and I have to keep in mind that I have to organize some trips to dleiver these in safe places around the country, and HARPicane season just started, of course all these will take some space in a post with photos of making and gifting the Cbs here at EW, thanks, Jose

Thanks, Jose–since your island has the most land mass in the island chain, aside from Cuba (which is functionally out of reach due to Fidel Castro’s rape-in-progress), it’s no doubt got lots and lots of HAARP arrays on it, as Cuba does. The weather pattern you describe is typical of HAARP. I’ve lived in the Caribbean, so I know that’s not normal.

My guess is that most of these arrays are along the coast. I’d love to get over there with our boat to ring the entire island with orgonite but that doesn’t look do-able for now.

At any rate, I’m confident that you’ll do what needs to be done in a timely way and that others will assist you.


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