Coal ash and chemtrails

Need help to verify this: It’s been mentioned on the internet that coal ash is the main ingredient of chemtrails. I will add that the coal is being pretreated in a metals extraction process and that electricity is a secondary profit. Most salt production goes to other plants and is separated into sodium and chlorides. It possible these salt products are being used for metals extraction and whole sloppy mess is being sprayed as chemtrails.



I heard about this also. There is a video online that I haven’t watched yet but Dane Wigington of has. I asked him about it by email. Here is his response.

There may be something to the coal fly ash, to some degree. It may be a base material for a percentage of the spraying operations. Other statements in the video are not supported by available data. The video states that the spraying did not commence until the 90s, this is not accurate based on considerable historic data and documents. It states that Jim Phelps was the father of geoengineering, data does not support this statement either as the climate engineering programs go back much further than the career of Mr. Phelps (whom I have personally communicated with by phone and email).

I published two conversations with titled “Dialog With A Geoengineering Insider” parts 1 and 2 ( though I am not officially stating theses particular conversations was with Mr. Phelps). The video states that 10 to 100 micron particles found in coal fly ash are part of what is seen with the spraying, countless lab tests prove that is not correct. I personally paid for a specialized lab to test a rain sample that had already been tested for aluminum (with high concentrations present) to try and determine the particle size. The test was accurate to .05 microns and still no actual particles of aluminum could be found.

This indicates that in fact nano particulars of aluminum are being used (as geoengineering patents state). Such materials are specialized, not a component of coal fly ash. Another point to consider, aluminum futures contracts went up astoundingly immediately after the Copenhagen Climate conference and again skyrocketed in the days after the Cancun climate conference, someone was buying refined aluminum.

In addition, there are powerful chemical ice nucleating agents being used constantly (certainly not coal ash in these cases either) Again, particles from 10 to 100 microns are very large particles in comparison to what we know the climate engineering fallout to be. All this being said, there may indeed be truth to the coal fly ash theory and I believe it should be investigated further, but it would only be a part of the equation if indeed it is being used. We should all continue investigating, we should reach our conclusions with due deliberation, not emotional reaction.

As far as I can tell, nearly everything said about chemtrails on the web has been disinformation since the late 1990s. A feature of disinfo is that the sources are never reputable but are often charismatic and heavily promoted in the way that disinfo has always been promoted. For all the noise about weather engineering on the web and even in teh media, now, there’s no real evidence that it’s happening, any more. It certainly was happening before cloudbusters and gifters proliferated, though. In those days, the greenboots (environmental fascists) were pretty confident that they would successfully bully the world into submission with their global warming scam.

There’s plenty of evidence, though, that chemtrails are not causing any discernible problems except perhaps as props for induced paranoia. We’ve been so successful that these fascists are muttering about ‘global cooling,’ now.

Most of the people on this forum have intelligently distributed enough orgonite to witness positive transformations in the atmosphere, weather, water and climate where they live.

It’s axiomatic, though, that disinformation has more energy and stamina than truth does in the short term. I always hope that EW contributors will avoid promoting disinformation here but I don’t censure posts unless they’re personally slanderous.

Many of our readers are still a little tender in terms of standing firm against the poisonous influence of disinformation, which is certainly overwhelming on the internet right now. So I encourage EW contributors to keep that in mind and monitor their own contributions in light of that.



Agreed Don, my spidey senses feel there’s more to this whole coal issue in southern Saskatchewan and with there latest carbon capture project my brain goes into overdrive. The whole area has this coal and kaoline clay geology and the history of the area makes no sense. There are miles of what appears to be stone walls that simply have there mortar missing. One would think after a few thousand years your wife would say, “hey honey, why don’t you take that white sticky mud and pile all those rocks into a wall so the bison don’t scare the kids”. and while your at it make something to burn all this coal that’s just lying around".

here is a legend of stone manipulation from the great plains:…caves/

The relationship of static charge, the white fluffy stuff that comes from cloaked UFO’s and the chemtrails and the missing stone and mortar structures from the great plains is slowly getting exposed. Our history is so full of holes and false info. Calcified Kaoline clay and the manipulation of stone is a mystery.

Here’s my two cents’ worth on all this…

I’ve heard many such rumors floating around on the internet, and yes, most of that sort of stuff is misinformation. There are many such things of a similar ilk–like the “invisible chemtrail” material, which is complete and utter hogwash. Once the sources of electromagnetic pollution and DOR have been neutralized, the trails will not stick in that area. Sharon and I have gone through painstaking efforts to display this process on our blog, to the Nth degree. I’ve got more people from all kinds of places asking us about gifting, so the scales are obviously tipping in our favor!

Nothing Dane Wigington says should be trusted, and I know this by way of personal experience. He is what is known as “controlled opposition.” Sharon and I met Dane about two years ago, when he came to Los Angeles to speak at the Conscious Life Expo (kind of a misnomer). We remained in email contact with him, but once we found out about orgone energy and mentioned it to him…POOF! The emails suddenly stopped. Then back in August, we went up to a conference of his in Redding (Northern Cali) and attempted to promote a distribution of orgone energy awareness flyers at this event. (specifically, as a solution to the chemtrail problem). We were contacted by Dane personally, who proceeded to first beg us not to do this event, then threatened us with forced removal by way of police action, then went back to begging again! Strange, right? If the man is so hellbent on ending geoengineering, why the staunch opposition? Certainly he would have come across the topic in his 14 years of “research.” Anyhow, we went to the event anyway, and discreetly handed out flyers to the audience as they were exiting the assembly hall during intermission. We managed to hand out between 100 and 200 of these, before the organizers caught on, and verbally threatened us and demanded that we leave! Such ardent opposition to such empowering information can only mean one thing, and it ain’t pretty…

To further clear the air (no pun intended), there is ample evidence of weather modification going on, in many different areas, but it is being systematically undone through the distribution of orgone devices worldwide. There’s certainly a lot of fear going on in the chemtrail camp (Dane being a principal instigator of said fear), but there is also truth to the initial harm of the toxic spray, if it is in areas of heavy DOR without enough orgone devices to offset it. This is how Sharon and I got into this issue and, ultimately, to the beautiful solution! We were experiencing many problems related to the spraying, and only after we started our large scale giftings in mid 2014, did we notice an end to those problems. Don Bradley’s initial work in the city 12-15 years ago was an excellent first step, but a bevy of new DOR sources have been added since that time, obviously. I guess you could say that LA just needed that extra boost.

Lastly, I am excited to announce that we obtained a (free!) 6-foot 6-pipe buster from our friend at the end of September! We have been working hard to end the engineered California drought for over a year now, and we now have another potent weapon in the arsenal. The state has already gotten drenched with ample rain (and snow in the mountains), and there’s plenty more on the way. So much so that the media has glommed onto their latest word fetish, “El Nino,” which is a term that can always be substituted with the truthful reason, orgonite! Jeff would have a field day with this one…

Thanks for reading! Keep gifting!!


Hi Gabe,

Would you please add a link to your blog?


Tim is the blog. We’re pretty busy cranking out pieces these days, but we try to keep it current. The website has more of the orgone transmutation photos I was referencing. Plus, the tumblr format is not very user-friendly, so we usually focus on the website for that reason. It is You can also email us there, if you’re craving more specific info. And on a side note, it would also give me a chance to ask you why I’m always hooking my drives and my fairway woods. Those long par 4s are killing me! Embarassed

Thanks for inquiring, and keep gifting!


Gabe, congrats for being overtly excluded from the disinformants’ ‘circle of trust.’ Wink That’s a wonderful, if unwitting, personal endorsement by the parasitic order.

Harold (during his visit, last week) told us about your and Sharon’s success at a more informative conference recently, which you had posted about. He said that after one of the panel members mentioned that orgonite improved his marriage’s sex life Sharon sold all the orgonite that she’d brought to the event.

I had no idea there are ancient stone walls in your part of Canada, Brent! there are similar constructs across Southern Africa that were first publicized by a bush pilot who was seeing them from the air. I assume that in both cases the structures were built long before the current indigenous people had arrived.

Brent had sent Carol and I some kaolin after telling us about its relationship to the lightning that often happens over kaolin deposits when there are no rainclouds present. It’s in a heavy box in our shop but we haven’t yet figured out how to use it.

The kaolin I sent Don was a factory Whitemud Resources Inc. sample of calcified kaolin clay known as metakaoline or china clay and is now a rare sample of what was produced there while using coal as the heat source. Shortly after I sent that sample and posted about the static discharge issues of it, Whitemud Resources Inc. became the #1 naked short sold, paper tapped stock on the TSX till it was delisted the plant was shut down and mothballed.

Next spring some locals said they will take me out and show me evidence of more stone manipulation that is only known to the some of the locals. Stay tuned, much more to come on this topic.