Collecting Satellite Evidence of Orgonite Distribution

Mr. Croft:

I can not tell you how boggled I am lately after reading so much of your
work on “”. Having read an explanation of Maxwells
expanded formulae and some of the implications vis future life on the
planet, I am keen to try many of the designs of yours and others and am
presently accumulating the materials to begin.
The above, however, is not the main reason for my email. I am curious to
learn of any locations, approx., which you may know of and are free to
share, in order to , perhaps, answer what is a curious puzzle to me:
I am in the habit of being on top of the wx. as my work is all outside. I
use a source of wx maps (
provides a map of can/us which is a combination of infra-red (vis. cloud)
and radar (rain/precip.). It is updated every hour and available for time
frames from 1 to 12 hours.
What puzzles me after meditating on the amazing dance of highs and lows of
all the variables is the persistance of small localized rain events in the
face of large quikly moving or even violent storms.
I have noticed this phenom. on a scale from meer miles to hundreds of miles
and while the large majority are characterized by their persistance, and
their generally localized shape, some of the larger ones are an incredibly
near-perfect circle.
Reading these energy pages of late gives me pause to wonder if these
staionary ‘storms’ are connected to folks who are using cb’s or similar
devices. As far as the larger anomolies cause, I can only suggest reading
the legislation to institute a dept. of weather control in 2004 in usa as a
good start.
I have saved a number of the loops, of about 1.5meg, which capture the
evolution a number of the phenom. I am attaching a single gif of 90k
approx, captured 15/08 2004 for your consideration.
As a closing question may I ask if you have any opinion as to the value of
‘layering’ the various inorganics in a hhg etc? And may I thank you for the
wealth of info you have provided me and many already.
With thanks

Gordon Riese

Thanks a lot for providing some tech data on the effects of cloudbusters as seen in sat imagery, Gordon! Most of the folks who do this work are so busy getting local, visual/sensory confirmations that we haven’t felt a need to verify it much in this imagery but many have noted teh circular effect.

When you have a cloudbuster, if someone close doesn’t have one, you’ll also experience the curious effect of calming storms and strong winds with it. It’s better if you leave it fairly mobile because the stronger HAARP winds have to be subdued by pointing the CB directly into them. Putting a Succor Punch in the middle of the pipe configuration really boosts the effect, by the way, which is one reason we advise against adding a seventh pipe in the center. You can also energize water by putting it in between the pipes.

Generally, the circular pattern you mentioned indicates an isolated CB. When we get busy disabling the death towers and HAARP arrays where we live the field becomes quite amorphous and the advantage of doing the towers is that this mainly clears the lower atmosphere and affects the behavior of the community in a positive way–these confirmations are more dramatic and profound than merely poking a big blue hole overhead in the HAARP and chemtrail muck, which is what a new cloudbuster does for awhile in a ‘virgin’ area.

Also, disabling the towers ensures that the sky will remain bluer and chemtrails will disappear faster. This has become the main concern of people in this network, many of whom don’t even have cloudbusters but have disabled hundreds of these deadly-energy transmitters in their areas. The main benefit of a cloudbuster, in that case, is that it mollifies storms.

WEather warfare has been waged by the occult/corporate world order against all of humanity on a large scale since the mid seventies, of course. They simply increased and localized the effort in 2001, probably in desperation because their schedule of genocide was already a decade behind.

Some like to layer the gem components of orgonite but in our experience the only practical application of adding these componebnts is for the interactive devices. A cloudbuster is only interactivce when you’re holding it or are consciously working with it, of course.

There’s a whole lot of silliness and cynical disinformation out ther about adding stuff to cloudbusters, unfortunately, and a lot of this lessens the effectiveness of the simple device. I’m putting the basic instructions on pretty soon. These are the instructions I use to make my own cloudbusters that are left in the garden or given to others.

We have a smaller, interactive cloudbuster for our boat and, so far, we haven’t been rained on during our water-gifting sorties, some of which are pretty extended (90 miles is our personal best, so far [Image Can Not Be Found]). There’s nothing quite like plowing a blue furrow through HAARP sky muck and dark, DOR-laden rainclouds.

The reason so many people are doing this work is that it’s empowering, simply stated. At some point it will be useful to get more and more objective proof of the beneficial effects of this grassroot network’s efforts, of course, and I hope you’ll persevere and will add considerably with your own gifting and cloudbusting efforts! The value of the recorded effects in satellite imagery will become especially valuable after the integrity of this expanding network begins to be assaulted in the media and academia, which might have already started happening.

There are many, many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters throughout the world now and most folks who make and deploy them never contact us. Anyone who’s travelled a lot over the past ten years can certainly see the distinctive signature in the sky and lower atmosphere of orgonite deployment. There are some energy devices out there which have a more temporary effect but the shortfall of that approach is that almost nobody has the perseverence to spend time every day with these devices. Orgonite works perpetually and without our involvement.

Keep in touch, okay?