Comet McNaught……70109.html is the site with the photo and brief explanaiton that this is the brightest comet in several decades.

Axel mentioned this toward the end of yesterday’s chatblast session and I take his hunches seriously. The confirmation that this was worth looking into was that Carol and I were hacked off of the internet when we began discussing it and we were unable to re-establish an easy connection.

What came to mind, for us, was our discussion with Al Bielek, six years ago, when he mentioned that all of the comets that we’ve seen since and including Hale-Bopp in 97 or so, have been artificial satellites, directed to strike our planet but that the planetary defense shield and weaponry, backengineered from what Duncan Cameron apparently found underground on Mars in the early 80s in the ‘Montauk chair’ has been effective at diverting or destroying all incoming comets and asteroids.

Bielek won’t make any claims that he can’t back up with personal observation and of course there’s no public record of what transpires at Montauk or other underground bases. So, Carol and I extrapolate for our ‘battlefield intel’ during our personal sessions and when contributing to the group efforts on Sundays.

We spent several hours with Al, that day in a IHOP on the outskirts of Tampa, and I had a lot of questions for him, as you might imagine. Usually, when you get with someone who has vast experience and insight that person simply lectures but his intention was clearly to answer our questions and to demonstrate who he is. He loved our orgonite gift and zapper. D Bradley was vehement in his claims that Al Bielek is a faker and when I pressed him to give me some evidence for his opinion all he could tell me was that Al Bielek was Jack Parson’s room-mate for a time, apparently in the late 1940s. I didn’t know anything about Jack Parsons until I read a very glitzy, slightly biographical disinfo piece about him which someone sent to me in email a few months ago. It was a fun read, by the way, but was obviously a puff piece for Aleister Crowley who adored Parsons in their early association, then hated him later on and might have contributed to what led to Parson’s murder, if he was indeed murdered. Crowley stepped or was pushed into the void several years before Parson disappeared, of course.

What I’m going to say is pretty subjective but, as I mentioned, Carol and I have based a lot of our approaches on the material and gotten good confirmations.

There are other forces at work, apparently, to erase incoming threats to our planet. Bradley once showed me a sequence of telescope photos that showed a solar flare reaching out to destroy an object the size of Jupiter which had rounded the sun and was headed in our direction. The shape of the flare was clearly in the form of the Egyption ‘eye of Ra’ hieroglyph, by the way, and he was pretty excited about it (Bradley was, not Ra). That was four years ago and you probably know that several big objects, headed toward us in space, have been announced even on the What To Think Network since Hale Bopp and before.

In 97 I was listening to Art Bell’s show during the Hale-Bopp event and a remote viewer named McMoneagle had claimed that the object that was seen intermittently behind Hale-Bopp was a huge spaceship, engaged in keeping the planet-sized comet on course toward earth. McMoneagle has a good track record and broke free of the military remote viewing program. I was kind of flabbergasted when Bell and his other guest, ‘Major Ed Dames’ savagely assaulted McMoneagle’s character and humiliated him into silence, as Bell had done to a Hopi elder and several other substantive guests during his career.

David John Oates was another victim of Bell’s machinations, around that time, after Oates shared recordings of Queen Elizabeth II’s backward speech that clearly indicated that she was very pleased that Diana was dead. The forward speech was QEII’s expression of ‘deep sorrow over the loss of Diana’. Oats also played some of Bill Clinton’s backward-speech horrors in those days, apparently breaking his agreement with Bell not to ever share those items.

Al told us that Bell hands a list of ‘forbidden subjects’ to each of his substantive guests and if the guest breaks the agreement not to discuss those subjects on the air, he or she is blackballed. Apprently Bell and Rense, among others, share the lists and Al was blackballed in the early 90s.

That’s probably why substantive guests, like Danion Brinkley, won’t talk about a lot of important things. Danion manages to work around it, though, and his main message is apparently not a threat to the CIA’s agenda, though he works as a psychic, or has done so, for a partiotic admiral in the Pentagon. He told us about that in a lecture in Spokane in August, 2001. I’d be surprised if that admiral is not either dead or fired/silenced by now.

Ted Gunderson is another previous guest who got blackballed early on and Carol and I have helped him out of the CIA noose a few times over the years, including once last April. Gunderson got in hot water a few years ago, entangled in a disinfo web and pursued by Monarch freaks in court and that was a few years after Art Bell and crew tried to take him and John Oates down in court. Oates suffered a horrible family tragedy during those days, at the hands of CIA predators, which is why he disappeared from public view. Bradley asked me not to share the details publicly, out of respect for his friend. He, Oates and Gunderson were on the lecture circuit together in the mid to late 90s, before Bradley got shot.

To be clear, when Gunderson started promoting what looks to Carol and I like mild disinfo from the CIA’s sleazy disinformant, Riconosciutto, I refused to keep promoting the material after I posted it (once, on a previous board, out of respect for Ted). Carol took a hard look at that and told me that Ted Gunderson had been extorted–the CIA threatened to kill his daughter if he didn’t publish the material, which merely suggests that Arabs were marginally involved with the demolition of the World Trade Center. The only Arabs who were involved are CIA employees, of course, and America’s a melting pot, after all, so anyone, from anywhere, can be a paid predator for the CIA. Can you see that it’s pretty weak dininfo? It’s obvious enough that the US Government committed that act as a way of bullying the PJ folks into embracing more Hitleresque tyranny.

The world odor wanted Ted to sell out, we believe, because his thorough, well documented research, in the late 1980s, into the institutional pedophelia of the US Government through various daycare centers is still a huge threat to the government, itself, and soon led to former CIA director Colby’s disclosure of a whole lot more usable information, closely followed by his assassination (murder is the only form of confirmation available to CIA whistleblowers, of course). All of that stuff is still on record, of course, so when the PJ folks finally get wind of how thoroughly the US government has committed treason in other ways, that material will help seal the criminals’ fate, I think.

I think it’s okay to say that Bradley’s father-in-law retired from a high position in the Los Angeles Police Department, which is to say that he worked for the CIA. In Korea in the early 1950s, during the ‘UN forces’ fast retreat (rout) toward the south, this fellow was a US Navy UDT operative (UDT became Navy Seals, later) and was laying mines in a river to prevent the Chinese from crossing over and wiping out the (mostly) Americans. The UDT guys watched US Air Force transport planes drop supplies to the Chinese troops every day during that time.

That man, according to DB, seemed genuinely sorry that the CIA sniper shot him and even gave him a Glock pistol and a bullet proof vest, afterward. To me, this sort of schizophrenia typifies the Depression Baby generation.

Bradley never specifically told me not to share this info but I doubt he’s comfortable with me doing so. The reason I am is because the world odor wants very much to erase DB from public awareness and stuff like this sort of burns its place in our memory.

To be continued….

See the UFO in the film too ?

We could ask the psychics to check out the UFO, Eric.

The upshot of my posting this has been that I’m not a bit worried that heavenly objects will hit our planet. I’m curious about why Draconians, apparently, are directing most of these while also serving as the ‘devils’ who are the objects of adoration of most of the earthly luciferic cults, including Vryal and masonry, thorughout history and around the globe.

Al told us that at Montauk, during the decades that he worked there after returning from the future to 1943, there were a lot of reptilians overseeing the human activity but in each project a draconian was the boss. I assume that the project to recover ancient planetary defense tech from Mars was also directed by a drac.

From what our psychics have gathered, it’s pretty clear that the VRyal, who are the top Illuminati organization, are directed by draconians. I’ve assumed that Montauk has always been a Vryal outpost and one of the confirmations is that Al Bielek claims that his ‘first’ father was a US Navy chief petty officer in World War I, born in Germany, who was curiously wealthy and hobnobbed with Illminists in New York, Europe and Washington, DC. He also apparently had several families, here and abroad. The dad seems to fit the Vryal profile to me, though Al never mentions Vryal.

I’m attempting, in my clumsy way, to keep DB in some public awareness because that man has the capability of exposing more of the world odor’s soft underbelly than anyone else I’ve ever known or heard about. As soon as he perceives that the world odor can’t extort him over the welfare of his children, who were taken from him, I’m pretty sure he’ll spill his guts and publish something substantial.

The concerted efforts by Los Angeles saboteurs on a discredited board to erase DB from other gifters’ awareness failed last year, thank God, but I had to do a little legwork to counter those poisonous effects.

What I’m hoping everyone will recognize is that we need to keep this grassroot network divorced from personalities and a big part of that is to ensure that people who do good work will get the credit they deserve but will not be seen as cult figures. Thankfully, there are enough heroes among us by now that this is no longer much of a threat.

Due to his extensive training and even his breeding, DB has habitually gained a following among gifters who are prone to aggressively but irrationally parrot the sayings and ideologies of charismatic individuals. Anytime he expressed dismay at this response to his offerings, I suggested that he needs to learn how to be a regular guy and to stop habitually posing as a guru <img border=“0” alt=“Cool” src=“tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/images/smiley-cool.gif” />. His plight kind of reminds me of that film about a child TV star who grows up and has a hard time fitting into ordinary society after having lost his star status. Fortunately, the presence, at least on EW, of several people who post about their extraordinary gifting and predator-blasting exploits have mostly removed the threat of this movement degenerating to cult status.

During the last year or so of his previous blogsites he did a lot of doomsaying and this probably damaged his credibility, since all of the dates he mentioned came and went without any perceivable catastrophes taking place. I think most of us assumed that the doomsaying was more or less a death wish tied to the loss of his children, whom he knows live in a small, CIA/reptilian community in LA. I can tell you that visiting that little town is like stepping onto the set of a bad-future science fiction movie.

When anyone spends time with the guy it’s mostly pure pleasure and entertainment and he’s funny as hell, most days. This, too, is something that a lot of us miss during his absence.


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