Common Purpose Presentation By Brian Gerrish … 8552&hl=en

very educational, without fearmongering, plenty of insights.

Mr. Gerrish touches on how to use grassroots media to expose parasites and wake-up folks.

He says towards the end, “Don’t get dragged down into the mire (of fear and hopelessness) because at the moment the establishment is beginning to get frightened…”


P.S. Also highlighted some potential gifting spots… anyone done/doing these areas?

The Government Office for the South East
Bridge House
1 Walnut Tree Close

SEEDA Headquarters
Cross Lanes
England UK

Third Floor
Magdalen House
136 Tooley Street
London SE1 2TU

I watched the Brian Gerrish video presentation on Common Purpose.

You Brits now have more places to gift Orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found] ! Common Purpose is dangerous to all of us and especially to anyone who is involved with it.

They even admit to using behavior techniques in their training. They don’t call it mind control, but with euphemisms
aside, it’s still mind control. It’s my opinion that this organization is dangerous to the health of the UK and the EU, since their web of influence is expanding into the EU.

If I was over there I would be gifting every location that is involved with Common Purpose.

I really want to see a lot of Orgonite thrown at these people. Sinister doesn’t even come close to describe what they are up too.

Thank you so much for posting this thread and exposing the goals and aims of Common Purpose to the ethericwarriors.

I’m shocked, the $%# birds have taken their grab for power/influence and Control to the next level by running Common Purpose. I highly recommend watching this awesome video on exposing the nefarious plot of Common Purpose.

Please share this video and distribute widely. Common Purpose is lucky I’m not over there, that’s for sure [Image Can Not Be Found]; Eric


[Image Can Not Be Found]

Julia Middleton is the Founder and Chief Executive of Common Purpose. She is a passionate campaigner for more – and more diverse – leaders who are active in civil society.
Can you say MI6 ? [Image Can Not Be Found];

Commonpurpose PR website to deflect the truthseekers, [Link/url:1tnpg352

Commonpurpose main website, [Link/url:1tnpg352

Here is just one Brit’s observation on Julia Middleton and Common Purpose.

I have definitively discovered who is to blame for the ‘Killing of Britain’ it is one Julia Middleton, her old man, Rupert and all those Hackney and Islington luvvies who together form the quasi secret organisation known as “Common Purpose” (who are funded by the government and local authorities) No of course it is not the Communist Party (CP). It is true that their creation coincides nicely with the collapse of the Soviet Union and communism as a political force in Britain but we should not read anything into this (duh!). It is also entirely incidental that Julia was editor of ‘Marxism Today’ but that does not make her a Marxist. – She could of course be a Trotskyist intervening as a Marxist! That would be OK – would’nt it?
On a more serious note there are many in positions of authority and influence who have passed through this camouflaged version of the communist party and more than a few of them dont even realise what they have signed up to and are participating in. You will find Communist Party – whoops sorry I mean Common Purpose involved at many levels of authority and leadership, including MPs, Councillors, Judiciary, Police, etc.
We live in a democracy and I believe that the Communist Party should organise, but not in this underhand and treacherous way with tax payers money being given openly by Labour Party Ministers who are supporters and co-collaborators with this secret political organisation.

This type of underhand undemocratic behaviour by some of our elected officials is indicative of the type of activity which if left unchallenged could assist in the assassination of Britain.

Heheh, in typical Orwellian Doublespeak, when agency types talk about ‘common purpose’ they’re referring to the purpose that’s ‘common’ to all predators and parasites, of course: to prey on sleeping humanity. Or they could say, ‘The corporate family that preys together, stays together.’


I thought it was Newspeak for Communist party.

‘Communism’ is just a term of convenience, evidently. The same families are running Russia in it’s ‘capitalist’ period as were running it before.

Centralization of power is the name of the world order’s game, not ideology or politics. Communism was conceived by Marx when he was employed by Lord Huxley, then was turned into a governmetn format by the London School of Economics in the following century, right before Lenin was sponsored by the European Illuminists to depose the Czar’s regime.

Huxley also employed Darwin, by the way. American universities are still preaching Darwinism in the face of all that damning DNA evidence against it [Image Can Not Be Found] and I reckon the CIA also runs the ‘creationist’ alleged scientists to make it look like one has to be a complete fool and bornagain chump to believe in God.


Not to blow smoke up yer backside or be sychophantismatic, but your
insight, knowlede, communication skills and humanity never cease to
amaze me.

William Cooper opened my eyes.

Don and Carol Croft tore down the veils so I could then SEE.

I feel very blessed to have Don and Carol as mentor’s.
And that’s the understatement of the year. Were it not
for them, I would have given-up by now, due to all the
psychic attacks, surveilance, etc. but they make me
see the light at the end of the tunnel and they build-up
my self-worth with sincere encouragement. I can always
count on them to Boost me when I am at a weak point,
helping me get my own defenses back in gear.

Some coaches.


To stay on subject;

Has there ever been a ruling party/
Government, that was truely fair, not rigged so that an elite few
can enslave the many? Has it always been this way? Have dipshit
aliens been controlling humanity like, forever?

We gotta get rid of those aliens so that humankind can evolve without
negative, outside control. Finally.

How about a planet-encompassing POR Shield, that’s impenetrable by them?

If you can picture it, you can have it.


Lovely image Andy!

Do you reckon that when there are enough individuals who are liberated, free-thinking, derepressed, orgonized, that we will automatically create enough POR?

Is orgonite a bridge?


I definitely think it is.

The tipping-point can’t come soon enough.

"How about a planet-encompassing POR Shield, that’s impenetrable by them? "

Be interesting to see what happens when Kelly has the whole globe covered with chi/POR, with the earth chi cycle back to what it was.

To get back to the theme of the thread, here is a video that will complement Brian Gerrish: [John Harris/url:3bk9vq3h ( This is extremely useful, if not vital information for anyone in almost the whole world, particularly in the English-speaking countries. Among many other things, this shows clearly that if we regard ourselves as persons - which are a legal fiction and literally do not [u:3bk9vq3h]exist[/u:3bk9vq3h] – rather than as living, breathing men or women, we are effectively and voluntarily making ourselves an employee of The Corporation who are then forced to obey the rules of that corporation.

There is much, much more behind this than meets the eye, if you’re interested you will be motivated to look deeper. Personally, I regard this as a complement to gifting [Image Can Not Be Found];

Thyme Sup®, parasites!


Good call, Paddy. In fact, rising awareness threatens corporate parasites more than an orgone shield might. Corporations are ‘persons,’ so the myth works against them as much as against individuals, in a way [Image Can Not Be Found]

The profusion of life force that’s accelerating is largely due to the corporate world order’s millions of death towers. If they were genuinely intelligent, they’d just turn these things off after we gift them but they rather usually turn them way up, which causes a net increase in healthy orgone (life force) compared to if these towers/weapons had never been built at all.

Massive scale fascist/corporate mind control, like Hitler’s, Alice Bailey’s, Mussolini’s, Roosevelt’s, Stalin’s, Churchill’s, and Mao’s, is no longer sustainable. Notice that it only lasted a few decades, probably culminating in the hippie phenomenon of the late 60s.

By now, humanity is just too curious and non-paranoid to swallow the blue pill any more. I think the world order know that, but just like with their millions of death towers, they’re mandated to keep on trying to bludgeon us all into submission. Thyme Sup®, indeed [Image Can Not Be Found]

It’s still absolutely essential to expose their corporate molestation attempts, like this one.


Common Purpose is…

  • a Masonic-like society for careerists
  • a recruitment organisation
  • a means of subversion
  • obsessed with social control
  • corrupt, secretive, deceitful, fraudulent and treacherous
  • fraudulently masquerading as a ‘charity’
  • a criminal abuser of public funds
  • controlled by hidden hands
  • working to a fraudulent agenda
  • hiding its true origins
  • blurring the edges between the public and private sectors
  • destroying the identity of Britain
  • working as a change agent in the Third Sector
  • carrying out the true and hidden agenda of Fabian New Labour
  • the UK branch of the New World Order

This is Taro from True Stories Vlog. I hope you are doing well. I’m
passing around a video that i’ve recently found to be of great
importance. There is a sinister organization which operates under the
name ‘Common Purpose’ that is attacking society in both Europe and
America. Ex-British naval officer and submarine warfare expert Brian
Gerrish claims that its aim is to control society through Soviet-style
psychopolitical means: … 7&hl=en-GB … 4&hl=en-CA … 6284428844

Please feel free to view or post one of his lectures about the issue.

Taro /True Stories Vlog

A Letter To All ‘Common Purpose Employees’

by Justin Walker
My friends,

You are, I’m sure, already aware that your charity is controversial to a growing number of people. Now, it may be that you are not bothered by this and that you have been reassured by internal memos sent out by Julia Middleton and her central team, but I feel I must warn you that the Charity’s inability to defend itself publicly when asked to do so by a TV channel, who very recently allowed air time to Brian Gerrish, one of your main detractors, is strange to say the least and not what you would expect from a respectable charity. Please watch this and see for yourself the severe allegations being made against the organisation you work for.

As you will see from the emails below, I have attempted to persuade the Charity to accept their ‘Right of Reply’ made by the presenter of the programme. To date, I have had no reply. If Common Purpose has absolutely nothing to hide, then it should readily and enthusiastically accept this offer to restore the Charity’s good name. It would be even better if Julia Middleton had the courage to debate live with Brian Gerrish and so sort out these allegations properly.

There are now millions of people in this country who know that the planned Orwellian European Union Superstate, after the full ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, is just a matter of time……a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’. However, there are now hundreds of thousands of ordinary decent people who know that ‘Fifth Columnists’ are actively weakening the UK internally and who are preparing, behind the scenes, new government structures, putting in place ‘new leaders’ or Quislings for when this dreadful time happens. Well, I have to tell you, the good people of this country are organising and Common Purpose, unless it publicly clears its name, will be brought to justice and account under Common Law. Do not be surprised if you see citizen arrests of Common Purpose employees and graduates as we seek to flush out and expose the treason and criminal activities being done against our country.

Please, I urge you most earnestly, if you have absolutely nothing to hide, will you please take up this offer by Edge Media TV to clear yourselves of the accusations being made against you. Failure to do so will mean we reserve our Common Law right to do the decent, lawful and honest thing to save our country.

With all best wishes and sincerity,

Justin Walker

Co-founder, The Whole Truth Coalition:

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