Computer data centers

Hi all,

Perhaps obvious, but I’ve come to realize the importance of hitting anything IT related, think datacenters, internet cables. Spraying is quite heavy at the moment over here in Europe, it coincides with that wonderfull spring feeling ‘in the air’.

In fall, too, more often than not, they try to spray away all the nice vibes. Apparently there is a great need to, or it wouldn’t be happenig… I’ve noted that during these periods, there are often software/computer/pay terminal failures happening. Seems like a POR-laden atmosphere hampers the functioning of anything IT. Which is good news, and hopefully happening more and more now that we are on the brink of a cashless microchip society. Imagine in the near future when they will try to make their final push large swathes of computer systems malfunctioning! :)

So please, be sure to pay extra attention to datacenters, sometimes linked to heavy antenna artillery. I have become a big fan of adding a (small) copper tube with m gifts at important targets and these certainly qualify.

For ex., here in The Netherlands, train tickets have been replaced with a chipcard that gives or denies you acces to the station. I plan to add copper tubes to (otherwise gifted) railway stations, which should heighten the occurance of malfunctioning of e-chipbased train tickets. Am I a terrorist now? :)

Take care


Nice illustration: one of the major phone/internet providers is down this afternoon.