Confrontation at Underground Base Gate N. of Mt Rainier

J. is a credible fellow who has done a powerful lot of gifting in the region around the part of Puget Sound that’s south of Seattle. He went with us five years ago to earthpipe all around Ft Lewis and the Ramtha underground hive adjacent to it. I sent him a note to ask him how he’s doing and here’s his update. Looks like some work ahead for the Etheric Air Force [Image Can Not Be Found] :


My wife and i gifted some lakes surrounding the tacoma base area w in a year after our group effort. Tying up loose ends…I think American lake was the biggie release. It felt like a huge space explosion as soon as it hit the water… i have let some go in the puget sound , but get the feeling ALOT more is requested. [Image Can Not Be Found]

i would jump at the chance for a boat ride around the sound , especially, THAT kind of party !!!

i bought one of those 4 door jeep jk’s in 07. the doors and top pop off in seconds, which gives a driving freedom much akin to motorcycle or snowboard riding…it has takin me in the mountains to gift well. You will love it if you get a chance to ride w the doors off…

I have two friends at work that told me this story from last sunday, Jan 16,2010. Jason is the 25 year old and Walter is about 50. Jason got all hyped up about 2012 and underground bases etcc…… well , Walter said he knew of a place that the guards would come out of no where and tell you to leave. He said something about his dad 40 years ago hauling dirt out of the cascades north of mt rainier 20 miles or so for good money. This must have been before the nuke [tunnel boring machine] ones that dont need the dirt hauled off. there was 3 feet of snow up there last sunday , but Jason made it up there. Jason told me at this point he did not believe Walter, but used the excuse to go up there anyway and do some target shooting regardless…

So these two are in the spot sitting in front of a locked gate per Walter’s directions in 3 feet of snow 20 miles out from Wilkeson,Wa. at 10 oclock at night…
(as a side note I am 99 percent sure i know EXACTLY this spot—just cant believe i missed it all these years! )

So Jason gets out and trys his pistol out . w in 5 minutes here come two toyota trucks w the snow tracks installed front and back. no wheels ,but tank like tracks in their place. they come up into view from behind the no tresspassy gate and park behind it. A guy in a 3 piece suit gets out of truck #1 and walks over to Jason kind of sideways (tactic to present less of a target than w your body straight with consideration to gun fights) remember Bob Marley when his attacker/shooter showed up? Mr Marley was smart enough to instantly move sideways. good survival skill… oops sorry bout the tangent…… [Image Can Not Be Found]

Jason notices that the passenger gets out too, but stands behind the open door. nice black ops outfit! truck #2 parked right behind truck #1 with both guys (nice black ops outfits, boys!) doing the same -standing behind the open doors. Jason thought the glass was bullet proof.

the suit says “resricted area you have to leave”
Jason asks why.
suit says "you don’t ask the questions, you can go up the road farther, or back down "
Walter and Jason left.

I think this area has done well, untill now , of being invisible [Image Can Not Be Found]

So HAHA!!! You and CArol dont get to have ALL the Fun !!!

Plenty to go around — regardless of who , or where you are- pay attention— and act when called upon!!!

thanks for asking about family – we will survive and flourish as long as we are able … May your family be safe and sound Too Sir.

heheh i have not typed this much in years .Thanks Don

gotta go, cya when i see ya!

ps: please, let me know more about droppable earthpipe design / ideas if you can . That was what really jumped out at me when i saw yer email.
Take care Sir

I think I prefer ‘Etheric Air Corps’ because the U.S. Air Force is so despicable.

We found that the trick to getting aerial earthpipes to stick in the ground is to get them to spin really fast and of course to saw the business end of the pipe at a sharp angle. As long as any earthpipe sticks even slightly in the ground it works fine.

Carol and I met a fellow in Moscow, Idaho who told us that his brother was grading a brand new logging road in a very remote part of the Bitteroot Mountains, some years ago, and his bulldozer brought up a tattered, very thick fiberoptic cable. Even though there were no other roads in the region a new pickup truck showed up within a few minutes and he was told by the occupants to leave the area [Image Can Not Be Found]

There’s so much ugly world order crap underground that I’m sure each of us would find it impossible to know all about it and still have our sanity. Fortunately, earthpipes are cheap, easy to make and will neutralize all of that nasty stuff and make the bad people leave. I don’t know why parasites underground seem to be more susceptible to healthy energy than the parasites in the US Capitol Building, the FBI Hindquarters, the White House, the George Bush SR CIA Hindquarters, Ft Meade and the Supreme Court building are.


I’ve written about the following a few times but not lately. Good, basic intel about underground bases.

In our earliest gifting sorties in our present region (Idaho and Washington, mainly) we noticed large areas in which dump truck loads of dirt covered the ground over hundreds of acres, most often in the vicinity of then-new death tower arrays. I suppose it’s on rural ‘public land’ because we didn’t even see cows there. The only legitimate reason for dumping that much dirt is to create a landfill on which to build houses or commercial property, or else to pile dirt up to raise the foundation of a large building, such as a MalWart, above the floodplain. Of course, you don’t see this as often as before because thecorporate Algores have worked so hard to stop all new construction in the US and elsewhere.

The algores evidently don’t mind if the underground alleged civilization experiences an explosion of growth.

We haven’t seen any new dumped dirt fields and, like the aspiring escapees in The Great Escape, the corporate world order seems compelled to figure out clever ways to hide their dirt in plain sight. The towering garbage dumps (two thirds dirt; one third trash) in South Florida are a case in point, as are highway construction projects and large mining operations.

In the 1950s the corporate world order were so complacent about the Pajama People forever remaining aggressively asleep that they just piled up a cubic mile or so of dirt from under that old Air Force base south of Miama. When Carol and I were in the Florida Keys for a month or so in early 2001 there was a persistent thunderhead over that base and the big mound bristled with weather weaponry. This was about six months before the feds took down the World Trade Center with thermite, which was the start of the corporate world order throwing up those millions of new death towers.

We erased that thunderhead from sixty miles away by leaving our first orgonite cloudbuster set up and pointing at it. It had three foot extentions on the pipes to narrow the focus/field and when we left that RV campground one of the Air Force’s little flying saucers buzzed the camper. I figure the Air Force owned it because when it was very, very close I saw halogen lights on the bottom [Image Can Not Be Found]

When we moved back to Florida in 95 Jeff told us that very long trains, made up of cars filled with sand, were moving north several times a day behind his house, which was just north of Palm Beach. Carol and I watched those trains several times over the course of our year-long stay in Florida and most of them evidently originated from Titan Industries, which we assume was the outlet for a hugely vast underground base construction job, perhaps under the Everglades National Park. We all got the feeling that the Everglades hosts a big, probably very ancient underground base and we felt that draconians are running all that–perhaps have been for hundreds of millenia.

When Jeff and I gifted the Gulf waters along the west and south edges of the Everglades we were treated to the most aggressive, violent storm imaginable, originating from the center of the Everglades and expanding to cover South Florida’s land mass–none of it moved out over the water, according to the local weather radar images on TV. In mid morning the sky was clear except for a single, growing thunderhead out in the middle of the Everglades, about fifty miles from us. Within two or three hours that single cloud grew outward and darkened, then the wind and rain started. We were on the edge, so could see it all. Two dolphin-shaped Sylphs seemed to mark the limit over the Gulf and they tracked us north for a couple of hours. It just felt to us like seething, frustrated draconian fury [Image Can Not Be Found] and ever since then we’ve wanted to get through the Everglades with some appropriate boats (too shallow for our Zodiac) and drop scores of earthpipes. Carol and I have since gotten the Hobie sail/paddle boats, one of which has a little 2HP outboard motor. What fun!

We don’t have to know what they’re doing under there, by the way. I suspect one’s sanity would be ‘at risk’ if one were to know how bad the corporate world order really is. I think we know that genocide has always been their favorite pastime and a million missing children in North America, each year, is just one of many indicators of the corporate world order’s intention. It seems obvious to some that the really nasty offworlders mainly interact with the human element of the corporate world order underground.

The miracle of orgonite continues to astonish anyone who recognizes what it does. Some folks want to credit Carol and I with discovering it because it sounds like a good story but, of course, I learned about it indirectly from Karl Welz and I don’t know how he and others found it before we did. Karl was kind of careful not to tell the ingredients of orgonite or even to name it until after we popularized it. I was just told about a fellow who is presenting our basic orgonite inventions on YouTube as entirely his own, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found] and that’s pretty blatant plagiarism. Most of the orgonite vendors around the world who avoid mentioning us are a little more coy.

I’ve been collecting observations of disinformants/plagiarists. Some folks ask me to give them a list of these so they can avoid them but I won’t do that. I’d rather teach folks how to honor their own sense of smell, instead. Fakers have a distinct aroma but they and their employees have convinced a lot of people that cr@p smells like roses.

It may be that the main characteristic of a disinformant is that he/she is rarely held accountable, publicly. Someone like me is held accountable for everything. That’s not a subtle difference.

A popular faker, who has a long-standing Chicken Little disinformation website, earned a reputation for treating his customers badly and nothing you order from the guy will arrive in less than three months, nor will he answer your emails except when you first order something. He’s been doing this for all the years we’ve known him.

If Carol and I, or any of the others in the vendor list in the right margin of this forum’s homepage, did business that way we’d have to go find a day job because this fellow and his ilk would spread the news that we didn’t care about our customers. We don’t even mention his name because the agency that evidently employs him would send dozens of their noisy, Monarch-programmed tools to public forums to say that he and I have a ‘personality conflict.’ See how it works?

Actually, it’s not working that great for them any more because as the years roll by I hear his name less and less, which shows me that there’s a waking-up trend among people who seek information on the internet and fewer people are getting mired down in disinformation websites.

I think that the only way anyone can get onto the path of real information discovery is to avoid disinformaiton websites for awhile and pay close attention to intuitive promptings. The ‘right books’ literally do ‘fall into your hands’ when we get on this pathway. We meet the right people, too. It’s like how a pot smoker has to put that addictive stuff down and allow his etheric field to mend itself before he/she can start having genuine metaphysical experiences. Smoking pot is like watching a fascinating movie; when one is sober one is IN the movie [Image Can Not Be Found] and you could say something similar about disinformation websites.

Side note: a couple of years later we returned to that decomissioned (sure it is [Image Can Not Be Found] ) air base to bust the weather weaponry. I also spudgunned a few towerbusters into a couple of underground-nuke-generator cooling ponds, since they were too far from thje razor taped fence to toss them by hand. I think we scored big with that because by the time we got to South Miami we were treated to a hurricane-force ‘microburst’ complete with green lightning, that lasted about thirty minutes and stopped traffic on the freeway. Carol saw the image of a furious Homeland Security bureaucrat in a gray uniform. I think they should dress like harlequins by now, due to their accelerating failures to achieve the Algores’ ‘global warming’ goals of desertifying our planet.

When we went back there in 2006 all the weather weaponry was gone from that big mound [Image Can Not Be Found] but when we got in the boat, that day, to gift the adjacent commercial nuke plant on the shore of Biscayne Bay we were greeted by several CIA watercraft in that horrible water close to the nuke. They looked abslutely miserable but were pretending to fish in the dead, disgusting, nukified water [Image Can Not Be Found] and I bet that water is clear, vibrant and full of fish, now.


I forgot to mention that when the fake storm in the surrounding clear sky slammed us in South Miami we were going past the HAARPicane Direction Center (I think the media whores call it the Hurricane Tracking Center). During the green lightning display the big HAARP array at that base was outlined in the green light.

In 96 (three years later) we busted that base with a whole lot of earthpipes and tossed towerbusters. There are several weather balls and the big HAARP array and all of that stuff is well away from the perimeter fence. Jeff had earlier tossed dozens of TBs there but the base and weaponry were still operating. He went with us on the final sortie, on our way back with the boat in tow after having done some more gifting in the Keys (restored the murdered reef, by the way).

By then, ‘Homeland Security’ had officially taken over the US Coast Guard, hence the base. It was a funny confirmation of Carol’s earlier vision to see ‘Department of Homeland Security’ on the sign at the main entrance to the hive.

As you may know, there haven’t been any hurricanes near Florida or the Western Bahamas since Jeff, Carol and I finished that big gifting project, 3.5 years ago, and it wasn’t for lack of the HAARPies trying [Image Can Not Be Found] . The Weather Channel talking heads had been predicting worse and Worse and WORSE hurricanes for Florida & longer storm seasons, before that sweet victory.


Great stuff, Don. I would like to add that I went camping throughout the Everglades for a two week period in December of 2004, and some parts of it had very strong DOR energy, unusually so for a natural setting. So that would confirm the presence of a base there.

Also, my father met a big oil company geologist once who told him that the Everglades had large fossil fuel deposits, and that the real reason for drilling in the Gulf was to try to eventually work up to drilling in the 'glades. The presence of the base there may be further reason why oil companies haven’t been able to do that yet.