Continuation of 'Wiiiillllllmmmmaaaaaaaaa!'

I made a blunder in that thread and I owe Louis Onder an apology for that.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Louis! Reader, here’s what he wrote me and I’ve asked him to comment further in this thread:


I don’t understand this statement from the Wilmaaaaaaaaaaa! Post from
October 20,2005.

‘Louis Onder in Alabama had generously put several big orgonite objects
with pipes sticking out of them along that coast, so it was interesting
to see that these were not stopping or deflecting that HAARP storm, as
Robert Schoen’s CB in New Orleans had apparently done.’

If I remember correctly, Wilma did not do much if anything anywhere in
Alabama and the same goes for Dennis… Katrina and Rita caused some
flooding only in extreme coastal areas specifically Mobile. We did not
gift Mobile yet.

If you look at the Doppler radar every time severe weather is imminent
for North Alabama, you will see how everything goes around us for many
many miles. I have over 12,000 orgonite devices here and have gifted
another 5 to 6000 in several other states.


I made 4 trips to Gulf Shores, 3 of the trips were before hurricane
season started and this area has been very safe ever since. We put many
cloudbusters, some with 1, 2, and 3 pipes in them, spent several
thousand dollars protecting humanity (and will continue to do so) we
knocked hurricane Dennis out of commission in July, plus gifted several
hundred orgonite devices all over the area wading through swamps and
everything else in between. We brought small cloudbusters there so they
could be hidden easily. We drove 350 miles (one way) just to get to Gulf
Shores. All of my efforts have been immensely successful and all have
come from my HEART.

What’s up?