Cool Mapping Software for Orgonite Flingers!

From Marc in Germany:

On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 12:50 PM, Marc Gaedeke <[email protected]> wrote:
A new projects has just started

As i am having more time and computer resources…
than money and resin…

I found access to a Map making programm

So, for anyone interested, i can provide LargeScale HighResolution MapFiles

Any CanvasDimension and Resolution; max 200MB per file

Sources are mostly bing Maps;
plus some odd Topographics

Eventually with overlaid TowerLocations

The first Batch is here

Two Versions around Athol, 25 and 100 miles diagonal
the Preview is only to check if it is interesting

those with 50 and 100dpi are good
as they are big, they might not be previewable

Canvas is ANSI E = 44 by 34 inches

So for any good Gifter… they are invited
i just need to know, which area, and canvas Size

if you do not receive an awaited reply
please use this logged contact form

All the Best,