Coptic Cathar Connections

In Milan there is a Church to St. Celestino, located in Via Senato, which I always saw from outside only as it was never open, one month ago I got off the bus when I saw it open. There was a old black man inside, he is the man that attends the door and opens the church for the functions, he actually has a desk near the door.

When I asked him some info he told me that the church (which was built in 18th century) become a coptic church in the 1980’s.

I sent the photos of the church to Don Croft, and he said that there are Cathar cross inside. The church contains also a painting of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

I went back with a orgonite gift, a HHG cone from Fran in Spain, in order to give it to the old man and to report about the reaction.

The old man is quite of a smiley type with intelligent face, he hold the cone and asked me what is it, I explain what contains and only said that is to make the atmosphere nicer, he accepted it and thanked me.

There was a chatechism class, about 80 Egyptian children, some children were acting out a teching from John Baptist, while the priest were sitting from one side:

3.18 Dont be a friend with the toungue or with the word, be a friend with your actions and with the truth.

In the church there are also images of the Coptic Pope that passed away, and various saints.

When my emotions settled, it was also finished, I went to take a photo of the curtain thas has the peculiar cross made with 6 crosses, I tink its a interesting document.

By chance the priest came from behind the curtain, and hold it so that I could take the photo, a second later a youg girl appeared the same way and she also hold the side of the curtain, voila’.

After the priest went to the old man whom he show the cone, he asked me about it I told him it is used for pollution to fertiliser, and have been gave hime a quick listo of in various country in Africa where it has been used. So he almost obect that then this object needs to be out, I told him to please keep it as it was brought especially for this church.

We shook hands, I left.

I dont know why outside the church there was a white man that looked my way that started holding a pole with both his hands.

I feel there was a shift of frequency, of a certain importance maybe the psychic can boost or look into this.

Also think that triads have noticed, as well as other entities, some be pro some be con, maybe also inside the church some will like it some will not.

(images missing)

Good job as always, Silvio, and thanks for the photos. This may be timely in the sense that Christine in S Sudan, along with our Ethopian compadre, Ibrahim, have been focusing their efforts on gifting the Nile and are keen for the effects of their orgonite to reach Egypt, whose history plays a major role in Western and African civilization.

Here’s what I believe is in the photos: There’s a Cathar cross on the drape over the pulpit and the six crosses that make up the more ‘standard’ cross are also Cathar crosses. Any time the ‘Mary’ figure in church art is dressed in red it’s said that this is Mary Magdalene rather than Jesus’ mother, who always has a blue garment. Apparently, Cathar traditions are alive within the Roman church & perhaps also the Greek and Coptic ones. Mary Magdalene is said to have spent time in Egypt before migrating to France and the Coptic (Egyptian) Church was apparently being established in those early years, I think before the churches in Rome, Ethiopia and India. The Armenians are Coptic Christians, too so that one spread quite far. ‘Copt’ means, ‘Egyptian.’ I don’t honestly know firsthand about these traditions and am going to wait until I get to France and have the confidence of Cathars before I can expect to speak with any confidence about them but Carol and I suspect that there’s a lot of healing potential for our species in the Languedoc. Carlos in Portugal suggested that we learn Occitan as well as French in order to have a better chance to know Cathars. They’re quite secretive for the sake of survival, apparently. Carol met some and talked with them, at least. There’s a revival in the use of the suppressed regional dialects in Europe, now, and I think that’s a healthy development because our ancestral history is very important. Starting in the 1800s, no doubt as part of the current World Order’s agenda to make us all stupid and compliant, regional dialects have been vigorously and systematically suppressed. A worse version of that agenda is seen in the way that the Jesuits attempted to completely destroy American Indian culture and identity.

Silvio might have met a Roman Catholic priest outside of a church he was gifting who may be a Cathar, a few years ago. The man seemed exceptionally open, curious and friendly. Carol told me that an order of nuns in France who occupied the buildings around the grotto and spring associated with Mary Magdalene were disbanded by teh pope and all of the buildings and statues were then destroyed. She doesn’t recall the dates but it was within the past couple of centuries, I think. The cathedral, there, was larger than Chartres. She got some pretty remarkable etheric photos in that grotto on her last visit and she uses the water from the spring in her Mary Magdalene Harmonic Protectors–the ones that have a fleur de lis ornament.

I keep forgetting to remind that our interactions with people when we’re out there, flinging our orgonite, are an essential part of good field reports. It’s been like pulling teeth to get even some of our most prolific and committed gifting cohorts to do more than just post a tally of how many towerbusters got tossed so thanks again, Silvio, for all the great photos and for reporting your more subtle impressions and interactions with people along the way.

Any time we see agency spooks around us, as that fellow outside the church may well have been, it’s a wonderful confirmation that we’re being effective in the field. Although there’s almost no objective evidence that the Triads are our main ill-wishers at the moment they keep showing up as the string pullers when our psychics go target hunting during the chat sessions and I personally think that they had been determined to prevent what’s now happening in China: orgonite has started to spread there at a grassroot level Wink