Could This Be The Reason Why Orgonite Effects People/plants

That’s an evident outcome of the primary effect
Thanks for sharing that, I never thought of that but it makes perfect sense from my understanding.
It’s already often said that in the presence of orgone/orgonite there are more negative ions.
Water is a mix of H2O and H+/OH- ions, when H+ and OH- ions are balanced the pH is neutral (ignoring the minerals in the water…), if there’s an excess of H+ the water is acidic, if there’s an excess of OH- ions the water is alkaline! So thanks for the great proof that orgonite indeed promotes more negative ions!!
Which is obviously good for anything that is alive

Going deeper into what I know from chemistry, we can’t ignore that water usually has many traces amounts of minerals (metals… magnesium, sodium, Calcium etc.) so if its pH is slightly alkaline (ionised) that means that water is ‘more’ electrically conductive too
(from my point of view that means also more orgone conductive…)

So a quick thought is how long does it take to ph level a bathtub?

Is anyone making plates or somesuch to fit exactly under a generic water filter (like the ones that fit in the door)?