'Count Dracula' lends an unwitting hand ;-)

If you keep tabs on the newage movement, you know that ‘Count Ste Germaine’ hasn’t been channeled in over three years, since the I AM stomping grounds around Mt Shasta, including the Pluto Cave ritual murder chamber, were thoroughly gifted.

Most newagers, well known for a lack of critical thinking, assume that character was a saint, since the name he was using in the early 18th century related to the obscure pincipality in France, called Ste Germaine, where he was a count. The original Ste Germaine, for whom that town was named, was a woman, in fact. The town of Ste Gemaine in Quebec is actually better known than the original one is. ‘Saint’ is male, ‘Sainte’ is female and Germaine is a gal’s name in French. Newagers write it as ‘St Germaine,’ of course. That’s like writing, ‘Mr Beauty Queen.’ Sure, some rules are made to be broken but rules of grammar are pretty essential to effective communication and when we break those we look pretty foolish, not that irrationalists, which is what Theosophists used to call themselves, need any help to appear foolish.

This very old, offworld parasite has a lot of flowery names and apparently even had youthful guises in masonry and the Theosophy-based newage movement. When we were gifting around Shasta, three years ago, we encountered so much aggressive surveillance by ‘the faithful’ that we carried exposed pistols on our belts and CArol was seeing the old rat in perhaps his true form, which resembled a squat Sasquatch. Her feeling was, then, that his new inability to show up as a young, tall and lovely, blonde, blue-eyed Europoid was removed by all that orgonite in key vortices for fifty miles around the mountain.

DB had sent us very specific locations for those targets, by the way, including directions and the occult purposes of the spots, most of which were major vortices. he told us that ‘the Count’ materialized in his backseat as he and his companions were leaving Pluto’s Cave, years ago, and specifcially told Bradley that if he ever returned to Shasta he’d be killed. I doubt that threat is still valid and if you want to hunt for the Atlantean artifacts that DB says that they found deep in Pluto’s Cave you’ll probably also find them. We didn’t take the time for that on our two gifting visits to the cave.

I personally believe that the phony count is the one who designed or at least commissioned the two-sided Great Seal of the United STates and influenced the masons among the founding fathers (the majority, of course) to get Congress to adopt it, early on. Calling a phoenix an eagle doesn’t make it so, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found]. That sort of thing might explain the ingrained (two-sided, indeed) schizophrenia of American culture that could allow Thomas Jefferson, an unrepentant owner of slaves, to say with a straight face that ‘all men are created equal,’ and not be publicly challenged. That hothead did shoot a guy on the White House lawn for ‘treason,’ though, which might translate as ‘personal slight,’ under the rule of law. For that matter, ‘potecting our borders’ by abducting, torturing and murdering Iraqi patriots en masse in Cuban and US prisons is not a lot different. This government has even called me a terrorist on account of our healing work. This alleged government would have most of the founding fathers doing the thorazine shuffle or would call them pedophiles on the What To Think Network and throw them in a hole for the duration, of course, if they showed up now.

I jokingly refer to that ugly old Great White Brotherhood alien as ‘Dracula,’ which image might represent the ultimate two-legged parasite. He wasn’t a ‘sainte,’ either.

Melody, my sister-in-law in Northern Idaho, kindly sent us a copy of the channelled ‘I AM America’ map of proposed ‘new regional capital cities,’ which were to have been built after a predicted cataclysm changed the physical features of our continent. They have goofy names, a hodgepodge of Theosophical and ersatz native American terms, but they’re also located on major earthgrid points and when Melody came across this map while helping a friend move her household belongings she asked whether the ‘wheels’ were under those vortices.

Stevo and Dooney in Western Montana had been deprived of their internet connection for the previous week, so in Sunday’s session we spent the first few minutes boosting them so they could get into the session. They got the connection back after the chat was over, apparently and maybe this is why:

The predicted city location for that region is near these folks and is apparently the location of a pretty big, regional concentration camp in the Bitteroot Mountains, near Lolo Pass. Several of us have gifted the pass and I was the first to do it, almost four years ago. When I was gifting that very remote spot, the fedmobiles were literally coming out of the ground and trying to surround me; apparently the occupants were desperate to see where I was tossing the orgonite. Since the Succor Punch in the truck was running they had to do it all by eyeball and, as you probably know from experience, no amount of old-school trade craft helps them in these situations [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol and Jeff saw a big wheel under that vortex, slowly turning in a clockwise direction due to the gifting that had been done nearby. We all boosted Jeff and he removed the constraints, then the wheel reached the proper velocity. Carol was seeing a lot of whales and dolphins helping astrally/physically. ‘Thanks, Count Dracula, for showing us this valuable intel!’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

Stevo (we call him GPS; Great and Powerful Stevo) and Dooney have extensively gifted their region, including some pretty remote, mountaintop death-transmitter and HAARP/weatherball facilities.

Those two nice folks have been hammered harder and longer than anyone except D Bradley and this couple’s main tormentors have been non-humans, including native reptilians in the beginning, then offworld draconians. It may at first have been simply on account of their having chosen to live and work where they are. A few miles to the south is one of the oldest and nastiest bioweapons (underground) labs on the continent, by the way, which released a bio-engineered toxin that caused a lot of deaths in the region in one of those touted ‘field experiments’ that treasonous Congress gave their blessings to. Most of those happened in California and among Southern Blacks until everyone who breathes was finally subjected to the chemtrails. Of course, by then it was no longer experimental.

STevo’s a phenomenally gifted and experienced physician and healer and Dooney is the sole competent, professional trainer in the network for people who want to quickly learn to be confirmed predator-blasters. Both are reputable psychics. Carol and I spent a lot of time with them when we lived in Idaho. If you’re a prolific gifter and you want to get the feds, MI5/6, Mossad, KGB (you bet their still in business, mostly in Ameica as Homeland SEcurity Abominations, perhaps) and/or the Chinese military psi predators mostly off your back, get in touch with her at [email protected]. I suspect that by the time there are too many students for her to handle anothe reputable psychic will show up to share the load. It’s been really tough to find psychics who have personal integrity, genuine courage and a social conscience, unfortunately. Otherwise, there’s no shortage of talented psychics in the world.

If you’re not doing yourself or anyone else much good but are still tormented by these institutional freaks, it probably means they’re trying to prevent you from leaving one or another of their massive-scale, dissociative-programming projects but you can still knock them on their butts with a little real-time instruction from Dooney, then maybe you’ll start gifting and finding your life’s purpose instead of just being a numb thrall…

Doc von Peters will have an opportunity to gift Irkutsk and Lake Baikal in Siberia, near the northern border of Mongolia, pretty soon, also Harbin, China and Vladivostok. Since the ultimately parasitic dark masters who own the World Order are headquartered in that dead zone in the middle of the Gobi in Mongolia, a little orgonite north of there might really take some of their juice away. As our African cohorts are demonstrating, orgonite can be a fulcrum for The Operators’ ‘big lever that can move the world.’ The Doc will need more financial and perhaps donated orgonite to get this done, though, as his own funds are limited, due to the federal War on Healers, of which he’s been a prime target for many years. If you want to help, contact him at [email protected].

It occured to me, yesterday, that we might have to wait a little while to reverse the Sahara and Gobi until after these old half-alien parasites are dethroned and their thralls, including the US Congess and the City of London (the global money/dope cabal’s twin legbreakers), are brought to account in lawful courts. By then, investors will want to support that effort and it will be done quickly, mostly from the air. Can you imagine how many billions of people those regions will comfortably hold once they’ve got water again?

There’s a precedent to all that: the nation-size San Joaquin Valley, which for over a centrury has put friuit, nuts and vegetables on all of North America’s tables, was a desert when Teddy Roosevelt tried to prevent private citizens from buying that land. He was an early fascist environmentalist. Some say he just wanted to be able to personally go to the then-new National Parks and other ‘government (sic) land’ to shoot everything that moved without feeling constrained by land owners. Private, vast hunting preserves had always been a royal prerogative.

It’s true that he was as dumb as a stump, like the current fake president is, but I think you can see that he wasn’t in charge of the government, any more than this one is. I bet Bush had some difficulty reading that chidren’s book while the WTC was being demolished, allegedly under his direction. A guy like that can’t manage any government-terrorist plots diectly, of course.

The Federal Government was too weak in those days, thankfully, to enforce more than a token number of these kingly, treasonous fiats, so private developers simply got together and paid to have that vast California valley irrigated by water from the surrounding mountains.

Dr Reich had no doubt (based on his experience with these alien parasites’ poisonous energy effects at Orgonon) that aliens created the deserts in the first place and we assume that this can be done quickly because when the Spanish arrived in the American Southwest most of that region was grass prairies and forests, like is still seen right outside of Las Vegas on and around Mt Charleston. Our deserts are being reversed by a lot of gifting and by cloudbusters but we’ve only just started. Georg and crew in South AFrica and Botswana have apparently made a lot more progress in the Kalahari with a lot less effort. I don’t know how old that desert and the adjoining Namib are but perhaps they’re not even as old as the American deserts. The Northern Sahara was the Roman Empire’s breadbasket, of course, and it’s likely that in the days of its global trading empire, before Moses’ time, Egypt/Phoenicia were also fertile.

It’s a fact that Carol and I are finding more and more direct alien involvement with HAARP in this region (South Florida) because the problems we’re encountering are mostly, by now, caused by offworlders. The evident battle in the sky over us, recently, and the re-appearance of dark lenticulars in the middle of some of the passing thunderheads that our cloudbuster slices up undescores that impression. I hope you’re experimenting with your own cloudbuster, by the way, rather than leaving it planted in one position and/or loaded down with quesionable gadgetry.

Earlier (before Jeff, Carol and I had gifted a significant portion of South Florida’s coastal and inland waters), our problems were mainly caused by American and Chinese military psychic predators: their poisons, constant psi assaults and even scalar weapons.

We still assume that China now owns the US Government, by the way, also that China calls the shots in the old China/Russia alliance, pehaps using Russia’s military and navy the same way that the City of London has used the bone-stupid and treasonous US presidents, Congress and military forces since the 1800s. Recent, desparate disinfo-campaigns to blame ‘the Jews’ for all of that are falling flat, by the way, and people are slowly starting to call treason, ‘treason.’

In Reich’s day, before Project Bluebook, it wasn’t hard for most people to consider the existence of offworld predators and parasites. The proof is that Orson Wells’ 1939 broadcast of WAR OF THE WORLDS was considered a news program by a lot of people who listened to it. I don’t think H.G. Wells’ book by that name was very well known by then. Even so, as Peter Reich tells it, most people simply shut down their thinking processes, terrified, when they learned about Dr Reich’s empowering work. It’s much better, now, and I think Dr Reich is largely responsible for this sea change. I’ll be focusing on that more in coming months while I get my ducks in a row in the form of exerpts from his notes and letters. We really do need to demonstrate that he was largely resonsible for our present achievements.


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