Cradle To Grave

louis onder
07 Oct 2008 22:14
Subject: Cradle To Grave
You might be wondering what I did this evening, well it started out just like any other evening. First I worked out, then I took a shower. Oh and yes I went to the store for some ice cream, and on the way back I noticed a red light high in the air about a mile from where I live and something didn’t click. I knew it just did not belong there because the closest cell tower to my home was about a mile and a half away. So when I went to investigate, I could tell it just went up either today or yesterday. This tower would be considered to be a death tower for all intents and purposes because of the heavy volume of cabling. The generator was running and there were several 5 foot diameter wooden cable spools within a few feet of it and numerous 5 inch diameter pvc conduit pipes coming out of the ground. So I parked my truck and buried several tower busters right behind it, and was on my way. Now I wonder why they could be so dumb or better yet so stupid that they would build one of these things so close to where I live with such easy access? One just has to think the illuminati are getting careless in their desperation.

Nevertheless this one is history!