Creepy 'Asperatus' Clouds

When I first heard about this I felt kind of bummed out, assuming that some academic stuffed shirts were trying to explain away Sylphs

I was heartened to see typical bizarre cloud underbellies that are rather the sculptures of weather weaponry, instead. We haven’t seen that stuff where we live in some time. I think gifting the 8 surrounding mountaintop death ray arrays, a year ago, put an end to it, here.

Psychics and others can probably see demonic faces and features in some of these artificial clouds. I don’t doubt those features show up.

Somebody needs to intelligently toss more orgonite in the places where the corporate/occult world order can still make these disgusting cloud sculptures successfully. I suppose it’s their version of creativity, like a toddler might make abstract pictures on a wall with his own feces.

The contrast between these smudges and the bright, indescribable Sylph manifestations is remarkable.


I was very surprised to hear that weather enthusiasts and meteorologists had somehow overlooked a kind of cloud before this time. Lo and behold, it’s the nightmare clouds I’ve seen storm chasers take pictures of. I call them that because I’ve had creepy dreams about them reaching down and trying to strangle people. I can’t even look at the photos for more than a few seconds. They make my flesh crawl. There is a malevolence to them that is nauseating. I would say they aren’t natural based on a feeling of overwhelming loathing they bring up. They need to go.

These are very similar to the Mammatus Clouds, which are also very creepy and in my opinion due to weather manipulation. I have seen these clouds as a rain front is being destroyed in very short time in front of my eyes, definately weather manipulation.


Hello everybody.

I am in agree with Alejandro, are the same as mamatus in other grade, and i think all this clouds are product of weather manipulation.

My theory on his formation has to see in major measurement with the fumigations of absorbent products. I think haarp is involved but i think the absorbent product does not allow to the water steam to precipitate when the vapor up to a could layer in troposphere. Minus temperature, more density, then, the H2O molecule needs to join one with other one to form water and to precipitate, but the spraying absorbent substance does not leave they and that’s why the cloud acquires this rare form. As if it wanted to fall down, but when the cloud down to a layer more hot the density again is minor and again molecules expand. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Its very normal when you gifting the big haarp arrays the chemtrails have minus power because the arrays are heating the layers of troposphere when vapor water condenses. Then, in a gifted zone the condensed layer is more down and needs so much chemtrails for catch H2O molécules that wants join for precipitate.

I know in the begining is dificult, but we are researchingand that is our conclusions.

Here 2 graphics that explain the natural thermal-regulation of planet and artificial thermal-regulation (wuth chemtrails, haarp too is involved but not in the graphic for not complicate the draw).


These photos below are not as spectacular as the “museum” Mammatus clouds, but watching rain clouds being destroyed and turning into this was quite a horror show. I could not take photos of the clouds before they started to break apart, then it looked creeper still, and more like the photos above but was only able to take these shots once I got home to the camera and the clouds were breaking up. Notice the meteorologists say these clouds are associated with storms but rarely produce any rain, very suspicious. Since I saw the proccess unfold with my own eyes I have no doubt these are tell tale marks of weather manipulation, although very rare. Maybe a last resort kind of measure? Maybe now that they are trying to legitimize them, they will be seen more frequently. Even the most asleep PJ person gets the creeps from these clouds and can tell they are not natural. Rats shooting themselves in the foot again , eh? [Image Can Not Be Found]

Mammatus clouds over Santiago.
Image missing


Thanks, guys. In fact the ‘asperatus’ seems like an extreme version of mammatus, which are sometimes natural (arguably) and are sometimes seen as sources for tornadoes. Whoever came up with that name was probably a real boob

The first time Carol and I saw the effect of a simple orgonite cloudbusters on a line of thunderheads in Tornado Alley (Oklahoma) during tornado season it was kind of amazingl. We drove right into the middle of those thunderheads and plowed a deep, blue furrow through them as the wind died all around us. A few days later we did the same in Illinois.

When we moved back here (N Idaho) from Florida in October, 2006, there were mammatus clouds about 30 miles away in a little area where tornadoes had touched down. This was obviously weather manipulation because of the isolated nature of the storms. After pointing one of our cloudbusters in that direction, down close to the horizon, that area of sky became gradually brighter over a period of months. A year later I busted all the mountain top death ray arrays with my first airplane and then the weather got even better [Image Can Not Be Found]

Some months ago, I moved that cloudbuster to point about 20 degrees farther east and, by now, that area of targetted sky is getting brighter. Anyone can do this experiment.

The remaining tornado location is on the other side of Mt Spokane from us, about 45 miles west. Carol says there’s probably an underground weather manipulation facility near there, so we’ll go take care of that shortly. Mt Spokane is the biggest Mt in the area, also well gifted from ground and air. The first gifting sortie, there, was seven years ago when the gate to the ski lodge on the mt top was still closed by the feds. They had closed the road and the popular ski business a year before, after they had thrown up a dozen or so death towers and weather weapons on the mountain top. That’s just what terrorists do, I suppose.

I gifted as well as I could and when I got to the bottom of the mt and parked near a grocery store, some CIA stiffs immediately boxed me in with three vehicles while one of them pestered me with questions, trying to see inside my camper truck [Image Can Not Be Found] . I was pleased to show him because he evidently thought it was full of tricky, Reichian tools and there was nothing in there. He sure looked confused. Then they all left without a word.

The sky over the mountain was kind of nasty before I started, that day, then bright and lovely before I reached the bottom of the mountain. Nice confirmation. That was in the earlier years, before most of us started seeing the Sylphs’ elegant 'Thank You!'s.

A year ago, when STevo and I gifted the alleged ‘bad drought’ area in North Dakota that rather looked like the Irish countryside on account of the rich greenery, we saw the most bizarre, uniform mammatus clouds imaginable over Bismark, which Stevo had just finished gifting while I was in the water, that day, distributing towerbusters.


I should mention that the mammatus clouds I was referring to had the aspect of ‘asperatus’ clouds in the article–dark; dropping below the base of the stormcloud, just like Ale’s first and second photos, near us; the Bismark ones were arranged in neat rows. I think Stevo took some digital photos when we were right under them. In both cases it wasn’t raining or windy, if memory serves. Stevo and I almost got cricks in our necks, looking back at Bismark for over an hour on the highway because those clouds right over the city hadn’t apparently moved or changed form during that time. I bet some local HAARPies were really p!$$ed at what we accomplished on our little campaign [Image Can Not Be Found] . Maybe teh clouds were expressions of their apoplexy (good word [Image Can Not Be Found] ). Judging by the demonic look of a lot of their pet clouds I assume there’s more than just electronic broadcasts generating them. We can’t imagine how creepy the occult/corporate world order’s minions can get, of course, and still keep our sanity.

I’ve never seen the lighter mammatus form in Ale’s photo, nor have I seen the more extreme ‘asperatus’ but I suppose one needs to be in a completely un-gifted area to see the latter, by now.

Let’s all keep looking up. We miss a lot when we don’t notice the sky and maybe we’re moving toward a better general understanding of weather and climate by improving it all with orgonite devices. I got another weather book to study. This one was first published in 1949 and has loads of drawings. It’s by Eric Sloane and written in very plain language. I’ll finish this one, then go back to my aviation weather books, which are not textbooks or full of technobabble but are harder to understand. Soaring is going to teach me things I can’t read in books and I’ll start learning that, this summer.

A couple of gifters are motorglider pilots, by the way, but one has to be able to fly low and slow and have an open cockpit to gift from the air safely, I think. I doubt one can improve on ultralights, including powered hang gliders, for gracing hard targets with orgonite; cruising, long range multi-engine aircraft for sea gifting (in the planning stage, now).