'Criminal, Terrorist' Chinese Orgonite Website

Hong Kong Johnny posted, in one of Jamie-san’s threads about gifting in Japan, that his Mandarin/Cantonese instructional website about orgonite has been banned and labeled, ‘Criminal, Terrorist’ by the Peking regime. I felt like jumping for joy when I read that and I resolved to ask Alejandro to put it prominently on EW as a featured link.

If anyone in Mainland China or with close ties to someone there will send this information to China, please let me know about it. I’ll post about it, just to rub some more salt in the Triads’ wounds (like putting salt on a slug? [Image Can Not Be Found] ), but I’ll leave out your identity if you wish.

I’ve strongly encouraged our business associates in China to make and distribute the inexpensive zappers we contracted with them to mass produce as simple, quick assemblies. These are also about to be assembled and distributed from Uganda. Georg in Johannesburg, of orgonise-africa.net , kindly introduced me to them last year and Andy Schwarm is now making those wonderful little $26 basic zappers for sale on his site, ctbusters.com --the premier orgonite products vendor website on the planet (we sold our zappers with orgonite for a couple of years before that but I don’t think that counts).

Michelle Ridgely of Baltimore had the second orgonite vendor site in 2001 and initially sold an orgonite cloudbuster kit to Doktor Demento [Image Can Not Be Found] . He inadvertently produced a big, circular rainstorm (centered over his rural home, as seen on TV weather reports at the time–middle of a long drought for the region), then quickly dismantled his
CB, evidently, and then increased his aggression toward us. Good joke on him by The Operators, I think. I bet he’s sorry that he tried publicly, but unsuccessfully, to get prison sentences for our four detained gifting friends in Mozambique, last year. Complacent, ivy tower schmuck but losing his noisy, sycophantic followers at an accelerating rate, finally.

Here’s what John says:

Again the site is:


It’s in both Mandarin and Cantonese style.

Also could anyone in Mainland China reading this confirm whether the China TB site can be viewed or not. And also please send to people of Chinese origin if the opportunity presents itself. The Chinese people by default tend to be quite aware of energy naturally in their culture.

“Kung Hei Fat Choi” – Happy Chinese New Year…

All the best…Hong Kong John

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Some collected native American traditions indicate that the four races of man correspond with the four elements. I say this because a Canadian man of the Kootenai tribe whom I consider to be reputable spent some years travelling around North America to compile old tribal traditions and makes this claim. I don’t remember his name and I only had a copy of a video tape of his lecture. He wasn’t selling anything, by the way. The original videotape was recorded by someone in the little audience, I think. Some of the most important information is preserved this way. Notice that Phil Schneider’s recorded talks are this way and that he usually only addressed a handful of semi-interested people during his final year, when he had dedicated his life to exposing the underground base agenda.

Here’s (paraphrased, of course–I lost that tape a long time ago) what the native North American fellow told and I’m telling it in the context of Johnny’s comment about the energy sensitivity of Chinese people. I posted this years ago but I don’t know if it survived the subsequent,. successive hacker destructions of ethericwarriors.com :

The red race are the guardians of earth, which is why most of the world’s agricultural products originated in the
Americas and why Indians seem so well grounded, generally, also why their sacred ceremonies are predominently earth-oriented. The traditional center for the red race is the Hopi land. The Hopi have inscribed, clay tablets that are carbon dated as 40,000 years old and detail much of this subject matter.

The black race are guardians of water and their traditional center is Mt Kilamanjaro in Kenya. A tribe on that mountain has ancient artifacts and traditions that coordinate with the Hopi records. The primary orientation of the black race to water is seen in the emphasis on blood-related subjects. It was confirmed for me when David, Emmah and Mrs Odondi in Kenya and Salva and Christine in Sudan took orgonite to Mombassa and were mobbed, each time, by an enthusiastic pod of dolphins. Right after the second gifting trip to Mombasa a large pod of dolphins was slaughtered by Navy sonar weaponry a little to the south of there. Each time our friends went to sea the fishermen of the region were astonished by the sudden apperance of dolphins because they’d been scarce, before that. David Slinger, who operated dolphin tours out of Mombasa some years earlier, had to close up shop after the dolphins stopped showing up. He’s now making and selling orgonite in New Zealand, his home country. I think he was the first to sell orgonite to stores.

The rest of us who have gifted from boats haven’t experienced that in nearly the same intensity that our AFrican friends did, each time [Image Can Not Be Found] . I’m very sorry to say that David and his wife, Emmah, along with Salva, were murdered last year. Christine was nearly murdered a couple of months ago and Mrs O had been shot in the leg by riot police, some years earlier, as she was avoiding the scene of an evidently staged riot. The African gifters are the only ones who have experienced severe hardship on account of doing his essential work. I wonder how that relates to the traditions I’m sharing.

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I’m dividing this in two or three posts because I want to count a little bit of coup on the NSA hackers who have recently succeeded in disappearing some very long posts with a key stroke, recently [Image Can Not Be Found] If I weren’t so stubborn I’d dutifuilly write it all out on my word program, then post it. Are you as irritated by this deployed army of hacker drones as I am? Have they destroyed any of your computers, yet? Helpful hint: do NOT use any offline email programs–they’re all compromised; do all your email online and let your server deal with these parasites, rather. Your server does it better than you can, at least technically, but remember to always boost the drones and their jaded, terrorist NSA/CIA/SIS puppetmasters from your heart each time you get molested by them, okay?

The white race are the guardians of fire, hence the fire-based industrial revolution, modern weaponry and witch burning. The white race have lost their center/traditions, hence the destructive agenda carried out globally by white people over the past few centuries. The center was in Switzerland and there are vestigal remains of that, there.

The yellow race is centered in Tibet. A few years before the videotape was made, some Tibetan monks went to the Hopi elders to compare notes and found that many of their traditions and sacred names were similar and even identical. Did you know that the Navajos arrived in that region fairly recently? It was in the 1400s, before that region turned into a desert. The Navajos had come from the area of Puget Sound and coastal British Columbia. I learned this from a very credible Navajo elder, Frank Kahn, I had been acquainted with… I’d visited him in Arizona and when I was in college in 1967 I knew his little brother, Ray, who taught me to ride a horse more gracefully. I visited their parents in their hogan in those days and fell in love with the Navajos, generally. Frank was a sign painter, as I also was. I met him near Bellingham Washington, at the funeral of our mutual friend, Gary Hillaire, who was a Lummi elder and story teller & one of the funniest and wisest people I ever met. Frank told me that he and Gary had a lot of fun sharing stories and songs and that the Navajo people ‘really miss the water.’

The Navajos made a deal with the Hopis: they agreed to settle all around Hopi land to serve as a buffer to protect the Hopis from invaders. That worked pretty well in the two subsequent invasions and the Hopi, who are the only tribe to have refrained from armed resistance. The fellow giving the lecture said that all of the tribes had clear traditions advising them not to fight the coming hordes of Europoids and that if they didn’t fight, they’d lose less of their land to the whites. He said that the tribes that fought the most, lost the most. The Navajos mostly refrained from armed resistance. I’ve always wondered if those kindly Indians on Cape Cod foresaw that the Europoids they saved from starvation were shortly going to commit genocide against them.

Typical of all bornagain chumps, they never thanked the Indians for saving their hides, as far as I know. I wonder if schizophrenia wouldn’t be so widespread among Europoids and Middle East (Aryan, including most of Israel) folk if we had remembered, the way the other three races have to a larger extent. A good example of schizophrenia is Thanksgiving. The Puritans were extremely intolerant people. Oliver Cromwell, who created the most efficient and merciless killing machine since Roman times, was a Puritan, for instance. One has to wonder if they and their CIA-spawned and programmed bornagain chump contemporaries (the blight of ‘non-denominational’ evangelists) are really talking about the imaginary devil when they say, ‘God,’ in fact. I’m quite sure that Jesus is ashamed of all these people, along with all the Europoid popes and their genocidal campaigns over the millenia.

I’m not a fan of the ‘noble savage’ paradigm that the masons established to disguise their horrible corruptions of indigenous people in past centuries. All of the races have examples of barbarous cruelty, of course. It’s simply that only the whites have done it so horribly well until very recently. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two cities which were not defended well simply because they were not essential to Japan’s war industry, are the most dramatic testaments. with the firebombings of Hamburg and Dresden being a close second. All those cities were destroyed by the alleged ‘good guys,’ please note. At least the current, terrorist London/Washington/Tel-Aviv regime pretend to be humane with their smart bombs [Image Can Not Be Found] but they spent a year carpet bombing Iraqi cities before the cakewalk that passed for an invasion took place. The fact that they pretend to care about human life indicates that the Pajama People would be furious with them if they knew how ruthlessly they’ve been slaughtering Iraqi civilians for the past nine years or so. The Pajama People cheered when the same regime slaughtered millions of Japanese and German men, women and children who had the misfortune to live in non-combatant cities at the time. That’s progress, I suppose.

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My sleepless critics might hasten to point out that the biggest genocide campaign in history was carried out by Mao Tse Tung personally. I think it was a very refined version of what his Mongol forbears did in Turkey–literally slaughtered everyone in their path, erasing an entire ancient culture that dated back to Troy and perhaps even to Atlantean times.

Also, there’s a definite unpleasantness associated with some of the Tibetan Buddhist groups that interfaces with very ancient Vryal traditions, lately surfacing as the international SS organization. I generally use the rule of thumb that anything which is popular is bound to be corrupted and/or corrupting, at least right now. The hippie movement seems like a good contemporary example of that to me. Theosophy, which is the framework for the hippie movement, is nothing more or less than pseudo Hinduism, regurgitated by the British aristocracy after their successful infestation and takeover of India in the 1700s. Eckankar is a militant, unsmiling version of Theosophy that interfaces Theosophy seamlessly with much older Vryal traditions, by the way. It makes me wonder how long this infection has existed in the body politic. Modern Churchianity is also a corruption of several popular Roman religions that featured human sacrifice, the worst being Baal worship, which requires the slaughter of children. The mostly-Europoid CIA and NSA steal (largely through American and Canadian courts) and slaughter millions of children each year, for instance. The fact that so few people want to face the abundant evidence of this ongoing horror may indicate that we’re not quite ready for self government, yet. Maybe we will be, very soon.

Good luck finding any psychic who hasn’t been tainted with one or more of the three pillars of Theosophy: mind-numbing notions of reincarnation; the persistent hatred of our Creator, which manifests in the claim that we created ourselves (no joke), and a graceless, debilitating version of the concept of karma. Kudos to the old (Babylonian?) Black Nobility for finally getting the stink of their satanic brainwashing on most of the white race by the end of the 20thy century, I suppose. Some psychics who are entirely clear of this discouraging stink are Danion Brinkley and James von Prague.

Did you have a hard time assimilating the simple information that Phil Schneider shared in the year before his murder? If so, I bet you’re not having fun reading my post but please bear with me because it seems clear to more and more people, now, that in order to ‘earn’ the right and responsibility to stop being governed and employed by parasites we each have to first acknowledge their presence and activities. Theosophy-based programming successfully dumbs down millions of people who have the ability and will to stop tyranny. We’ve known lots of those folks. The reason they can’ stop tyranny right now is because they’re programmed to ignore evil, confusing that attitude with some vague notion of ‘spirituality,’ the way other talented folks confuse spirituality with psychic domination. Theosophy also stops people from valuing the potential of language to convey abstract concepts. They do it by assigning arbitrary meanings to common words (like ‘spirituality’) and enforcing the use of these words with Tavistock-originated behavior modification protocols. Don’t assume psychiatry is worthless just becasue most shrinks are dope pushers; Freud and his professional progeny advanced that science as mind control. They never intend to cure mental illness; only to ‘treat’ it. Reich cured mental illness, so he goty blackballed by these folks.

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I don’t mean to bum you out. I just think that the challenge of discernment has been heating up in recent years and the very last shackles to be broken will be the Theosophy programming, which has even boogered most of the really talented psychics. I don’t call this a handicap because that would imply that psychics are permanently disabled by the programming. Anyone who believes in falsehood can educate him/herself out of that trap, after all. I don’t call Pajama People ‘sheeple’ for the same reason.

In the chatroom things run smoothly and spontaneously until some Theosophy bomb is dropped into the mix, then the spirit suddenly dies for a little while and we have to get our momentum back. It doen’t happen often and I usually keep my mouth shut because I don’t want the energy to degrade even further. It’s not stopping us, fortunately. I might be the only one in the chatroom who notices it, strange to tell, which is doubly weird. I keep telling folks that what we do is not organized or personality based. I’m living proof that it’s not pesonality based because if you were present in the chats you’d see me challenging some of the psychics and my fellow chatters (the ones who came out of one or another newage-sewage orientation) unmercifully. That’s not a politically correct or prudent approach but I don’t seek a personal following and I don’t insult anyone’s character or offend their hearts, as far as I know. I want to be informed if I do that, of course, so I can apologize and ask for forgiveness. That Theosophy dragon is fair game, though, in my opinion

Until a very few years ago nobody with an independent mind had the courage to draw attention to insidious and debilitating Theosophy programming because when one does that publicly, it invites an avalanche of personal castigations from complete strangers (usually initiated by an agent provocateur–I call the newage wailers and lamenters who join the ensuing fray, a ‘Greek chorus’), which is part of the slick mind control protocol of Theosophy, after all.

My karma has always run over people’s dogmas and I wish more people would do this, though. It really is time to finally lift the lid on this atheistic mind control monstrosity. It really is time for us to get clear of all the old bondage and baggage if we want to successfully assimilate this explosion of new, creative energy/information. What you do to stay viable in this unorganized movement is your affair but I fully hope, by the grace of God, to keep up with it and I’m pretty sure that this is impossible if we cling to any of the old corporate-spewed dogmae, including Theosophy/Masonry and bornagain chumpism.

The London-directed mass murder campaign carried out by a minority of people in China after World War Two is surely more a function of the inertia of feudalism, rather than an indication that Chinese people, generally, are inclined to intolerance and murder, don’t forget. Stalin’s slightly less heinous London/Washington-directed/financed mass murder campaign was winding down by then and we know that the Russian people were also just starting to get clear of feudalism. Communism failed to get established in Europe because of the existence of a sizeable middle class, of course. Russians are not generally bloodthirsty or intolerant, any more than Americans, Germans, Japanese or anyone else who’s corporate goverments incited mass murder in the 20th century. I know some Old Believers from Russia who are extremely devout but still have fairly open minds and they’re a lot of fun to be around–positive spontaneity is a sign of relative psychological/character balance, I think.

I’m looking forward to a time when we will have more information about the origin and history of the Triads, by the way, which I believe is the most ancient and powerful of $#!+bird agencies. After Peking quietly bought most of the global assets of the Illuminati in October, 2004, I was struck with the notion that the dark masters in the Gobi, whom the more ‘devout’ (chumpish) Theosophists refer to as The Great White Brotherhood, always controlled the corporate world order, even when the Brits were flooding China with Indian opium in the 1700s and 1800s. I hope to see more corroborative evidence of this if I’m correct.

The Hopi elders say that the yellow race are the guardians of the air, which is perhaps why so many of the psychic disciplines originated there. Even Freud’s Tavistock brainwash protocols are based on ancient Chinese technology, as are the more recent and much more extensive CIA/NSA Monarch Programs, which have literally subjugated, to a varying extent, nearlyall of the people born in North America since the late 1950s. The older, cruder, clergy-based masonic/luciferic protocols that spawned most of the current bornagain chump cults (including Mormonism, which is only nominally Christian) in the mid-1800s pale in comparison to the old Chinese stuff, in my view.

When Didier, who was Hong Kong Johnny’s gifting predecessor there, dropped some orgonite from a tour boat in Hong Kong Harbor a few years ago, a bunch of yellow dolphins showed up and the mostly-Chinese passengers made such a joyous racket when it unexpectedly happened that these rare dolphins (nearly extinct) kind of fled, which disappointed Didier. I encouraged him to focus on the fact that they actually showed up right after he tossed some orgonite overboard, as though they were waiting for it . This fellow moved back to France, not long after that, but I think Johnny, who might be the only person who gifts in China-proper regularly, met him before he left. This is not the same Didier who lives & gifts on Reunion Island, near Africa, and runs a French orgonite forum.

The only time I ever got well acquainted with a Chinese person was when I traded some sign painting with a Kung Fu master in exchange for lessons. This wonderful man was generous with his time and wisdom and if I weren’t struggling to keep my sanity after the loss of my children in a gruesome, Babylonian divorce court I’d have been able to stick around and learn more from him. My best friend in high school (Guam, 1966-7) was a Japanese national, though, so I had a chance to observe oriental customs and expression over a longer term, then. This was a couple of decades after the Japanese had been defeated on Guam, by the way, and there were still some soldiers in the jungle who had not surrendered. That little juxtaposition of cultures really appealed to my Ace of Spades nature [Image Can Not Be Found] and I’ve missed my friend, Hiroshi, ever since we left the island in opposite directions.

Carol and I did kind of befriend a middle-aged Chinese couple who owned a restaurant in downtown Moscow (Idaho, not Russia) where we occasionally ate. In that case, I noticed that the husband was afflicted after a severe stroke and was having a hard time using one side of his body. I offered to trade a Terminator zapper for some meals if it ended up helping him. It did help him recover quite fast and he kept using it, after that. He’s the one who told me that zapping all night on the palm would not result in a hole in the skin [Image Can Not Be Found] so that bit of information was payment enough, in my view. The wife made really good curried tofu.

Tetsuzi in Hiroshima is the only full oriental who contributes to EW for now, and I’m hoping that Jamie, who posts on EW, gifts in and around Yokohama and has a foot in each culture (Japanese and American) will grace us with some translated reports from my brother, Tetsuzi-san, who has had to resort to Babelfish to talk to the rest of us. Those two finally met last week. Tetsuzi is a pioneer in this global effort and has been earning a livlihood with his orgonite creations in Japan. Eddie in Kyoto intends to help Tetsuzi maret his wares more efficiently to the West through his link in the vendors’ section on EW. Japan might look like a small country to some of us but I understand that it’s not particularly easy to travel, there, so when these gifters get together I think it’s momentous. Tetsuzi has been putting earthpipes in Japan’s major faultlines from the south islands all the way up to Hokkaido in recent years, I think with the help of a few other determined people. Here’s my earthquake prediction for Japan: there won’t be any more big ones, from now on [Image Can Not Be Found]

The unspeakably lovely and fragrant, ancient rose of human unity is probably only fully visible and certifiable to the seeker if one will first acknowledge the thorns [Image Can Not Be Found] otherwise one’s view will be a saccharine fable, poisoned with programmed doubt. Something to think about, right? When we’ve gotten enough orgonite out in the world, the corporate world order, with all of its attendant mayhem and horror, will be fully exposed, then discarded, just like any other parasitic orgsnism.

Can you imagine a world without corporate parasites? I can.


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This should be of interest (thanks, Matthew) and I’m posting it so that it can’t be said that I ignore pertinent facts when I’m trying to make a point based on my personal opinions.

The fact remains that in ten years of networking around the world about orghonite I’ve never gotten an enquiry from mainland China and only about four from Russia, two of which eventually resulted in gifting reports from there on EW. I was contacted by two Chinese nationals who were living abroad and they expressed enthusiasm about orgonite with plans to gift when they returned to China. I didn’t hear from them after that, though.

So, if the Chinese gov’t is not formally blocking our site, then why are the Chinese readers not contacting us? Is everyone there simply terrorized by the prospect of one of those internet spies fingering them? By the way, one of our psychics’ Hotmail address is being blocked as ‘dangerous,’ so the art of censorship continues to be expressed in the Land of the Free.

I’m going to ask Matthew to test the site in China a few more times at odd hours to see whether something else is going on, by the way. Something doesn’t smell right to me. I didn’t used to be this wary but we’ve experienced some pretty elaborate and orchestrated agency scams over the years.


Hi Don,

As the person who converted HK John’s Chinese TB website to the ‘simplified’ characters used in mainland China, let me clarify because it looks like the message got ‘lost in translation’:

The “Criminal/Terrorist” label is not given by China’s blocking system but by a commercial blocking program –
– which my workplace, among many others, uses to block websites that people might waste time on (games, forums, chatrooms, social networking sites etc.) or that are ‘not suitable for work’ (porn etc.). ContentKeeper is an Australian company, but has offices in several countries.

I was suspicious about who might own or control ContentKeeper, and wondered whether it would block orgonite and conspiracy related websites. When attempting to access a blocked site, a message appears saying that it’s been blocked, and a category giving an approximate reason for it. So I checked several orgonite sites, and found only 3 that were blocked:

  • Etheric Warriors (category “Chatrooms”)
  • Je Torres’ Spanish forum (category “Chatrooms”)
  • John’s Chinese TB site (category “Crime/Terrorism”)

I wasn’t surprised to see those sites chosen, and probably you won’t be either but the category that John’s site fell into almost made me jump out of my chair!

China’s blocking system is something else, not related to ContentKeeper as far as I know (…but who knows what cooperation might be happening behind the scenes?). It doesn’t display a message saying a site is blocked, it just behaves like the site doesn’t exist or the server isn’t responding. There’s a few websites which allow you to test whether a given URL is accessible from China – one is at

John’s site apparently is accessible in China, and so is Etheric Warriors. At least for now…

Website Test Results
Tested From: Shanghai, China
Tested At: 2010-03-12
21:30:39 (GMT -05:00)
URL Tested: http://chinese-tb.110mb.com/
Resolved As:
Status: OK
Response Time: 2.084 sec
DNS: 1.433 sec
Connect: 0.279 sec
Redirect: 0.000 sec
First Byte: 0.371 sec
Last Byte: 0.001 sec
Size: 2608 bytes

Website Test Results
Tested From: Beijing, China
Tested At: 2010-03-12
21:32:14 (GMT -05:00)
URL Tested: http://chinese-tb.110mb.com/
Resolved As:
Status: OK
Response Time: 1.220 sec
DNS: 0.697 sec
Connect: 0.259 sec
Redirect: 0.000 sec
First Byte: 0.261 sec
Last Byte: 0.002 sec
Size: 2608 bytes

Website Test Results
Tested From: Guangzhou, China
Tested At: 2010-03-12
21:33:35 (GMT -05:00)
URL Tested: http://chinese-tb.110mb.com/
Resolved As:
Status: OK
Response Time: 2.352 sec
DNS: 1.868 sec
Connect: 0.240 sec
Redirect: 0.000 sec
First Byte: 0.242 sec
Last Byte: 0.001 sec
Size: 2608 bytes

(To make sure the tool was working properly, I tested some Tibet and Falun Gong websites at the same time – they were blocked, as expected.)


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Hello Don,

Just a quick reply from an internet cafe which I just walked into, because I was gifting
the Yokohama City area today, a couple of hrs ago.

Regarding your earthquake prediction for Japan: we just had a Magnitude 6.6 off the
Pacific Coast 100 miles north of the Tokyo area, and this building shook mildly The shake was long and slow compared to others in the past, in hopes that in did not
cause any damages around the epicenter…
I hope all the future quakes stay this small [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ll report my gifting experience later, but I was up in one of the tallest building in
Japan today, and was at the top floor and took a pict you will see in my post later.



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And there were two other earthquakes last night when I was sitting in my room listening to a relaxation cd but I don’t know where the center was or what magnitude because I don’t watch tv or at least not the regular channels, it is just too depressing. Anyway it was not too big but then you can never get used to earthquakes, I’ve been living in this country for over 15 years but they still terrify me.

Regarding posts, I do write them in Word first and paste the ready text at once, I do this for two reasons, one is that Jamie told me how once EW crashed and his first post disappeared so I should always keep my posts on file. The other is that I found that when I write a long post, the lower parts are very difficult to type/edit because the screen always moves back up (I don’t know how everybody deals with this problem?). So now I just write in Word and paste the ready text at once.

Regarding gifters in China, I wanted to share how I came across EW and it was through this alternative health site mercola.com that I’ve been reading for a few years now and one time a reader posted Georg’s site (orgoniseafrica.com) into the comments on a cell-phone related article. I then decided to check it out and that’s how it all started (orgonisafrica has a link to EW). It was pretty much random but then everything happens for a reason [Image Can Not Be Found]

I don’t know why Chinese people do not discover EW but then maybe they do, some of them, and maybe they are doing gifting there, we just don’t know about them. As for Japan, Tetsuzi does have his own Japanese site and blog so obviously many Japanese people will eventually find it, even if by just coincidence and buy his products. It is not a forum though and that’s why Jamie came up with the forum idea.

I guess not many Japanese would find EW just by themselves.

And why I got to know Jamie was because I was particularly looking for someone who would show me how to make TBs, and how to get the ingredients and what they are called in Japanese so I inquired at Don and he introduced us (thanks, Don!). I did know Tetsuzi and Ed in Kyoto before Jamie but Tetsuzi is in Hiroshima and Ed in Kyoto so it was somewhat troublesome to get together with any of them.

But then I guess anyone can start making TBs and gifting by just reading EW so there should be a lot of people who are doing it already and we just don’t know about them.

I’m not psychic but maybe there is some kind of etheric test to see if there are any gifters in China???


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Just a note about why it seems there are not many chinese people whom seem interested in orgonite.
I see the same on my websites, many countries, but I’ve never seen any chinese reader.

IMO, It’s because they have almost their own internet, I know from seeing chinese people at university browse the web, they are just on chinese websites and loads of them etc (I never knew there were so many chinese websites, they have their online email giants, similar youtube websites, similar google blogs etc… but all on chinese websites I’ve never heard of), and I never see them ever on any english websites, except for university work.

http://www.baidu.com/ for china, if we want a website to be effective in china it has to be registered there and be entirely in chinese. What’s the name for orgonite in chinese btw?

for russia the same would approximately apply; there it’s yandex.ru the main search engine; althought I believe more russians are able to read english (and use english in searches), than chinese are able to read english (and/or bother to search in english).

Making a forum in the dedicated language is one of the best approach in my opinion… a well registered forum means a good share of visitors hence a good place in search ranking even if people are not looking for orgonite.

For myself: I came up on orgonite 4 years ago by looking for vortex shaped coils, for something totally unrelated to orgonite, I was trying to find coils that create the least amount of resistance to current flow…; anyway, I ended up on sbb coils and read about orgonite.
There must be more ‘random’ websites (in the wanted languages) that permit people to end up on orgonite when looking for something else; my best bet would be to mix orgonite, chemtrails, weather modification, nature/plants and free energy topics together, because people looking for electronic stuff might end up on it by chance, people looking for chemtrails or air related subjects might end up on it too, people looking for plant growing tips, etc.
This is the case in english, italian, french, spanish, german, dutch (for the languages that I understand), many websites mix all these subjects together, but I don’t think this is the case in china [Image Can Not Be Found] And that in my opinion explains the lack of interest; because before searching for orgonite, you have to know it exists; and to know it exists you have to end up on the subject doing a random search in the first place.

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Matthew and Don,

Thanks for that test to see if the Chinese TB site can be viewed from Mainland China. If people can view it from there fantastic. I look at that little site as simply the "match’ that ignites the roaring flames of positive orgone in that part of the world. I expect a courageous crew of chinese speakers to eventually run with the ball and to create their own unique form of EW and authentic gifting/boosting.

By having this simple little site labelled “criminal terrorist” tells me that either the data operator ticked the wrong box OR that we have hit a nerve that made someone with a constipated heart have a healing crisis.

There was some intesest in gifting/orgonite here recently on the holistic hong kong website. Some interest from people in the mainland too. See link:


All the best…hkj

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