Crudtrails over Cadillac Mt., Maine

Am new to this adventure, and am noting beneficial changes with keen interest. I first went up Cadillac Mt. in late July, with 3 of Andy’s snow cone TB’s in my pack. Made 2 discoveries:

There were now 4 towers, fenced, posted, bunkered, hidden away among trees in a hollow. This firmed my decision to start making muffin TB’s.

Also, the mountain seemed to be X-marks-the-spot for the spew planes. Eight, EIGHT, parallel chemtrails were emitted directly overhead, which arched from horizon to horizon. Then the planes crossed their smog-creation at 45 degree angle, and obliterated a flawless blue sky. I watched people snapping photos of the stunner views of lake, mountains, bay, islands and North Atlantic, without seeming to notice unnatural “clouds” merging into an L.A. sky.

As the mountain is truly beautiful, and a power point visited by 100’s of thousands of people limping in from cities for renewal, I found the spraying particularly egregious.

Meanwhile, the new CB was poking holes of wider and wider radius into the spew agenda over Acadia National Park. I got busy gifting both the island and the mainland. Sylphs intervened. The chemtrails diffused more and more rapidly into clear skies of a brilliant blue.

On 7th Oct., I went hiking on the mountain for several hours to do further gifting. Four spew planes made repeated passes. In July, they had “successfully” occluded the sky from horizon to horizon. On this visit, the spew never made it much beyond ~15x the length of the plane, before disappearing altogether. There were regular commercial jets flying as well, for point of comparison.

That is so good that you are up in bah barbah gifting.

I put tb’s on top of cadillac mountain over 3 years ago and along the carriage trails leading up to it, also dropped some right in the drink in town and along the road to northeast harbor.

I think i got one near Martha’s Stewarts house, the old ford estate.

I also took a boat ride out to one of the islands from northeast harbor and gifted the fjord and the island.

Of course, we can never have enough orgonite out in the world.

I’m gifting mountain peaks in NH this weekend !


Eric, thanks for checking in. Appreciated your details of having scattered orgonite with a lavish hand on the island 3 years past. This newbie will be eating your dust; you’ve done gonzo adventures!

Meanwhile, try mention of successful sky-clearing on EW, naming locale, and it apparently puts reader-guests into an obliterate-the-blue-frenzy. The crudtrailperps have done carpet-spewing, with repeated passes, since post went up. Air is actually temporarily foul, though pall keeps thinning.

Am I to understand that “top guns” take exception to the absurdity of orgonite in the larger scheme of things? Is this mano a mano, a crushing of perceived silliness, and impudence?

Let’s step back a minute and consider: What if the directive to poison the skies, is at best bassakwards, and at worst, an act of tyranny, worthy of Dr. Strangelove? P.S., we all live under said skies, you, me, your families.

Our National Guard and our military take oaths, which I respect, to defend and protect the nation. There are good and honorable people doing military service.

We are entering a time of deceptions and delusions unravelling, and there may be repercussions to actions which violate decency, and Constitutional, and international law.

What if grassroots folks so love their country (countries, as this is international), that they invest their own time and money to make a difference? What if orgonite quietly works?

Just watching and wondering.

Saw a grabber factoid in the local paper: This year Acadia National Park had only one “bad air day” warning. You guessed it – this happened before the CB came to live on the island. The Park had been a poster child for a remote area horribly smogged, with acid rain, poor visibility and choking air. Now the skies are achingly beautiful with vistas to forever from the mountaintops.

Not mentioned of course in the article above, was the aggressive crudtrail spewing over Cadillac Mt., and its many visitors.

Each time I’ve reported on the CB and gifting in the area, the following day, the spewplanes came roaring out of their lair to foul the skies. The imposed haze just doesn’t linger anymore.

Is it protection of the nation, to poison the air? At the Nuremberg Trials, “just following orders” was not an acceptable defense.

MaryAnne, there’s a sort of hump that gifters (hopefully) eventually get over in terms of sky-viewing during heavy spew episodes.

The natural response, like the one you express in this thread, is to get furious when that many spewplanes get busy overhead but fury is counterproductive when it’s expressed on boards like this one, which is why I ask new gifters to be patient and see how long the spewtrails take to dissipate, especially on heavy spew days.

Also, gifting in neighborhoods, at businesses, etc., shows us another aspect of the power of orgonite to transform our environment and the confidence and empowerment we feel from these efforts sort of bleeds over into our atmospheric efforts, too.

Most who notice chemtrails, now, didn’t see them when they were actually a health threat, more than four years ago. That’s because the present, impotent chemtrails are apparently spewed for psychological effect. Having travelled extensively by road and by air back and forth across the country since that time, I’ve tracked the complete defeat of the chemtrail program, as it was before. Also, I’ve seen literally no new cases of chemtrail sicknesses since that time and, since I’m in the healing trade, I’m in a position to track that stuff. Untold millions of people are still chronically sick from chemtrail exposure before that time, though.

On heavy spew days the sewer rats apparently spray several kinds of mixes. In our experience, the stuff that lasts the longest in teh sky is also the least harmful or even just ordinary skywriting material. The really bad spew disappears instantly, even when no gifting has been done. I hope you’ll take note of which planes spew that, next time they dogpile your skies.

The reason that the really toxic spew disappears instantly is because there are enough cloudbusters on sevreral continents to achieve that happy result. That distribution victory was achieved in a grassroot way (most were spontaneously home-made) before the summer of 2002–several thousand orgonite cloudbusters in the countries where chemtrails had sickened many millions of people. Even this stuff goes away fast when enough of the death towers and HAARP facilities in one’s region have been disabled.

This sort of good news doesn’t get a lot of play, of course, because we’re all rather programmed to respond to sensationalism. Disinformants like Carnicom regularly terrorize unwitting and otherwise intelligent people with tall, unsubstantiated tales of designer weaponry from the skies. By the way, I’ve only heard of one case of Morgellon’s Disease and that was second hand from someone who has no reputation that I’m aware of. Carnicom says Morgellon’s is an endemic now. Due to the nature of my business, I’m usually among the first to hear about new diseases, which puts me in a position to identify which are fake. As I said, chemtrails from before mid-2002 account for millions of new designer diseases, all of which are easily treatable, except by serial killers (MDs).

I rather hope that the longer-lingering spew will induce the more diligent gifters to extend the range of their gifting sorties rather than incite them to vent impotent rage at the world odor on this board on account of skywriting. Anger is best used to defeat the sewer rats, of course, and the wonderful part of venting anger in a constructive way is that the anger itself dissipates before we realize it. It’s wonderful to live without persistent anger, I can tell you–nobody was more pi$$ed of than I was before I found out what orgonite and predator-blasting can do to the world odor.