Crystal ball orgonite


did anybody try to make the quartz crystal in orgonite, a crystal ball?

An expensive experiment, yes, so please share your findings if you did try this one out.

does anyone have any idea? I don’t know wether the quartz crystal can be round, or is it necessary to have at least one sharp end for the orgonite to work?


Hi Psychiatrist,

Do you mean if there are any circular devices like orgonite balls? if that is the case, yes there are. Don and Carol makes them but as a trully gift, I read somewhere Don saying they don´t sell it. Look at these, for example

hope that helps, Jose

Marble sized crystal spheres are easily and cheaply obtained. Same for amethyst, rose quartz and most other crystals.

I have also tried crystal pyramids, crystal skulls, crystal pieces, crystal dust.

They made little difference in the TB and HHg pieces in the times I tried them(Powder least effective, but still viable…

Apparently to orgonite, crystal is crystal.