Crystal update---double terminated or fancy xtals are NOT ne

Carol and I made our first cloudbuster with double-terminated crystals, which were pretty easy to find in those days and I unthinkingly recommended those when I wrote the original CB instructions, which are on this site.

I sort of went too far the other direction after a couple of years and even cobbled rough crystals together to make up the minimum 2" of crystal length in each CB pipe but lately Carol has felt that it’s a little better to use single crystals.

Really, a cloudbuster or any other orgonite device works without crystals but just not as well. This is something that most energy sensitives can’t or won’t wrap their brains around because, for them, it’s all about how a thing feels; not so much about how it affects the environment.

I make my towerbusters with a tiny bit of crystal in each one–broken bits, actually–and Kelly reassured me that my orgonite feels fine.

Functionally, we don’t need to fine tune any of the field orgonite and people who feel inclined to throw gemstones and contrivances in there usually diminish the effect because most folks don’t have a clue how to combine stones or use coils, magnets, etc.

Sooner or later one or more of the psychics adn energy sensitives on EW will find the time for a little dissertation on adding specific gems, coils, metals and combinations to orgonite harmoniously. The only time Carol and I do that for field pieces (I always ask for her recommendation, of course) is when we want the piece to interact with elementals or cetaceans for specific jobs, but that’s not necessary; it’s just our gift to the entities, which Carol sees and communicates with, remotely before we even get moving. See, I can’t prove that but I don’t need to, because I’m just telling you my subjective impression, which we act on. People who are in a position to do the same can take the advice to heart and perhaps benefit from it.

For instance, when we ringed the unstable Yellowstone caldera with 26 earthpipes, two years ago, we used a lot of added elements, including Cesco coils and tobacco. When we go back there to do the lake next to it, where the new seismic instability is occuring, we’ll also use some fancy stuff as a sign of respect for the elementals and guardian entities, there, (I personally gleaned, from watching Kizira at the Nile headwaters, that guardian entities at power spots are not elementals) but for most gifting we don’t add anything fancy to orgonite, nor does anyone else need to do that in the bulk of field gifts, or ever, for that matter. I gifted entire regions, successfully, with ordinary towerbusters, as Dr Kayiwa has been doing lately on a grander scale…

I got this from Drew in Austria, who is part of a European network who want to throw themselves into this effort and have considerable capital:


May we have your suggestions as to the grade or specs of quartz crystals to use.
We had seen Orgonite making guidelines on various sites that referred to polished
single and double terminated crystals (for CBs) etc.

What should we be ordering ???

The attached is an example from a Brazilian Supplier but its not polished or
“terminated”. Is this category OK?

Also, if say a slightly larger crystal is not exactly the right size, can we
“break” it to fit the copper tubes diameter

Your guidance is appreciated., or if you desire, please post some specifc info.
and some pix of the EW site and we will access it there. We feel others may also
be overpaying or buying too polished crystals thinking that is what is needed,
when in fact simple is best.

Thanks again,
[Don here:]There are lots of people whom we don’t know who are making and selling orgonite, most of whom don’t even use the term, ‘orgone,’ or credit Dr Reich or us. That’s not a bad thing, of course, though we try to keep tabs on the very few who are intentionally making disharmonious orgonite in order to discredit and sabotage this movement. If anyone takes the crude measurement recommendations from the Gifting Compendium he/she can get what’s needed wholesalers in any quantity. For cloudbusters, the only consideration is that they need to fit inside the pipes, of course, otherwise it’s not essential to get specific diameters, nor are double-terminated crystals or polished crystals ever needed for field orgonite. If you can get Lemurian seed crystals economically, use those in the cloudbusters because they don’t wear out. I think the sewer rat agencies sort of bought them all up at the source, though. Our friends in Brazil were unable to find them at a wholesaler in Rio recently. Before a couple of years ago they were plentiful and inexpensive in some stores; costly in newage stores for the same crystals. Ordinary quartz won’t wear out when it’s cast in orgonite but a Succor Punch crystal will shatter when it’s been used up. We wore out a few, years ago, before we learned to toss energy at predators without using tools. I doubt a SP will wear out as long as it’s mainly used to just block surveillance. Lemus last forever in SPs, too, apparently. If the Lemus become available again (they’re found, unattached, in mines all over the world and they ring at a higher tone than earthly crystals and gems do). It’s a moot point, for now, but certainly worth a mention. Otherwise, after a year or two one may find it necessary to drop a new crystal into each of a cloudbuster’s pipes because ordinary quartz wears out in this application. Gladys Bridges, as ever, offers suitable, very affordable quartz crystals for specific purposes and she gets them from a miner in Arkansas. Her email address is [email protected] . I got a handheld Vogel crystal for Carol from James Hughes, six years ago, that cost $1300 but it’s a personal energy device. We wouldn’t think of casting that in orgonite or even putting a mobius coil on it. I think it would be a tragedy if people who make even the personal devices felt it was necessary to use expensive crystals in order to achieve the desired effects. This is a very inclusive movement, after all. I passionately exhort the energy sensitives and psychics not to offer very specific parameters for crystals for field pieces because if this were considered necessary, who in the world would bother to make orgonite? Even orgonite that might feel bad to an energy sensitive can still create the requisite healing effects in the environment but I absolutely guarantee that if the basic directions are followed the orgonite will feel just fine to anyone. Until more and more people get used to causing, then witnessing, the consistent, big improvements in the atmosphere, water and ground by their gifting efforts though, many will tend to stampede at any subjective comment of any reputable energy sensitive on EW and since I’m the only one who has to spend countless hours at damage control when these silly stampedes occur, nobody’s as inclined as I am, apparently, to be specific and to constantly remind the readers that an individual’s subjective impressions are NOT authoritative or conclusive. The adoption of viable innovations is always the result of consensus among the energy sensitives and plenty of field testing. On the other hand, without the considered contributions of a few reputable sensitives, including Lauzu Kelly (our good friend) there wouldn’t be an orgonite movement. I’ve known right along that it’s my responsibility to bite the bullet and just go ahead and spend a dozen hours or so with reassuring email and posting damage control whenever one psychic or sensitive or another offers a comment that may be taken out of context and cause a stampede among the less confident gifters. The alternative, which is censorship, is a lot more repugnant to me and would quickly ruin this forum effort. I know a fellow who has made and given away an awful lot of orgonite gifts and for a long time he was combining stones badly on the advice of some folks who were overconfident in their expertise with gemstones. The reason that was tough for me to keep silent about in my conversations with him (after it was clear that he felt those incompetent consultants were reputable) was that if he’d done it more economically he could probably have made and distributed twice as much. He didn’t abandon the urge to throw a lot of extraneous, expensive material into his field pieces but at least he eventually took Carol’s advice about combining them and they became suitable for personal use as well as field gifting. The East African gifters make field orgonite very simply, like I do, and they’re getting the grandest results, I think. To be fair, it’s easier to get those results in Africa than in Europe or North America, but I hope my point is well taken. There had been a lot of discussion, mostly on the discredited forums, about the role of ‘intention’ or ‘programming’ (sic) in orgonite and we haven’t seen that this is much of an issue, though it’s certainly true that one’s energy signature is always a factor. The fact that none of us are Charles Manson, though, is probably important to consider. If we weren’t at least okay people we wouldn’t have the strong urge to heal our specie and planet, don’t you agree? Carol gets a little irrate at people who talk about ‘programming’ their orgonite for the field because she feels that as long as we put at least a little crystal in a towerbuster the elementals where the thing lands will find it easy to program and use the device to its full potential, also that the gifter’s own conscious programming and intention hinders the elementals’ efforts, usually. Otherwise, our intention is completely in line with the elementals when we’re cordially motivated by healing and harmony. This is probably a good example of gettign the brains out of the way so that our natures can operate unshackled. Every psychic and sensitive who’s reasonably stable and down to earth can see that elementals adore and deeply appreciate orgonite. On our latest gifting expedition with D Bradley he became ecstatic as we passed through an area of desert that he’d just gifted and told us that the elementals were lining up on both sides of the highway to applaud us as we passed. Sceptical folks don’t need to believe any of this, of course–we didn’t start a cult or religion, after all. Skeptical gifters get pretty much the same results in the environment from gifting as psychics do, after all, and the best confirmations for anyone are the 3D, visible and sensory ones. As far as I can tell, the additional, etheric observations of the psychics and sensitives is the gravy, not the meat, though I’m deeply fascinated by the psychics’ interactions and commmunication with each other and with the elementals. ~Don