CTBusters Gifting Video #6

Yesterday Steve and I shot another gifting video. It’s full of surprises.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one! https://www.youtube.com/CTBusters

When we got home there was a very strange occurence, I’ll let Steve
describe it as he witnessed it while I was putting things away and setting-up
to edit:

Finally some confirmation from the bad guys!! Someone spent some money and sent a military spy plane to take some areal photographs of Andy and his CTBusters home base.
As Andy and I prepared to edit the 6th CTBusters video I looked out the window and noticed a 737 sized jet plane heading toward us at a slow speed and it was cruising at about 500 feet.
Other than the unusual “squarish” shape of the plane it was painted white which I will refer to as “arctic white” as its white color had a grayish hue. Also the plane was being powered by 4 jet engines, something that I have not seen very often as well as a large search light located above and forward of the wing.
To make this story credible is the location and altitude of this aircraft.
Passenger jets pass by Andy’s all day long because a major international airport is 15 miles to the west. The flight path all day everyday of these passenger and cargo jets is Westward as all planes approach from the east even the planes coming in from Hawaii circle around and land while heading west.
The altitude of the airport bound planes is about 600 to 700 feet in fornt of Andy’s.
As I watched the strange white military spy plane it came in from the North at an altitude of about 500 feet and maintained this same altitude until it disappeared over a mountain range to the Northeast.
The white spy plane came in about 100 feet over the San Bernardino Mountain range which is directly North of Andy’s and 90 degrees in opposition to the standard flight path of all other planes in that area.
It approached us and began a steep left hand turn which then turned it into oncoming air traffic and continued it’s turn 40 DEGREES. This plane was practically at a stand still as it banked and the spot light seemed to be pointed directly at us. Incredible that such a large bird can make a 35 to 40 degree turn at such a low speed.
I watched the plane leave the area to the Northeast, probably headed to Nellis AFB or Area 51 Las Vegas. As it left my view it went over another mountain range again at about 100 feet! This thing was in and out and never went above 500 feet. Pretty cool and creepy at the same time.
The last detail that gives me no doubt about the purpose of this plane was the lack of noise given off by 4 turbines. It is a jet so you can not hear anything until you are behind the engines. When this plane turned and left our vicinity, which put us at the rear of the engines, the noise was very very minimal and intermittent as if it had some type of staggered muffling system. Strange stuff.
At the same time this jet flew by there was a guy riding his horse in a field about 20 yards from us and I truly believe that he was watching us and monitoring our behavior.
This was a good sign and a good day! If someone is going to use such resources to check out a couple of geeks tossing orgonite around town then we were doing something useful and helpful for our neighbors, the animals and plants of this beautiful Earth.



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