Cycingfinger Is Blocked from Posting Reports

Charles in Belgium sent me a terrific new report and has been unable to successfully post it on the forum. I’ve asked him for permission to post it for him since the enemy are (evidently) especially sensitive to this exposure Cool

You may have noticed from his reports that this young Belgian man is an exemplary and very insightful ‘field agent’ in this global movement and I’m grateful for his participation, here. Europeans are fortunate for having so many places to gift where the ancient parasite (the corporate world order) have committed mass murder in order to ‘seal the deal’ for stealing earth energy and terrorizing the survivors down through history, then siphoning that fear, superstition and hopelessness for their own sustenance. I recommend studying the way that Haitian voodoo practitioners do this in the countryside in a more blatant way to understand how this dynamic works. The Haitian sorcerers are organized on the lines of French freemasonry, by the way. I think The Serpent and the Rainbow might be the only book that has that info.:

Charles gave me permission to post his blocked report:

Hi Don,

I’m writing up as we have so much interference!

Its good to talk to you and the world about what happened here in Belgium within and after the world wars.

Not only were there nazistic infestations but also pedofilic catacombs, I’ve gifted all I’ve got around the Middelheim and this so called friend of the family, otherwise known as Pieter Keulen (his wife Holvoet), aka “Pietje keulen” has been caught, the rat king bites his subrats. This asshole built an orphan home in India with some money of king Congo’s Mobutu’s african money, just to rape some, … disgusting! He knew women are subsequent there … what a misfortune for us here on the earth! The father Holvoet accounted the money of Congo and told his daughter to stay with the pedophilic basterd? Maybe you heard this in the news from little masonic Balegum? :)

I can’t talk about this on the forum as I’m being blocked! The minute I go out with simple orgonite, the second I get surveillance from the sky, especially around Fort 2, Wommelgem. So, they closed everything down when I gifted there. It means that pedophiles want to protect their badtuary, vile insects! The musem their has been closed off, because of my giftings. The site with the antenna’s called the cadaster who covered all Belgium had been studied from my place in the begin, but they managed to close of any death tower speccs …

Carol was right all along!

They use other mages to fulfill their desires??? A friend of this Pietje Keulen told everyone, he is in the order of the phantasm?

Well, I’m beginning to clean it out as the operators are tired of that same view here in Belgium.

Speak soon!



Right we go again, the minute I write you an answer. The internet connection gets lost and the black copter shows up, patrolling the skies above. Generally, they pass by to announce a full white-over to mock my gifting efforts and orgonite creation. I couldn’t even get my garbage trolley back in today without a surveillance plane passing by.

Its the second time the technician checked at my place here without any better results … when I write a post the connection downs, like some surveillance from remote.

They know I’m low on money so they try to wear/use out my puter by pulling the connection so I always have to restart it, I think those machine are made with a fixed number of restartings before they automatically slow and ultimately dies off.

Have you seen that it all began with my pics always being hacked, so if you click on the broken link they are not available anymore? I know how to solve that but its time consuming.

I will try to write to post on the forum tomorrow, using wordpad, like Silvio mentionned. I already did that before things became shallow again. Its so frustrating to loose all your fresh written content.

Was in a hurry, so there are spelling mistakes and would like to continue my investigation and add links to newspapers. The story is not complete as this pedophile has been spotted (which used to be a friend) partaking in this old masonic lodge building.


Sorry, could only find the links in duch. Think you can get them in english with this cia clown party hat translator trick.…translator

The last message I wrote was a private one to Frode witthout complication.

I also want to write about the masonic temple built by Napoléon with his winning conquest money, here in town. Already several gifted with tb’s Putting EP’s there will be off the hook!

We’re gaining ground and hope to be able to attend next chat sunday with Edu and Yu.


Thank you Don for your comments.

Still have some interruptions but it is a lot more stable now. Here’s is what I get on a daily base when heading out in the fields.

I want to correct something, the orphan home who came prey to pedophilia was not in India but in Cambodia. Those things are real attacks on the collective heart. Trying to destroy innocent children. which are still bound by heart and not by all this crap when adult. When harming one, they are harming all. Thats, what the basterds are aiming for. This is only touching the tip of the iceberg. This is a big nasty satanical circle touching Jimmy Saville, Cliff Richards, Bruce Forsyth, etc … Like in the UK in example, you cannot get a position as a primary entertainer before having done specific rituals. The whole BBC is ran by MI6.

This is one of the most recent things I’ve got above town in the skies, as a confirmation. So, we’re all moving things here.Wink


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