Cyprus Gifting

Hi everyone,

I think it was my biggest gifting ever, in 2 weeks we; tony and me gifted nearly all the military installations of the cyprus island.

I’ll try to report this as well as I can.

Before going there I sent about 450 TBs to Tony who lives in Nicosia the capital city of the island, he gifted already his entire city and many places on the island. We both thought it would be more than enough to gift the island [Image Can Not Be Found] But we ended up using a bit more than a thousand TBs in 2 weeks, this is just crazy, we never expected to use the orgonites that quickly! The idea at first when I learned I was going to cyprus was that it was not far from israel and the middle east so all these TBs I sent were to be dropped in the sea for the dolphins to use, but it turns out this island is plagued with Haarp towers and big weatherballs if we can call them like that, I think these balls are part of the echelon network used to spy on telecoms etc. Anyway the island is filled with loads of creepy installations.

Kelly also opened 6 vortexes on the island before my going there, so I’m glad I could help in what Tony and him started.

Here’s part of what I sent him (I sent the TBs in 2 packs), I made colored orgonites to avoid supicion at the borders, but one pack was still opened and tony received the orgonites in a bag instead.

The second pack arrived unopened [Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ll report day by day approximately what we did. (Many pictures were taken from the car so there are often small window reflections)

The 1st of June we gifted 2-3 mobile phones antennas in the south-east region and arranged to drop our orgintes from a boat that was making dolphin trips, telling the guy orgonites attract dolphins [Image Can Not Be Found]

one antenna:

We also gifted a bit of an UK base, and strange towers?

Any idea what these are?

Tony also saw weird yellow doors coming out of the ground, unfortunately we never had a chance to gift these.

2nd of June

On the 2nd of June we went on the dolphin trip boat and dropped about 200 TBs in the waters in the south-east side of the island.

In the morning when waking up there where 2 or 3 sylphs in the sky, one looked like a whale?

On the trip we saw nice panoramas [Image Can Not Be Found]

and haarp towers that tony never knew existed, so we water gifted at least 30 TBs around there. The driver of the boat told us these were french installations.

a nice photo made by tony [Image Can Not Be Found]

We didn’t see any dolphin [Image Can Not Be Found] We were really hoping to see some, but I guess it’s best they didn’t show up; the boat driver just asked us to drop orgonites thinking of them as bait to attract dolphins, which is really not the case! We drop orgonites as gifts for the dolphins [Image Can Not Be Found] not to attract them!

later that day while refuelling the car we had a friendly helicopter visit [Image Can Not Be Found]

It landed just behind the petrol station, but still why did it go round above us for 2-3 times [Image Can Not Be Found]

The next day I woke up in pyla and saw many sylphs in the sky [Image Can Not Be Found]

And tony had also visits in his sky above nicosia which is 100km away from pyla.

The haarp antennas where there:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Green are the haarp towers, red approximately where we dropped orgonites.

Carol told us most of the orgonites where moved to greece.

3rd of June

That day we gifted some mobile phone antennas along the highway and 2 salt lakes near larnaca airport in which Tony saw on the news toxic wastes were dropped. The lakes really smelt like sewers!

Lake 1.

Lake 2, just next to the airport.

A great picture I think hehe, my mum took this picture while we were throwing orgonites in the first salt lake

Gifted salt lakes are the 2 very near dots on the bottom

[Image Can Not Be Found]

4th of June

On that morning we woke up really early in nicosia, around 6am, to go back to the south-east part to finish gifting some antennas we spotted the previous day. was just me and tony, my mum was with a friend somewhere else.

We woke up to some ugly haarp formations in the sky hehe.

and lenticular clouds.

as we were driving under the haarp clouds they were transforming into sylphs!

We gifted a small resevoir and a nearby antenna on the way.

Then we discovered another UK base which we couldn’t access, there were road blocks, this place had many haarp antennas and some big satellite dish, as big as a weatherball!

Sadly we made no pictures of it and it remains to be gifted.

we disabled some mobile phone antennas on the way around that area, so that effectively these haarp antennas are working surrounded by POR anyway [Image Can Not Be Found]

Then we headed to the big antennas we spotted the previous day, we realized they were in turkish territory, we could get arrested by going to near! we approached as near as we could and the sylphs confirmations are quite evident that the gifting was succesful.

The red turkish flags [Image Can Not Be Found]

before gifting:

Hehe this car was showing us the road to get there [Image Can Not Be Found]

we gifted the electric supply of these antennas too.

Then in less than 5 minutes while and after gifting, the whole sky above turned to sylphs [Image Can Not Be Found]

nice isn’t it [Image Can Not Be Found]

That place also had some radars and other dishes

Then we went away and gifted some other mobile phone antennas on the way.

Then headed to the french haarp antennas from the previous day to gift by ground a bit.

Then we had again run out of orgonites [Image Can Not Be Found] We used 80-100 TBs or so that day.

So we headed back to nicosia as we had time to get resin and aluminium to make some more [Image Can Not Be Found]

On the way there were sylphs with us most of the trip [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The blue dot is the UK base we couldn’t access

5th of June

One of the big days [Image Can Not Be Found]

We had loaded up with 150-200 TBs for that day, we had looked on google satellite maps to check the targets, nearly none of the antennas we saw that day were on the satellite pictures!

The first 8 antennas on the Limassol bay. (Part A)

These antennas were gifted with about 40-50 TBs

A van that kept passing back and forth while we were there [Image Can Not Be Found] and it kept stoping and the guy phoning or doing something on a mobile device everytime he stopped!

There there was a salt lake in the middle, and other antennas were on the other side, so we went there.

And dropped TB’s non stop in there from the car, surely some 80 TBs, this place looked really nasty. (Part B)

Just look at the pictures…

Then we stopped further down at the bay to grab lunch and I gifted a small antenna that was there at the same time. View of the salt lake. And some clouds! The firsts I saw since arriving there, from that day on there were clouds everyday [Image Can Not Be Found]

We wanted to gift the salt lake, but these places are really hard to access, first this one was huge and the further you walk on it it becomes like sinking sand and you just sink in so it’s a bit scary, we didn’t do it. Plus we were in the middle of a UK base territory were pictures and walking around is denied [Image Can Not Be Found]

On the way to our next target we gifted a tower of a police station.

Tony bought some strawberries from a local producer, yummy [Image Can Not Be Found]

Then the last target of the day. Some kind of Haarp park [Image Can Not Be Found] (Part C)

Enlarge the first picture, you’ll see how many antennas are there. We threw all the remaining TBs we had there, about 40 I think

A friendly helicopter visit while we were there [Image Can Not Be Found]

Then on the late afternoon there were sylphs covering up approximately the gifted areas [Image Can Not Be Found]

And above our next planned target [Image Can Not Be Found] Near to the haarp park (part C).

The gifted bases

[Image Can Not Be Found]

6th of June

On that night I slept at Tony’s place again and we went alone to gift these 3 weatherballs, my mum stayed with a friend somewhere else again.

In the morning there were clouds and lenticular clouds, tony says they were haarp related, I believe they were friendly help? if some psychic/sensitive could tell us I would be grateful [Image Can Not Be Found]

we gifted some antennas on the way (one was already gifted by Tony if he remered the bush in which we threw the orgonites correctly [Image Can Not Be Found] )

A haarp antenna already gifted by Tony.

The target [Image Can Not Be Found] (looking at it from the motorway)

Getting there:

We dropped around 50+ TBs there around.

While on the way, a sylph/cloud? don’t really know what it is, it just looked nice.

and dropped some 30-40 in the dam so that they get nicely orgonised water for their activities [Image Can Not Be Found]

A somehow failed panorama [Image Can Not Be Found] it still shows all the clouds that were attracted to this place [Image Can Not Be Found]

After gifting

And clouds going on top of the place [Image Can Not Be Found]

Then we went to another dam (Kouri dam), we wanted to go fishing, but we forgot the fishing equipment [Image Can Not Be Found]

A lovely sylph that showed up during that period, just after the gift.

We had some small rain less than half an hour after the gift [Image Can Not Be Found] when we were going around the Kouri dam.

The dam:

A (sorry) failed panorama from the other side of the dam, many clouds, on the left far side is where the gifted weatherballs are.

Finally a lovely place where we stopped to fill up our water bottles and for some rest while it was raining. (it just rained for some minutes)

The gifted place

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The blue dot is the weatherballs (which really are not weatherballs hehe, I just can’t find a better name)

Then green is the Kouri Dam, and the red approximately where we gifted some antennas.

7-8th of June

Hehe we had run out of orgonites after all the big giftings so these 2 days I had some 30-40 TBs to use which I dispersed in dams, reservoirs and mountain tops antennas while exploring the island with my mum on the 7th, Tony stayed at home.

We went back to the Kouri dam and I dropped 10-15 TBs there.

A big TB [Image Can Not Be Found]

Some gifted antennas on mountain tops

Then on the 8th we baked some more orgonites.

The gifted dam and approximately were antennas were gifted

[Image Can Not Be Found]

9th of June

Another big day! Gifting of mountain top weatherballs bases.

On that morning we woke up in Nicosia and Sylphs were already eagerly waiting for us it seems [Image Can Not Be Found]

We packed 100+ TBs (about 130 if I remember correctly)

While getting to the mountains (Troodos)

These are the 3 bases on mountain tops in the Troodos area.

Base A (2 big balls and 2 small ones)

Base B (One big ball and a huge antenna)

Base C (One ‘dodecahedron’ marked big ball)

I was surprised (but not too much) this is to be expected from them hehe [Image Can Not Be Found] to see that these 3 bases are on the corners of a nearly perfect equilateral triangle [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

This is not including the huge one that was gifted by Kelly and Tony some months ago. Which is somewhere else on the mountains, I’ll get back to that later.

So we started by base A and gifted around 50-70 TBs all around the base. And one big HHG planted with the point going downwards as we had no earthpipe, we thought that might be good.

Planting orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found]

Some fake warning sign, there was no dog…

Well I can’t remeber which one is which on these pictures, there were 2 big balls:

2 mini balls:

and some of the installation

There were lovely styphs everywhere above us and all around the sky while we did the gifting, as you can already see on the pictures of the installations [Image Can Not Be Found]

Now to base B, there we gifted also about 60 TBs all around the place

The sky at the end of the day [Image Can Not Be Found] Many sylphs still all around

We had run out of orgonites again [Image Can Not Be Found]

And it was getting dark so Base C will be for another day [Image Can Not Be Found]

Later when going back home. Chemtrails?? Sylphs??

The 2 gifted bases

[Image Can Not Be Found]

10th of June

From that day on Tony had to start working again so all the rest of the gifting I did alone, all the big targets were done by now, now it was more observation time [Image Can Not Be Found]

I am really grateful, he took 10 days of holiday just for gifting, this is awesome, Thank you again!

And I thank my mum for letting me stop around every single antenna we encoutered while going around the island!

This day was more relax, I gifted dams and reservoirs on the way and some antennas.

Some antennas

A Dam

Some reservoirs

A haarp array in the mountains that must be found and gifted? I couldn’t find where it is??

And the weatherball gifted by kelly and tony some months ago.

Approximately the gifted areas

[Image Can Not Be Found]

11th of June

Again some relaxed gifting while exploring the island and the mountains.

Some antennas gifted on the mountain tops

One big antenna gifted in Pafos.

Two big tubes [Image Can Not Be Found]

Then the phenomena I started seeing everyday from this day on, ‘clouds explosions’ above the 3 trodoos bases gifted the earlier days.

This is how it expanded, sorry if the pictures are not from the same place, we were moving by car during the day to explore the island.

Approximately the gifted areas

[Image Can Not Be Found]

12th of June

Some other antennas:

This antenna had some other haarp installation right in the middle of the mountain, looking like the ones in limassol bay!

Some rain on the way [Image Can Not Be Found]

A cloud explosion again today, but I was moving around so I don’t have pictures from the same point of view.

The next cloud explosion after the first [Image Can Not Be Found]

Another sylph/cloud? somewhere else on the mountains

Another cloud explosion somewhere else in the mountains.

A small weather ball above kykkos monastery that I couldn’t gift, no road access and my mum didn’t want to wait two hours for me to climb up and down the mountain [Image Can Not Be Found]

I still hid many orgonites near the monastery which was about 500-1000m away by bird-fly

I had another more important target to attend before the end of the day! The last big weatherball on the triangle in troodos. (Base C) from 9th June.

This one was quite a long way away from the road, I had to walk in the mountains for about 30 mins just to reach it [Image Can Not Be Found]

This one is really different from all the other weatherballs there.

I planted about 50 TBs and one HHG inverted, with the point pointing toward the ground and an earthpipe.

From there I could see the 2 other bases.

And some sylphs that were there during the gifting

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The red dot is the last gifted weatherball

The green dot is the kykkos monastery small weatherball.

13th of June

This was the last day I had some 40 TBs left and gifted some more antennas:

A Haarp antenna near the asprokermmos dam (with the cloud explosion behind):

A big antennas target on top of pafos:

And the cloud explosion like the previous days:

or from another camera:

I don’t know why the color is like that, it was in the sun, that was another explosion starting up again!

Sylphs at the sunset:

The gifted zones/antennas

[Image Can Not Be Found]

14th of June

Gifting was finished by then, no more orgonites, well 1000+ TBs already enough the whole island was gifted everywhere I went.

Just observing some more clouds explosion, always starting in the middle of the mountains:

15th of June

Last day, still some clouds explosion in the mountains

And lastly before leaving nice sylphs appeared to say goodbye it seems

Well it was a very interesting trip, this island is a great place to visit.

Thanks Tony for your help and hospitality.

Thanks to my mum

Thanks to our sky friends.

Thanks to our sea friends.

And to any other lifeform that helped us and made this trip so wonderful.

Ah finally I’m done it took me more than 10 hours to prepare the photos and another 10 hours to write this report, I started today at 14h, it is now midnight!! I’m glad to report all this and that this island is out of reach for the parasites

Finally here is a link to a google map showing approximately all the gifted areas. … e9&t=h&z=8

The red balloons (with a balck dot) are the weatherballs properly localised (you can zoom)

The green baloons without a dot are the haarp antennas properly localised (you can zoom)

The green baloons with a dot are the the places that still are ungifted

The blue baloons are gifted places properly localised (you can zoom)

The only yellow dotted baloon is the weatherball that was gifted by Tony and Kelly previously

The ‘I’ signs are informations for the parasites as to where to find all the orgonites on the territory [Image Can Not Be Found] but they are not properly localised, I just placed them approximately, have fun many of the gifted mobile phone antennas are not in this report anyway [Image Can Not Be Found]

The only place I couldn’t locate were the haarp arrays I show on the 10th of june, these need to be gifted too.

And some other single haarp antennas, I’m sure Tony will finish the job one day [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hello everyone,

Here is a little history on how i got into orgonite and please excuse my poor writing skills and bare with me [Image Can Not Be Found]

I started gifting in Cyprus in the summer of 2006.
I was aware of the NWO,HAARP,chemtrails etc… from a younger age and was depressed for some time.The reason? because it seemed to me absolutely nothing could be done to help.

My country was having trouble with water -we didn’t have any- and i was sure that TPTB were responsible for that, and so i started the search for a Rain making device.
Eventually i run into the Croft CB and i got hooked instantly. I went out and bought my resin,crystals and metals and started making orgonite.

In the meantime i started noticing how many towers were around and it didnt take me long to start gifting.
I started by doing all the local towers around the neighborhood.

The change i witness was amazing. Only by busting a dozen or so towers.

Looking out the window one noticed incredible amounts of POR which was visible to anyone.
Only by holding a single HHG pointed to the sky from the roof of a building me and others witnessed clouds generate.

Having done that many times i wondered if i could actually create rain using this method. So one day i got about 6-7 tbs and a couple of HHGs on the roof and waited.

Clouds started to manifest before my eyes above of the devices and nearby clouds were starting to come closer.
Eventually the sky became black and it seemed that it was about to rain. I stood by and watched the whole deal move to my west.
So i got into my car and drove to the direction of the clouds ending up in a small village just out of town. Yes it was raining alright, i had never seen such big raindrop before. It sounded like rock falling on my car.

That day i fell in love with orgonite and ordered a CB online shortly after having this experience.

Towersbusters and HHGs cant replace a full sized CB of course and to this day i cannot explain why i witnessed such dramatic results with just a few devices.
Possibly my intense will to create rain and alot of help from elementals created the rain.

Soon afterward as i mention above, i got my CB which i setup on the veranda on the 3rd floor of a building and for about a month i was watching how it worked very closely.
As i expected the difference ALL OVER the island was more than breathtaking.
I watched 100s of km’s long sylphs cover the whole island, cleaning and keeping dark energy away.Its all well documented in the form of pictures.

HAARP didnt seem to stand a change, it was transmuted by the CB and the plethora of sylphs near instant.
This went on for a couple of months until i noticed slowly slowly the positive effects decreasing.
I went around the island and took notes of how the Clouds and sylphs behaved and from what direction the came from.
It appeared that the darksiders were trying to close up any possible POR sources and “windows” the sylphs could come in.

White smog started showing up around the island in the sea which i guess means HAARP was installed underwater to control the moisture and perhaps positive energy flowing over the land.
As time was going by,HAARP was gaining more and more ground which led to eventually my CB not working as it should and so i started mass gifting.

Due to work and other restrains i could not gift as much as i wanted at the time, so i did my best at the time.

There are about 50-60 HAARP towers alone only in the greek-cypriot (half is occupied by the Turkish military) side of the island, and considering the size of the island that ALOT of HAARP.
Not to mention a bunch of weather balls strategically positioned always. [Image Can Not Be Found]

The British freaks have 3 bases in the South and most of the HAARP is located there.
They call their arrays “PLUTO 2”, No worries though Fabien and I paid them a nice visit.
Unfortunately the interesting part (their Airbase,where chemtrails jet take off, and most of the darkness is im guessing ) is restricted to public access and so it remains ungifted.

Laozu Kelly informed me a few months ago that he would be traveling in the middle east and so he visited Cyprus also.
You can read his report on .
Many thanks to goes to him for boosting my moral and opening some vortexes on the island.

Fabien then writes me asking if i would like to gift with him around the island which of course i was more than happy to say yes.
He was kind enough to write the report so i will only post a few pictures later on also in this thread.

I think its safe to say that the Island is getting back on its feet (weather and energy wise), step by step.

I owe it all to Kelly,Fabien and any unseen help that came toward our way.If it were for these guys it would have taken me lots of time to get this all this done alone.

Enough said i think.


Hi Fabien and Antoine.

You guys are doing great work there (against heavy odds; it must be said).
Orgonite will always win; it’s a foregone conclusion and I actually feel sorry the shit-bag NWO who don’t stand a chance.

I had a similar experience when gifting Bali; the initial splendid effects fading after a while.
It’s not the transmutation potential of the orgonite that fades, of course; they just crank up the DOR transmitters that are out of range of our TBs.

The scales were tipped heavily in my favour when I started dumping hundreds of TBs in the ocean for the Dolphins to distribute to juicy targets on the sea floor.
I think that Cyprus will share similar dymanics to the Indonesian achipelago in that there are many more places to put death-tech underwater than on land.

In this way I seem to have restored the heavy monsoon rains.
The most obvious and instant measure of success is that the smog disappears over the sea and the horizon looks crisp rather than hazy.

Well done and good luck.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply.

That is exactly my plan now; to dump lots of orgonite into the sea for the dolphins to distribute.
It will take a good one thousand TBs i think to remove the smog keeping in mind the area that needs to be covered.
When i travelled to Israel the smog and dor was consisten all the way from Cyprus to Tel aviv, so im guessing there not short of towers in the water.
Plus half of the island is under occupiation by the Turkish army (since 1974) and i cannot gift there at the moment. They are not too short of towers on that side of the island either.

Fabien and I when on a Dolphin safari and the guy was very interested in orgonite and he told me i could go on the boat free of charge anytime.
So now i have access to a boat also.


I promised i whould up some pictures also.Enjoy.

We got our first rains of the season a few weeks ago.

Looking like a promising winter.

Huge tree in Ayia Napa. A type of Fig if i remember correctly.

Our ride into the ocean, 900hp!!

Cape Greco HAARP Arrays, a French listening post. Gifted by land and see.


We had to hike a bit to get to this base in the occupied zone.A turkish military base.

And yes, we tresspassed [Image Can Not Be Found]

Akrotiri Military base (British) in Limassol. Pluto 2 Arrays.About 25-30 HAARP towers in the area + 3 weatherballs.

Restricted Area in Akrotiri, their airport.

Were the chemtrails planes land and take off, remains ungifted.

More Pluto2.

Friends. [Image Can Not Be Found]



Another british base in the highest point in Cyprus, Troodos Mountain.

About 4-5 weatherballs in that base alone and alot of towers.

Enough orgonite to bust 10 times that.

In the picture are what appear to be Telescopes of some sort (???) Notice the upper part that slides open.


Troodos mountain again, Olympus peak, A Cypriot military base.

Houses radars,weatherballs and odd looking towers.

See above description.

Akrotiri base (limassol) dam.

Lizards showering with charged water now.



More friends.

Total 21 pictures.

Thanks for reading.


Wow Braikar, excellent gifting expedition!
Thank you for the report and the great many pics. I get excited just hearing about it.
Fantastic pics. I know pictures only show a small percentage of the confirmations seen
while being there but again, nice work!

Fantastic !
I am very happy that you are gifting this big installations (meteo, aeronautic and military radars and big arrays in mountains). All it are moving air mases and destroing rain clouds, for desertizing south of Europe.

I am gifting very strongly, but now i dont tell and show my operations and installation because i think in Spain groups of people are searching my orgonite (electronite) (1)[/url:2qc03kl6 (2)[/url:2qc03kl6 in big installations. Do you think is counterproductive to say where we work ? However I believe that great Installations of climate change must be gifted every 6 months or year.

I wait this island gifting helps all south europe to bring more rains

All the best.

My personal web
Insulted me and I ban me in a weather forum where I tried to explain my ideas
Web page where i denounced artificial weather modification with antennas and spraying. And how can be stopped

Hi Je,

I admire your work in Spain. Your country is on the top of my want-to-visit list.
A friend had told me a few years ago that Spain shares identical climates/drought conditions with Cyprus.
You seem to have changed the situation there and im on the road to doing it also here.

I whould say its counterproductive to give any clues where your going to gift before doing so.
Specially if its an important to them place, like underground bases etc…
I think they can detect gifted sites easily by now.

I know for a fact that when im on the road, specially close to their bases they keep a close eye on me.
That doesnt get me down of course.

A few years ago i used to deliver household items all over Cyprus with a van.
One day i had to visit a client in Limassol,near their biggest base, which is now 90% gifted by me and Fabien.
I thought about taking a bag of tbs with me and pass through the base and gifting 3 weathers balls and one of their HAARP farms there.

So i did.
Upon entering their base,i found that there were no people or cars moving,which got me a little nervous but continued down the twisty mountain roads towards the towers.

At one point i notice a black BMW racing out of a fenced area and starting approaching my van rapidly.
I knew instantly the car was sent to intercept my gifting and soon i whould be very close to the towers so i stepped on the gas at an attempt to loose them around the bends.

I failed due to the lack of power of my van. So for several kilometers the BMW was glued to my rear end and i was unable to throw out the Tbs.
In the car were 2 agents, one female one male,wearing black shades.The female skunk was driving.

The whole time i was in there the most beutyful COLOURFUL sylph was above me. I have yet to see a similar sylph since that day.

Agent Ugly like hell and Agent Lizard “escorted” me out of the base and i lost them after making a quick turn into the highway.

My points are that, They do know whats going on most of the time. There are methods of being less detectable i read though, like Succor punches block survailence it is said and not carrying a cell phone…

My second point is that….YES your base is now gifted.

My third point is that….On second thought, i will leave the orgonite to do the talking.


Thanks for reading.


Hello Antoine. Thank you very much.

Before gifted so much meteo, aeronautic and military radars the air mases moving is more dificult and the rain fall more. I have a electric theory about it, where electrons are needed for rain clouds formation, i think solar and galactic radiation transport electrons to planet, magnetosphere or ionosphere lead it to poles and after all this electric energy go out for diferent points in planet. These points often coincide with the antennas. When you put electronite (orgonite) (1)[/url:3ig035ec (2)[/url:3ig035ec around it the antenas cant destroy this electric flux and the clouds (nimbus, celular) create. (other problem are chemtrails over it that i cant control). Spain is full of antenas, radars, etc… and when we are gifted this control was stoped.
Unfortunately radars in Canada, Iceland, England, Norway, Azores and Canary Islands can be diverting atlantic fronts for dont touch Spain.

The change in Spain was(is) incredible. Some years ago before our intensive gifting of climatic change facilities the goverments and “green” groups said:
Spain will be a desert ! (especially Southeast) Then we focus our work to save the area. Today, and contrary to all statistical and forecast last 2 years the Spanish Southeast has received more rain than in the past 1decades.

Look news last month:

Snow in Summer in Sierra Nevada (Granda) at 13 September 2009 ! … ra-nevada/ … ra-nevada/

Until 400 liters/m2 in zones of Levante and Murcia … 3273.shtml

Look the rains the last week in Alicante y Murcia:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Some news years ago: … tion.spain … 07203.html
(But that figure climbs to almost 100% in Alicante and Murcia)

I think rain wants to enter the interior of the peninsula but spraying and antennas (not gifted) stop the cumulonimbus and falls all on the same place catastrophically.
The Spanish authorities should make public the operations and stop climate change so that high winds and floods cease. If this peration stop the rain falls naturally gentle watering throughout Spain.

Stop desertification is simple. I wait somebody wakeup in Australia and stop that madness.

Climatic change its only the symptom of rain controls.

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