Dancan Omollo Jailed in Kenya

Mrs Odondi has told me that Dancan was arrested at the post office when he opened a box of (I think) aluminum shavings that were kindly sent to him by Eric to pass along to Christine in Sudan. Aluminum for orgonite makers is a luxury item in Africa [Image Can Not Be Found] as Carol and I know from having had to use steel in Namibia. When I went to Uganda I brought along a couple of large boxes full of aluminum shavings. Not even the American Gestapo were alarmed by that, nor were the airport secret squirrels in Johannesburg, along the way. An agent in Jo-burg airport did try to expropriate my boxes right as I arrived in the baggage claim area, though. I caught him in the act and he sort of slithered away. If he were a legitimate thief he’d go after luggage, not a couple of beat-up cardboard boxes.

The excuse was that the cops felt that the material was for making weapons but of course this is simply the first ‘official’ move to oppose our friends’ healing efforts, there. It looks like an ordinary sting operation to me, planned well in advance.

We’ll get busy for him in the chatroom but, meanwhile, anyone who’s reading this who has a knack for psi work is welcome to go to work, appropriately, on the people who are pulling the cops’ strings, which I assume are MI6, CIA and/or Jesuits. I’m posting this to also help expose the corporate freaks behind this, too. They’re waging war against all of humanity so I think it’s kind of stupid not to resist them efficiently.

If, like me, you’re not particularly psychic you can help Dancan by sending plenty of focused heart energy to him and to his jailers.

You might not know that Judy Lubulwa was arrested, several years ago in Nairobi for distributing orgonite in the environment. The people who were controlling those cops wanted to put her in prison for it and we worked on this in the chatroom, then she was released without being charged. They really tried to terrorize her in jail but she’s a warrior.

Georg, Tino, Carlos and Prophet were arrested for tossing orgonite in a reservoir in Mozambique, almost two years ago (as you hopefully remember) and after three months they were released without being charged, though the sewer rats tried really hard to get them prison sentences and even Dr James DeMeo tried to prevail on the court to get them imprisoned. I rarely mention our enemies (he’s been an outspoken, malefic opponent of orgonite for over ten years) but I referred to this stuffed-academic-shirt jackass as ‘Dr DeMento’ for awhile, after that.

Not long after they were released, three of our friends in East Africa, including Christine’s husband, Salva Kirr, were murdered. Six months or so after that, the surviving companions started to prosper after they had demonstrated orgonite’s value to a number of farmers and commercial fishermen. The tide had finally turned in Africa, then. Another positive outcome that I think orgonite was partly responsible for is the new independence of Southern Sudan, to which treaty talks Christine was a delegate. Doc Kayiwa of Uganda, who had taken care of some of the logistics for Georg and I when we were in Uganda, had been distributing a lot of his orgonite in Southern Sudan over the past five years; even had the use of an army helicopter on one campaign. He promised to send me a written report.

Let’s see if we can turn this temporary misfortune into an asset for our friends in East Africa, okay? Mrs O and Christine might also post their insights.

I’m hoping that a positive outcome to this will demonstrate, yet again, that the corporate world order is NOT genuinely powerful but is merely parasitic and, by now, merely reactionary.

Our friends in Kenya wisely made it possible for one of their own to enroll in the police academy last summer, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found]


To us concerning the incident which took place to Dancan i could not blame much the police nor anybody concerning all these but all are due to suspicion that currently the people of Kenya are facing due to the frequent threats of external attack from the neighboring country the Somalians. On these concept all that they would looked into details is to check and determine what type of materials are there in the box before they come up with such dreadful conclusion that finally lead to an arrest.
Now on this account we will work tirelessly and apply all the necessary means to see that our colleague is set free.Also since now we have come to realize that the ground that we are treading is not all that clear, we will try at all cost to be intellectual enough in our dealing with people, the way we will be transporting and distributing the product to minimize such like hazards that might tend to derail our progress.
Thanks Mrs O

[Image Can Not Be Found]

They’re only aluminum shavings for Dancan’s sake.

Maybe I should not have been so honest to list aluminum shavings as the contents in the package on the custom slip ?
Most bad guys sending parcels of bomb making material to Kenya probably don’t go that far to alert customs of what
they’re sending. [Image Can Not Be Found]
Hopefully, Dancan will be released soon and no charges will be filed.

I’m sure Dancan explaiined to the police that the metal shaviings were for making orgonite to bring life force healing
energy into Kenya and not for bomb making.

This mess must be a total misunderstanding.

Dancan please insist that you get the aluminum shavings back after you’re released and let us all know that you made out ok.

Good Luck [Image Can Not Be Found]


Thx, folks–we’re still going to work on this in the chat on Sunday and one or two of the psychics are probably already on it. Carol is gone for a few days but I’ll tell her about it on the phone, tonight, and will post her comments after she takes a peek.

Eric, it’s good to have your comments for the record.

Mrs O, we’re more than confident that you’ll navigate a safe way through these troubles for everyone who is involved, there.


Hi Everyone!
I am very much greatful for the aid of Eric, for the contribution he has made to our business. Despite the fact that my brother is arrested, I am sure that once we make sure he is out of the custody, we are going to ensure that we apply methods A,B,C… up to the end to ensure that we get them back, even if it means sacrificing my life so as to continue. We can’t afford to loose such important this in the name of fear. We are now very busy, working on a way of getting him out of the custody.
I personally went to see the materials, and even some of our trainees were unable to say, Let it go!

Hi Benedict

You may want to inform the police that the aluminum shavings I sent are meant for a school project and
that the students are depending on the aluminum shavings that they are holding to make orgonite.


On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 11:57 PM, Atieno Odondi <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Don,
Dancan was today taken before the court of law, and accirding to the information giiven to the magistrate, and the outstanding rulling after listening to the case, he was found guilty of the circumstance. He was sentenced for a four year imprisonment, or an alternative fine of $2125. We have made to discussion of the issue, and we are so far able to contribute some cash of and the the log book of our motorbike a total which sums up to $2045. We therefore run short of $550.We made this contribution with Benedict who has played a very surprising role in the issue by contributing the amount he had been saving for his college. He decided to give the whole of this out at the expence of his brother. We expect Ccristine tonight. Nicholas and Chris are already here with us.
Among the efforts made by the law court was the inquiry of whether we have the licence of the business. They wanted to come to the places where we could explain on how and where we made these things.
Finally, we say thank you to Erick who has made a great effort in helping us. The suspicion has risen from the fact that there is an insecurity threat in the country by some terrorists, and so we were suspected to be one of them.

Thanks, Mrs O


I wrote a bunch of stuff, here, but it disappeared, just now, before I could post it. So maybe it’s worth writing again & adding a few more thoughts [Image Can Not Be Found] :

Typically, when the corporate world order can’t just erase people they’ll do what they can to disenfranchise them. Just look at history. The expansion of our friends’ business in Kenya no doubt alarms these parasites but murder didn’t work in the past in Kenya. Terrorism, which they create and sponsor, is one of their favorite scapegoats–has been since the late 1900s

Look at how fast Dancan was railroaded into court! I’m sure the people who arranged that had no clue that our friends could raise the money in such a short time. To get it from abroad would have taken a few days and I think that’s what they were counting on. Georg, Tino, Carlos and Prophet languished in a Mozambique jail in 2009 for three months without being charged. Georg and Axel were in that Zimbabwe jail for ten days in 2008, then were released without being charged. Judy in Nairobi was in jail for a week before she was released without being charged. Can you see my point?

I’m eager to see what the psychics will find in Sunday’s chat. Carol took a peek when I talked to her on the phone, last night, and simply said it’s a government move against our friends’ business.

I’m absolutely counting on this generating a whole lot of public attention in Kenya, now, which should translate as increased demand for orgonite.

Carol and I engage in guerilla manufacturing, which is to say that we will NOT get a business license and the assembly work for our zappers is mostly done in other people’s homes. We’re prepared to live on the road, again, if we need to. We did that for a year after the feds railroaded our main competitor into prison. He played by their rules, so was an easy mark. No zapper maker has been touched since then & that was eleven years ago [Image Can Not Be Found] . I think part of our safety until now has been our lawful public stance against tyranny. These fart hammers have to content themselves with trying to kill us with poison, none of which has worked, thx to the measures we take to stay healthy. We feel better than every, by the way. Slander usually backfires on them in our case.

I’m not trying to make our African friends’ problem about Carol an I but I think they can benefit from our experience.

The best resource of any business is the people and you can see that these folks will prevail. Each of them are dynamos. I think they’ll be relatively safe because even the three murders, on the eve of their resounding success last year, was counterproductive for the corporate/agency sewer rats.

If you can materially help them, money is the best contribution for now. They’re going to get back on their feet, no doubt, due to the demand that has been generated for their products, but planting season is coming up next month and they could really use some money to buy resin. You can contact Mrs O at [email protected] for those arrangements.

Eric’s aluminum was bound for Christine in S. Sudan, who has a hard time finding metal for orgonite but the folks in Kenya have a plentiful supply. Although Southern Sudan has gotten autonomy the postal system is not yet viable, there. That’s why Eric sent the aluminum to Dancan in Kenya. What is that country going to be called, by the way? Did you know it’s the home of the Nuba people?

It would be foolish to assume that their miraculous effort in Kenya and the surrounding countries would not be opposed, of course.

It may seem a little callous of me, but these folks have been my friends for many years and it wss only a little over a year ago that many of them were on the verge of starvation, due to a long, artificial drought and a lot of economic sabotage. Mrs O was unable, on her own, to afford a bag of corn to feed herself and the people who depend on her, including David and Emmah’s two orphaned children.

With donated funds a few months later, mainly from Frode in Norway, they made a bunch of orgonite for some garden plots for Mrs O and Christine and for Nicholas’ and Chris’ farms. Dancan also immediately started tossing large numbers of orgonite pieces from his fishing boats into Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria, then. In a few months, the abundance of their produce and the improved catches of fish attracted other farmers’ and fishermen’s attention and they were able to sell enough orgonite to start a viable business last summer, then were no longer dependent on outside help.

Within a few more months, some tobacco and tea plantations had purchased large amounts of orgonite, along with other large farms in the region. Our friends also gave large quantities of orgonite to farmers and fishermen in neighboring countries. They evidently spent more on promotion than they did on infrastructure and I think that promotional, sacrificial effort is about to pay off for them.

Raising two grand in a couple of days, even though they had to sacrifice to do it, is another evidence of their success, I think. Fortunately, the orgonite business is mainly labor-oriented rather than capital-oriented and this is probably something else that the corporate world order can’t comprehend [Image Can Not Be Found]

So, I hope you can see by now that they are not victims in this case. They don’t need pity but they do deserve applause. Sending money to Mrs O to help them get more resin will be a nice jab at the underbelly of the corporate world order, too.

Our friends are probably in a position to be paid in advance by farmers and fishermen for orgonite by now. It’s a sweet thing when the opposition of the corporate (zombie?) sewer rats ultimately benefits us. Carol and I have seen this again and again in terms of our own business and we’ve seen it in the expansion of this forum effort, too, which increased after each time the NSA and MI6 sabotaged the forum and its servers, abroad.



If you would get the matter clear with the court and the local cops on whether aluminum shavings are allowed in
Kenya then I would like to send another box to you.
Dancan should get it in writing too that the court will allow him to receive aluminum shavings.
Once the court gives you permission to get the shavings I will send more.
Perhaps, I should mail them to the local police station and you can pick them up from them [Image Can Not Be Found]
I could put a $20.00 bill in the box too and the cops can go out and have a pizza on me for
being so kind to not railroad my Kenyan friend back into jail. [Image Can Not Be Found]

If they refuse to give you back the shavings I sent, please tell them that I want to have them sent back to me.

My mailing address is Eric Carlsen P.O. Box 4114 Tisbury , MA 02568 USA

I am so glad that even though it is a huge amount of money to pay off the crooked judge that he was
willing to take the money over sending Dancan to prison.

I did not tell you to do this, but that courthouse and police station where Dancan was held needs gifting. [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think it would be a great idea to scan the police report and the judge’s order and post it on the internet.

The arrest and then fine of Dancan’s is newsworthy to the rest of the world and with a few key strokes I can make
Dancan’s arrest into a media sensation [Image Can Not Be Found]


That’s very generous, Eric. I think that when this gets resolved you can send more aluminum to them without risking their imprisonment. I really hate the way the corporate world order uses their own directed, well funded terrorist activities to take away people’s freedom all around the world. It’s happening in a lot of countries, now; not just the US, Israel, Mideast and UK.

For now, I’m waiting in the chatroom this morning, having emailed the participants, in case some of them are able to get in there and see if we an help Dancan in the shorter term. Dancan’s not in the clear, yet.


We’re in the chat, now, a few minutes after I posted the above. Gene, Hyperion and his wife, Nancy & myself–more than enough talent and we’re getting some pretty good intel in preparation for working on the targets (in a loving way [Image Can Not Be Found] ) and we’ll also do what we can for Dancan’s well being.


I think we’re about done in the chat. The judge showed up as the main culprit but after he got the treatment some sponsors were seen in the shadows, evidently abandoning the judge. This may bode well for Dancan.

The sponsors were seen as businessmen but the psychics didn’t pursue them, this time. Maybe we’ll get busy with them on Sunday–good, clean fun.

Gene saw the same judge directly involved with the theft of Dancan’s fishing nets a few weeks ago, though his lackeys actually took the nets, apparently.
That, too, was probably aimed at interfering with the orgonite business but someone donated money to Dancan to get new nets, then.

I don’t know if this will manifest as Dancan’s release from jail but i’m glad we at least did what we can for him, today. We’ll do more Sunday, even if he’s released. The judge evidently wanted very badly to throw him into prison, we believe.

When enough people get sick and tired of being governed by criminals this horror will come to a peaceful end throughout the world.

Mrs O and perhaps Benedict will probably post an update for us in a few hours.


We’re keeping the chat session going because the psychics found a possible connection with facilities deep under the middle and north part of Lake Victoria, also a facility under the Ehteiopian end of Lake Turkana, that somehow figures into the attack on the orgonite business by the judge/criminal/lackey.

We probably won’t get very far with this, today, but on Sunday there will be more psychics in the mix. Googleearth shows blurrred out sections of both lakes in the spots where the psychics saw activity–nice confirmation! You might not know that googlearth blurs out the underground bases, so if you want to know where these despicable hives are in your area, just go hunting with googleearth! [Image Can Not Be Found] and then load up with earthpipes and have at it.

It’s little bit like the way the corporate world order showed us ley lines and vortices by putting their death towers along and on them in 2001/2. Who would ever have guessed that global tyranny would supply us with valuable intel for taking away their stolen power?

Orgonite threatens big business in Africa;, also threatens that parasitic regime. We’re starting to think that the dirty judge made that move because orgonite is on the threshold of popular acceptance and demand in Kenya.


Thanks for the materials you send we are in the process of sorting the case and we hope it wont happen again.This week alot of import goods have been locked in police station but we have talked to those people and they have agreed to free him if we can pay the fine.Thanks you very much Eric for the materials you send to Dancan may God bless you.Ihope you will send them to me one day dont be worried. Orgonite have really transformed our area

I manage to reach Dancan, and talked to him about the incident,he told that he was told to open up the box which had the content from our friend Eric,and when they saw the content they start suspecting that these materials might be for making bad weapons at the same time there are some items that he never included in the custom slip.Dancan told me that he tried by all means to convince them by stating to them the purpose and the use of these items but they refused to listen to him.Lastly they decided to lock him up for further investigation.So right now me together with our fellow business counterparts we have gone to the judge we have tried to convince him so that he may canceled but all cannot happened without money.Things are just key for even the judge commented that the police who arrested him also did a bad thing.When the police was called he said that Dancan never argued well abused him for failure to understand all these explanation well.The problem with our Kenyan police is that when they arrest you even if you are just right they like to put allegation against.
I m sure after Dancan release we will make sure that we take these items and use them even Mrs O will still be indeed of them .Only the fine was allitle bit much and for now we are still looking for $450.Meanwhile we thank you much for those materials and iv m sure i will back with them after doing all the necessary clearance

Actually its really a heart breaking but all will be well very soon . For sure Dancan issue had been a painful information but we are very sure we hope that we will succeed.We arrive there at the right time and do al the necessary we have consulted with the judge who even appeared to more positive towards our plea for Dancan release, he even called the police who arrested Dancan and finally we released that they would have not arrested him but only that he proved to be too rude to the officers who tried to inquire valuable information as per the state and the work of those materials.But all in all things will be okey only that they wanted much money so that they release him.Right now we have manage to raise almost three quarter of the much which they needed till we only remain with $450.And i hope if all go well soon he will be out and even the product we will take and use them for the project of making the orgonites
Even the people our nation through our effort will have to experience the effective change of the product.Otherwise i hope soon things shall be okay.

We are trying to remove Dancan from the police cell before deadline.we really need those materials Eric they are very good we hope it will help us alot i will send you my box number about the police abstract we will send after the case. ThanksMrs O.

Hi Eric,
I still say thank you very much for the advice that you fellows are giving to us. We are trying our best to ensure that we let my brother out of the police custody. We know that it’s just the fact that we are making greater progress that these people are feeling like we are out of track as far as the law is concerned. We are happy to note the great move by our great friends who are so concerned with the problem that befalls us. Thank you very much and we pray for such hearts. Unlike the recent past when the police used to beat the suspects, we believe my brother is not molested. Though the Aluminum sent was not as that dangerous as they thought, the Kenyan police are usually after money which they get by not following the right procedure, and that’s why we are after making a change in the police department.

Our business partner Dancan who was arrested about a week and a half ago had been released at last.He was arrested when he went to collect some materials for making orgonite which our friend Eric sent for making a high quality orgonites.The police miss took the product thinking that they could be used to make harmful chemical.
These event really high lighted us concerning some facts we should register the business with the immediate effect so that we will have proper security to avoid fear.Another thing that i learn from the event is that our nation needs a lot of gifting to cub all sorts corruption.