'Dances With Chinese Death Transmitters'

Jeff (Jackson), thanks for posting the accounts of our efforts. I want to add to the record that after this weeks trip to the Keys Jeff and I will probably do the next tier or two of death transmitters that are in the really deep water between here and the Bahamas

When I launched the boat from a steep wave top at Jupiter Inlet that day I think we reached an altitude of about ten feet [Image Can Not Be Found] and Jeff is too genteel to have let me know that in order to avoid the really rough stuff on our way out it’s a good idea to turn right at the end of the south jetty.

It’s good for Carol that she picked a boat that’s even more unsinkable than the Titanic.

Finding underwater death transmitters is going to be in vogue before long, grid willing. Sometimes they show up on sonar as vertical dark lines and some of them show up as hard lumps on the seabed. The dolphins show up as huge fish symbols because the sonar bounces from air pockets in sea creatures and our buddies have lungs.

Jeff mentioned last week that he was talking with a commercial fisherman who was ecstatic because all of a sudden they’re catching a lot of fish out where we busted our first range of underwater bad things. We saw an awful lot of fish boats out there the next time we went out and started busting the stuff to the north, by the way.

Poetic justice is that these underwater monsters attract lots and lots of fish, which are snacks for the dolphins and smaller whales as well as livlihood for fishermen. On the most recent sortie Carol saw a big Undine coming up out of the water after we’d covered about 35 miles from Jupiter Inlet going northeast along the shelf. Right after that we came on a big sea turtle sunning itself. He remained on the surface for about 20 seconds after we stopped

The dreamer Jeff referred to is our new White German Shepherd pup, Neha, who is getting acclimated to being on a boat and sleeps a lot. She’ll start posting, too, before long. She insists on a username, ‘Jaws.’ We felt that it was time to get a watchdog on account of all the trespassers, both 3D and astral, and if you feel like checking us out some night you ought to wear some astral kevlar underwear, okay?

That day was exceptionally calm for the winter but on our way back the wind picked up and it started to get a little rough. I drove, so it was a rough ride [Image Can Not Be Found]

We ducked into St Lucie Inlet, about 20 miles north of Jupiter, so we could drive down the Intracoastal Waterway and avoid the rough stuff. It got dark before we got back to Jupiter and I almost got a speeding ticket [Image Can Not Be Found] We got up to 43 mph according to the GPS. Denny got it up to 45 in Charleston, behind Isle of Palms.

REally, to do this job justice requires aircraft and an onboard psi person. I’m going to do my best to get an ultralight this year, at least. There are apparently as many towers per square mile at sea as there are on land, unfortunately, but this network continues to expand so we’ll get it all done, I’m sure, in time to put the towermongers in jail.

‘Can you hear me?’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

Jeff, Carol and I are going to see whether we can bring that coral reef back to life in the southern Keys this year. I believe we can do it.

I was trying to put this in Jeff’s latest thread but was unable to post it. Steeve is still working out some bugs in the new program and I suspect that some of those bugs have last names, some perverse personal habits and work at Langley and/or Ft Meade; perhaps also at 10 Downing Street [Image Can Not Be Found]