Dave's Delightful Dolphin Dodecahedrons

A few weeks ago, Dave Rusin sent Carol and I some samples of his beautiful Dodecahedron orgonite items. These are teh same size as the dolphin balls that several vendors are making and Carol was quite intrigued and encouraged by the energy from them. Dooney saw them last weekend and wanted her own. The psychics are very pleased that the gems are located in each vertice of the dodec, too. Dave took a lot of care with these items and since the dolphins gave Dooney the dodecahedron technique they think the dolphins will be expecially gratified to receive gifts made in this shape and with the customary dolphin ball ingredients.

Too bad we’re not still in Florida because in that case we could probably have already gotten some feedback from the dolphins, themselves.

Yesterday, Carol remarked that the dodec shape would make terrific HHgs, suitable for tossing since it doesn’t matter how it lands. She feels, too, that the twelve pentagons will especially enhance the orgone-throwing characteristic of orgonite. Pyramid HHgs ought to be oriented according to the compass and cone and pyramid HHgs need to be set top-up in order to get the advantage of the shape. Tetrahedrons can be tossed, of course.

Dave made the molds for his dodec dolphin gifts. I suspect that the folks who sell dolphin balls won’t miss a beat if they choose to make some of them in this shape, since they’re otherwise made the same as the dolphin balls. Silicon molds aren’t difficult to make once one has a good model.

The best innovations sell themselves, of course, and it seems that Dave was inspired to make these in a timely way.

The US Navy slaughtered a lot of dolphins last week in New England, after a long hiatus, and I’m hoping that will spark more folks to toss orgonite in the sea, as Eric Carlson immediately did in Boston Harbor after the murders took place there.

I feel compelled to remind that fancy dolphin gifts are best tossed when one has gotten the attention of dolphins. They seem to have a way of keeping things like this and we know they appreciate special, personal gifts. I assume that one will know to carry a half dozen of the fancy gifts along with hundreds of TBs on an ocean-gifting run.

Maybe this will be the year when several folks will gift from cruise ships that travel through HAARPicane-generating waters, especially the North Pacific , offshore from Southern Mexico and, now, the North Atlantic. In that case, the gifters ought to take along some dolphin gifts with their TBs, I think. One is likely to interact with whales along the way in this case.

Thanks, Dave! Great job!


Hi Don,

Would Dave allow us to know how he makes his dodec HHG, how to make the mould and what he puts in it?

I’m not interested for selling them, but to be able to make better types of HHG. Indeed it would be much eaier to toss them in the sea.



Thanks very much for your kind words, Don! I’m really glad that you and Carol like them. Dooney and I have been in touch, and I’m going to send some to her and Stevo too.

Eventually, I’ll have a website set up to offer these for sale, but in the mean time if any EW members are interested just drop me a PM. Folks who read this board, but who aren’t members can also reach me at mailto:[email protected]
For EW members I’d even consider trading one of these for some tactical TBs and/or earthpipes to offset my tactical gifting costs.
Didier, I’d be happy to share with you how I made them.

I started off with a plastic model in the shape of a dodec. It is hollow and I learned the hard way that I had to fill it with BBs in order to weigh it down when making the mold. I coated the model with a release agent and put it in a plastic dish. Then using a liquid rubber urethane kit, after mixing in the catalyst, I poured the rubber into the plastic dish until the dodec model was covered. Once the rubber cures it solidifies but is still pliable enough to push the model out through the opening. The rubber I used was the 74-30 from http://www.uscomposites.com/moldmaking.html

The top of this pour ends up as the bottom of the mold so be careful not to pour it too thick on the top, because you need to be able to exert enough pressure on the bottom of the mold to force the cured orgonite out of the top opening, which is the size and shape of one face of the dodec. Also try to pour this on a level surface.

Don suggested making a mold with silicone, and I’m doing some experimenting now. My first experiment with a silicone mold didn’t work out too well. I think I need a softer silicone.


Now you have a mold in the shape of a dodec. Then you can pack it with shavings and crystals just as you would with any other mold. But for these I put a herkimer diamond wrapped in a big-secret style coil at the center. And I carefully place gemstones at each vertex as I pack the metal in. I use a little funnel to channel the shavings around the top end of the coil, and a wooden skewer to spread the shavings around to fill out the mold.

Once it’s packed you are ready to pour. I use nice clear epoxy resin for these and all personal pieces I make. The first picture below is of one I made for myself. The gemstones I used in that one are emerald, rose quartz, amethyst and sunstone. The other pictures are the ones I sent to Don and Carol. For theirs I used clear flourite, amethyst, sodalite, emerald and rose quartz. In the third picture below, the dodec on the right is plain orgonite (shavings, 1 quartz crystal and epoxy resin), which I sent for comparison.

And that’s basically it. They take a bit of time and effort to make, but I think they’re worth it.

I hope that helps.

I don’t know why the first pic is not showing up but you can see it here,






Dave, congratulations ,your dodec look gorgeous. It is certainly lots of work, placing all the crystals in each corner must be difficult.

Do you think cutting the dodec in half and making two halves that you solder afterwards would not work?


Wow very beautiful work Dave. They really shine out and sparkle beautiful energy.

Thanks for your compliments, Didier and Denis!


I thought about doing a two piece mold, also. That would probably require a harder rubber or silicone than I’ve used so that you can clamp the pieces together without deforming the shape. Making the piece in two halves is probably feasible too. Personally, I prefer to have it in one piece, and since I was able to make a functional mold I stayed with that.

I’m sure there’s more ways than one to make them, that’s just how I did it.

They look great and the energy seems very good !

Can I get a mold to make my own by trade or cash ?

I’m 2 miles from the Ocean and would love to make a few of these to gift it with .

After I read this post about making dodecahedrons and thought that you could make the dodecahedron mold out of cardboard or another more rigid paper, normal paper is too weak, I think and could deform when pouring. This way you can make a type of tactical dodecahedron, much like the party-hat HHGs. I did a google images search and found an image of a flat dodecahedron with edges to paste. Its from http://mathforum.org/alejandre/workshops/dodecahedron.net.html this can be printed, cut, folded and pasted and you got yourself a dodec mold….
the other image is from http://wikipedia.org/
If you cut out or leave out a pentagon from the mold, you can place the metal and crystals and pour the resin through this opening. You have to be careful in making the edges sealed, maybe some electrical tape would be optimal. you can remove the tape when the resin is hard.The result may not be as pretty as a rubber or silicon mold but its cheaper to make in large amounts and It doesn´t really matter if their pretty, I don’t think the dolphins will mind.