Davide's gifting trip on the Giza->Stonehenge ley line

Davide, one of my closest associates in North Italy did a small trip in France and Spain and caught the opportunity to gift a place of huge importance on the main ley line that runs from Giza (Egypt) to Stonehenge (England) , passing by Rome , I’m speaking of Rennes Le Chateau , I’m posting his nice photographic report.

The Ammo.

A good place to gift.

Church in Rennes, inscription says “locus iste terribilis est” , a latin phrase meaning “this place is terrible”.

Locus iste GIFTABILIS est [Image Can Not Be Found] Notice the brown devil statue figure.

Devil statue inside church, stylized drac ?

Inside the church.

This place is supposed to be the location where Miriam from Magdala stayed after coming in

Europe with some other of the Jesus disciplies.


Carcassonne la citè.

Gargoyles on church.

To see the complete photo collection go to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tupix2012/