Dealing With The Metal Myth Propagators

Don Croft
25 Aug 2008 13:55
Subject: Dealing With the Metal Myth Propagators
sounds like a ploy to slow down gifting, perhaps you could put this one your question and answer section
John [Scudamore of]

Hello John

Hope you don’t mind me dropping an e-mail to you with a query.

I have been studying the various on-line forums for some time now and have recently come across debates about the different qualities of metals that are used in Orgonite devices. Specifically the use of Aluminium.

My use of TBs have mostly been in natural environments such as water and woodland, however they are mostly near to houses, factories, towers etc. One of the debates seems to be about which metals are best for different purposes.

One poster was stipulating that aluminium was not really suitable for natural enviroments as its etheric quality was unsuitable for biological entities and he recommended that other metals such as copper for example were more appropriate.

He also reccomended that Aluminium was fine for cities and towers etc. As I live in an area that is a mix of built up areas and countryside this is an area of interest for me as I want to do the very best for the natural environment that I can.

I hope you don’t mind me asking and do not wish to cause offence as I love your products and have had great results but as a newbie to all this it can be a little confusing trying to get to the truth of the matter when there seems to be many different points of view.

all best wishes


This fellow obviously wants to get the job done right. On EW we’re careful not to make claims without backing them up, nor do we hold anyone up as an unquestionable authority on any of these matters.

DeMeo used to hammer us for using aluminum becuase Dr Reich had made a disparaging comment about that metal’s use in accumulators. I’ve never read Reich’s comment, so I’ll accept that DeMeo is telling the truth but Dr Reich, himself, advised people not to treat his comments as unquesitonable and he expected people to show him evidence when his assumptions turned out to be innacurate.

It’s a good thing for me that I didn’t read DeMeo’s book on orgone accumulators until after I’d read Serge King’s recommendations to use aluminum foil and plastic film for orgone accumulators because the latter works incredibly well–perhaps better than Reich’s (DeMeo’s) older recommendations and it’s also not as bulky or expensive.

Nearly all of us use aluminum for all of our field gifts because that’s the metal that’s easiest and cheapest to get, of course, also the easiest to work with.

On EW we focus on results, also on providing loads of reports and photographic evidence of our successes in the field. I don’t personally know anyone who uses anya metals besides aluminum and I think Eric Carlson has sent tons of it to gifters around the world who have a hard time finding metal on their own.

You can hopefully see why it’s in the interest of the world order to discourage the use of aluminum for orgonite. There are a lot of people who will keep subscribing to disreputable orgonite forums simply because they like the drama and intrigue that permeates those sites. EW is designed to attract people who are more inclined to do the work and to apply useful information but the truth is never as popular as Punch and Judy histrionics.

As with gems and coils, the more appropriate discussion about which metals to put in orgonite is how our personal devices can be tailored to specific uses, of course. There’s no end to productivity in this discussion and, hopefully, pretty soon Carol’s going to get her blogsite going in which she answers and comments on the email she gets about this stuff. Why not make it public? Other sensitives who have a talent in this area ought to also start talking publicly about it. I’m featuring Carol in this case because EW is my forum and she’s my closest partner in this effort but anyone, here, who has some skill and experience in this area and wants to make some recommendations is certainly free to do so. Javiera is one of those, for instance.

The only personal device Carol sells that has aluminum in it is her orgone pyramid but whenever she wants to make a special field piece, like the ones she made for Pele (Kilauea volcano) she adds specific stones and other elements to aluminum in the orgonite because she likes aluminum for field pieces.

Andy sent me a bunch of magnesium flakes a year or so ago and I made a little streamlined, personal cloudbuster for my aircraft with that. I want Carol to track the qualitative difference between this and aluminum, if there is one.

I think the challenge for any of us is to keep the enquiries open and avoid dogmatic pronouncements. On the other hand, whenever anyone makes claims like the one that confused the fellow who wrote to John, he or she is obligated to justify the claim. We expect people to hold our feet to the fire this way but the disinformation sites are set up to cleverly sidestep this simple obligation.

The question I first ask anyone who emails me to say he’s confused by the statements on disinformation forums and wants my opinion is, ‘Why do you go there?’ Cool I also ask them why they look at our stuff only after they get confused by the fakers.