Death Tower Photos from South Florida

These are some of the Towers Don and I gifted on our Sunday gifting run to the middle of nowhere south florida.

Let’s see an official explanation somewhere on the web for why they are using very large electrical conduit and cabling on these towers. Please make note that 90% of the Death Towers do not run off of the street side power lines . It’s impossible folks to provide enough juice to a dozen 1 inch lines from one lonely smaller line running down any street in america, without another source of energy. Close insepection of the towers will show that the source of the extreme energy they need is coming from another source, usually piped in from underground the bunker style buildings that are standing below the towers. The lines obviously have a connection to another network of lines below the ground,which of course you and I are not supposed to know about or question. Would any PR person from the

power company like to explain the how, where and why these underground power lines are

criss crossing the country without all us being informed about it ?