Dec 6: Global Moonbusting Project

I love the word, ‘global,’ because i consider the world to be my country and I believe that before I expire the Evil Axis (US/UK/Israel–Babylon’s present creatures) will have completely failed to incite any more ‘ethnic cleansing’ or achieve nuclear devastation so we’ll accelerate our progress toward universal peace, real freedom and prosperity. To the casually observant (not hypnotized by TV, academia or prostituted clergy) this process is already well under way. Our continued survival is another mark of progress. I’ve always been puzzled by the way some people prefer their own country over the species in general. I’m happy to be American, which is good since I’m incapable of being anything else Cool and I noticed that the Africans I met generally seemed to identify as natives of the dark continent, fist then as members of a tribe or followers of a religion. I think this will make it easier for them to develop vital trade and cultural exchanges over time. Native Americans hold continental PowWows and revel in the common features of their cultures but a hundred-fifty years ago some of these tribes were constantly at war with other tribes.

Michal has conceived a plan for as many people as possible around the world to aim our orgonite cloudbusters at the full moon on the evening of December 6. I’ll ask him to post more definitive details, here. Bear in mind that it may be necessary to add a meter to each of the six pipes or metal tubes in your CB, though. If you’re reading this you’re probably already aware that plastic pipes and plaster instead of resin doesn’t work. Those ideas have gained some acceptance by people who are hooked on disinformation–I think this unfortunate development has happened mostly in part of W. Europe and a smaller part of Southeast Asia.

I’ll also ask Michal to provide a good contact email address for this. If you want to report your action on Dec 6 to me you can email me at [email protected] and I’ll pass it along to Michal in Eastern Europe. He knows a fellow who has been fliming activity on the moon and that fellow will record the event in case there are observable results. I want psychics who are pointing their CBs to offer their impressions, too. This is very important, in my opinion. Much to the evident chagrin of Dr Reich’s biographers, he seemed to clearly see subtle energy effects the way Carol and so many others now do among this global effort’s participants. As always, many of us consider a collection of subtle energy accounts and other observed effects, reported by reputable and balanced people, to be at least as valuable as funded research could be. Babylonian leg breakers and also the Triads are adequately exposed and then ejected from the body politic I doubt there will be any funded research about orgonite Wink


Full Moon on the 6th December will occur at different times around the globe. However if you could point your CBs at the Moon on the evening/night of 6th Dec (for example between 8-11 pm) this would create a global wave starting in New Zealand and ending up in Americas. You could do it for 30 minutes or if you feel like it you could continue for even longer ;) If possible please have your camera ready as well (you could also bring the brightness levels up, so your camera would have more exposure to light).

To see where the Moon is on the sky in your location you can visit

Please email me with any observations to [email protected] Even if nothing observable happens and you’ve participated would you be so kind and still drop me an email saying that you took part and your location? This way we could track our numbers.

Thank you to everyone willing to participate in this adventure :)

Hi Michal,

count 2 more CB´s pointing form Menorca ;-d


Assiniboia Saskatchewan

For the upcoming 6th December event, I’d like to ask anyone who’d like to participate to take the measurement of the Moons angle.

For this one would need to note the time when the measurement was taken and their geographycial location. There are 2 methods that could be used. 1st is for someone who owns a telescope, and 2nd is for someone who doesn’t but can spend little time to build a simple protractor clinometer.

Method 1 with a scope.
The declination method will give you degrees from level. The scope must be level which should be standard set up. Place the tube to level or “zero” on the declination ring (up and down) and then pan straight up to the moon and get the declination reading in degrees.

Method 2 without a scope.
You’d need to make this simple protractor clinometer (instructions can be found here: DIY Clinometer). Please see method 3 & 4.

If you’d have any questions please email: [email protected]

I spent several hours making an adjustable bipod and a sighting tube for Big Funky, which is the only oversize CB we made. It’s got enough reach to make up for the 3’ pipe extesions that Carol discerned would be needed to reach the moon during our initial, eventful Wink moonbusting experiment in April, 2001.

I’m going to stay up late tomorrow night (Dec 6) to shoot the moon at its zenith. The local weather forecast is for rain that day but I’m hoping to get some clear sky in time for the experiment. Carol will be out of town, unfortunately, but she and the other psychics may offer feedback for the record. I think Reich was the only psychic he knew but it’s easy to see that his extrasensory perceptions were a key element of his research. The trick is to find balanced, reputable psychics. Most psychics are like anyone else–not particularly stable or reliable, regardless of skill and experience. Most of them work for the NSA/CIA over here, for instance.

Anyone who has an orgonite cloudbuster is encouraged to join the experiment and send your observation data to Michal, who is conducting it. He told me that this will probably be repeated at each full moon for awhile.

This sort of venture always excites me. I enjoy the suspense and have no expectations. It’s always paid off for us to work this way.

The sighting tube is just a 1" diameter aluminum tube set in two plywood circles, 10" in diameter, and I’ll just attach it to two of the CB’s pipes with a bungee cord. I can use that on any CB.


Currently about 10.00pm in Invercargill, New Zealand. Set to go with a CB (albeit fairly rudimentary) and have put together a clinometer. Weather has been showery most of the day with clear patches. It is just now completely dark however a thick cloudy front has moved in and it’s raining fairly steadily. Haven’t seen the moon yet and unlikely to at the moment. If it clears later on, will moonblast and report back.

Has partly cleared! At approximately 11.15pm took measurement of moon angle according to instructions in DIY clinometer link above. Was 13 degrees.

Have set the CB pointing at the moon, will adjust it shortly. Took a photo of moon on ipad - not ideal. Will look to getting to Michal via email as have trouble loading piccies here.

i am only a couple hours different as far as time zone from NZ, just a day earlier because of the nearby dateline. So last nite i pointed the jumbo at the moon from 6pm to 9:30 or so. Changed the angle every 10-15 mins. the moon should move 45 degrees in 3 hours, so i’ll guess my angles are 5-55 degrees if 0 is the ground and 90 is straight up.

pictures still on the camera. The sky was super clear last nite but lots of rain lately. Overcast this morning, but if it clears will try again tonite around moonrise time roughly 6pm HST.

To aim it i set a camera on it and checked for the moon in the lcd while zooming in. Seemed fairly accurate, but the angle needed regular adjustment.

edit:it was closer to 6:30 by the time i got a good sight with the pipes due to some distant tress.

the second nite, dec 6 it was set up again at 6pm but the moon wasn’t visible for another hour. re-aimed it as time went by, but not fanatically (multi tasking) until 9:30. Got it pointed at the moon once more between 6:30 and 7am since the day dawned clear.

Local time is 21:54, and I am pointing my 2.8m cloudbuster at the moon, and at full moon time, 1:27pm i will also point a smaller one by hand. My location is in southern Sweden. I know a guy some 500 km north of me who just started gifting and built his first cloudbuster, he were pointing it to the moon between 18:00-20:00 this evening. And another friend who lives in the same village also will be pointing his 2,3m cloudbuster at the time of full moon i think.

moon is coming into range of my cb’s now 4:00am Saskatchewan time

I’d like to thank everyone who have taken part. I’ll publish a summary in the next 2 days.

Built 6 - 3 meter extensions onto a standard 1.5 meter Croft style cb for this event, making it 4.5 meters overall length, longest cb I ever built so far. Took 2 of Us to lay it down at a 15 degree angle when the MOON appeared on the horizon at 7:30 pm in Chiang Mai. THEY had been spraying Us constantly for well over a week, bout the time this upcoming global MOONBusting event was first posted. Is the spraying happening all over the world where enough cb’s are present?

There is so much Orgonite spread all over Thailand that the crap overhead disappears quick enough but when the horizons remain black You know the spraying is intense. Could it be that THEY don’t want the MOON full of Por? Is it just a hollow aluminum shell as suggested? Remember reading that it rang like a bell when an old Apollo stage struck the surface hmm.

Continued tracking the moon every 10 minutes or so up until bout 1 am when it was near straight overhead. Got IPAD pics, whatever they are worth?

Got responses from 3 other cb’s distributed around Thailand. Ludovic the Owner of the one that was sold to Phuket island responded from CHINA and said He will be back Thailand next year.
Joshua has moved to equator and started pointing His howitzer at MOON from there.

Biggest cb I ever built in '03 is a 3" 6 piped with huge crystals in them, pipes are in a pyramid formation for that one and That is still in REGINA and Dave K said He would be aiming it at the MOON. I have over the years built several of My Own designs but not here and those are not easily maneuverable as built in large planter pots with pipes at weird angles for vines to climb on and sit in various customers yards. . Steve B from Toronto said He was joining in as well.

Have tried to post this several times unsuccessfully, can not post pics anymore either, When I finally get this posted I will try to post in the new section for interference which is constant now for Me.

There were 19 CB pointing at the Moon, from countries like: New Zealand, Thailand, Sweden, Poland, Catalonia, Spain, USA, Canada. For some the weather wasn’t kind. But I guess this is the nature of any experimentation. In our case we used a phone application to find the moon as we had a heavy cloud cover.

Map with some of the CBs can be found here

Thanks to everyone who participated. We’d like to repeat this on the upcoming full moon event Jan 5 2015.

First picture is from Elisa in Girona province, Catalunya (formerly Spain) and the next is ours in Rzeszow, Poland.

Thanks for the project idea M.

Anyone have any subjective impressions? For me it felt good similar to the feeling i get from gifting. Our weather went all dry, but that may have happened anyway. It’s good to move around the cb from time to time anyway. I had to load mine in the truck and bring it to the front yard from the studio 4 miles away. Could barely lift it. The guy who made it is an electrician and he used 10’ x 2" emt steel pipes in a 5 gallon bucket. He claimed Reich used steel so it should be fine. Copper is expensive in Hawaii. Any way once resting in the front yard it was ready to moon bust every day the moon was nearly full. It rose in the same place or close to it so it was easy to re aim from the day before. Also could aim it the other direction in the morning since the moon was still visible.

i don’t understand the request for the angle measurement, and am not even sure what angle we were supposed to measure. i assume it was the angle of the pipes relative to the ground while pointed at the moon, but not sure why that would be of interest.

Gare asked if the spraying was everywhere there are cbs. i think it might just be everywhere period, because it seems to me they do over the ocean and it drifts in to these islands. I think a good chunk of the Pacific is covered some days.

ps. i don’t know if the server has the space, but pictures are easy to post if you process them down to less than 51200 bytes that the instructions call for or as the upload window calls it 50kb. i had to look that up but it is apparently a very small fraction of a megabyte or mb. Pictures in a digi camera are usually a couple mb at least. Anyway once you decrease the size and resolution of the picture to say 40kb -( is your friend if you don’t know how to do that), just hit the “upload attachments” button right here below the posting window. You can drag the file from your desktop or any folder on your drive directly to the upload window that pops up after hitting the upload button. The rest is pretty automatic.

ps #2 some users here have a little circle at the bottom of their profile on the left of their post which will take you to their website. In my case you can find my contact info under the about link on my web page. Don has ew listed as his website in his profile, but you are already there, so it would be necessary to read through some of his posts to get his email because he includes it in the text frequently.

Thanks David. I had the same impressions as when gifting.

The angle measurement had to do with the moon. If many people would take the measurement on the same time in different places and taking Earth’s curvature into account we could calculate if the moon is in fact as far/high as we’re being told. Many respected individuals continually report that there’s something wrong with the Moon. We could also determine if the ‘scientific’ data we’re being served is correct. This was suggested by a person who regularly films lunar anomalies and other things connected with space.

I think as a search engine is a good choice, they take data from g…e, so still the same results but it is secure as they don’t record your IP or your searches.

As for spraying, one can check out the sky in other locations using this website I often look at the sky from the orbit using this website. Some cloud formations look impressive from the ground and also interesting when viewed from above. Also stratospheric aerosols are clearly visible there. The only thing is that there’s only one picture taken per day.

“Gare asked if the spraying was everywhere there are cbs. i think it might just be everywhere period, because it seems to me they do over the ocean and it drifts in to these islands. I think a good chunk of the Pacific is covered some days.”

David, my guess is “everywhere, period.” When I lived on Oahu, I noticed the ‘drifting in’ play, I guessed they had to do it over the ocean, as even the sleepiest pajama person couldn’t look up and use the ‘oh, they’re just commercial airliners !’ excuse for their subconsciouses, as there would be too many trails to be explained by the extant volume of air traffic, the cross patterns would of course be ridiculous, etc.

Here’s Artur’s very fine psychic observations of one orgonite cloudbuster in Spain:…servation/

I think there were a lot more than 19 CBs pointing at the moon this time. Michal records the ones that he’s told about, of course. I think it’s the long-range aspect of this project that will produce solid data but the energy we each get from it is its own reward. Many gifters just work for the energy effects and don’t care about observable results and this is a wonderful feature for any grassroot effort. This forum and Michal’s forum at least make a good start of maintaining a credible public record in English of this global effort.

Carol and some others we work with who also have the ability to astral travel at will are going to enjoy working with Artur in that realm and Carol promised to contribute to Michal’s forum. This is a rarity and I’m glad this work is expanding.

Nearly all chemtrails are sprayed near population centers and near some coasts and populous islands in the way that David described. That’s very easy to track with satellite weather imagery. In rare cases there are large spewings over unpopulated areas but those are probably tests. I don’t think the spraying started happening in Thailand until Gare had busted a few thousand death towers, there. Correct me if I’m wrong, Gare. Nor have I come across any evidence that chemtrails can affect climate or weather. Weather weaponry on the ground, assisted by millions of death towers, were turning our world into a desert, though. I assume that the frenetic squawking about ‘aerial weather engineering’ is done to distract people from the real problem, which some of us are taking care of more quietly. Some of that noise is also apparently designed to hypnotize almost-awakened pajama people into considering that ‘chemtrails are good for us.’ There’s a high-profile guy in Britain going around the world, waring people against the ‘harmful electromagnetic radiation of cell towers,’ and I bet he knows that EMF is just a secondary effect: the death towers direct deadly orgone radiation at the public in general and at individuals through GPS and triangulation. The range for this is pretty short, which is why they need so many millions of towers. Frequencies that generate DOR can’t do that in the presence of orgonite; radioactive material is also harmless around orgonite. Therefore EMR is a secondary effect.

When Carol and I were making cloudbusters in Namibia in late 2001 there was some occasional spraying but I think they were just measuring the effects. South Africa wasn’t being chemtrailed even though it’s an industrial country. We rarely saw them in Uganda when I was there and since we were building orgonite cloubstersand busting death towers the rare chemtrails we saw were probably also tests. Mainly industrialized populations are sprayed as a rule and this has been true ever since the program started with a bang in January, 1999. Before that it was experimental, mainly in California, which is the ancient corporate parasite’s favorite bioweaponry testbed since WWII, which is when nazi mind control, genetic warfare and environmental poisoning suddenly spread through the rest of the world. As some say, ‘The Nazis won the war; the German people lost the war.’ It doesn’t take a lot of searching to know that the nazis were midwifed and nurtured by the City of London. Theosophy (the new age philosophy), created by the British secret-handshake pedophiles as a by-product of their parasitic conquest of India, was the nazis’ ideological mother’s milk, in fact. One can trace the roots of all that to pre-Renaissance Venice and in the future someone will probably discover more ancient origins–Babylonian? The Rothschilds use the name ‘Nimrod’ for at least one of their inbred male progeny in each generation–Farrell found that out by researching these parasites’ family tree back a few centuries. If I’m not mistaken, that family has been eating at the vitals of the body politic, literally, since the days of the Tower of Babel Laugh

People who read chemtrail disinformation websites, which is essentially all websites that feature chemtrails, are more or less incapable of realizing that these are not a problem any more. I can usually persuade them to do more than glance at chemtrails so that they can be sure that they’re just drifting horizontally until they dissipate; they can’t breathe them, in other words. The psychological effect on people who read the disinfo sites and see chemtrails is pretty impressive–sort of like Dorthy in Oz reading the wicked witch’s skywriting Wink. I call these ‘Chicken-Little Sites.’

Please notice the way disinformation is easier to swallow than hard, empowering information in many cases, too. It takes some commitment to get past that reflexive swallowing of mistruths but it’s worth the effort. At a decisive stage of developing our individual discernment lies literally stink and we feel repelled by them rather than mystified. Then truth becomes more attractive and even comforting. An example I like to use is the late Phil Schneider’s lectures (now on YouTube), which I consider entirely clean but very challenging to someone who hasn’t weaned him/herself from disinformation. After one has committed to discernment one can really become empowered by information. For everyone else (the vast majority) information is nothing more than entertainment. Disinformation for the sleeping majority is like a horror movie or scary campfire story. This website, along with a handful of others, is solid evidence that discernment is actually becoming popular, though.

A nice feature of chemtrails is that they’re a good measure of success after all the area’s death towers are flipped because in that case they disappear a lot faster and there are almost always more Sylphs on hand to turn them into lovely sculptures, immediately. Having an orgonite cloudbuster sweetens the mix but turning the death towers into life force generators produces profound atmospheric healing. Tossing orgonite into bodies of water and busting underground bases with earthpipes also sweetens the atmosphere in an observable way. The parasites are too arrogantly stupid to turn these death towers off, too Cool. I bet they don’t yet realize that their millions of new death towers, which were probably supposed to have enabled genocide and global slavery long before now, are speeding up their own demise. We’ve already trashed their beloved Global Warming (global desertification) agenda, obviously, and our numbers are growing quietly and steadily.

When Carol and I conceived the orgonite cloudbuster in late 2000 we had no clue that it would lead to this. After we saw what our first one could do in the following spring we tried to give it away to people whom we thought had the capability of promoting it. I think it’s incredible that a CIA disinfo site that hosted my journal reports and CB plans was entirely responsible for the first few thousand, home-made orgonite cloudbusters in the following year and that totally trashed the chemtrail agenda, except for what’s still being done in China. I stopped hearing from new chemtrail-induced sickness sufferers by 2003. Before that, more than half of our zapper customers were sickened by aerial bioweaponry and zappers rarely cured them when they reache the chronic (damaged) stage–very frustrating. Essentially all of these people with those symptoms were in industrial countries. The only Asians I heard from who had developed this chronic condition were in Japan and Korea.

Before 1999 the number of chronic cases (bioweaponry-damaged, I assume) were around ten percent of our zapper customers. We went to Africa, by the way, to test our zappers on African AIDS because the western version was being routinely cured with simple zappers as long as the sufferer refrained from the poison cocktails prescribed by MDs. Zappers were apparently preventing the MDs’ poison from killing the ones who wouldn’t give it up and they all improved their health with zapping, at least. Lyme exploded into the population at the same time that the media announced that a new bioweapon had been developed at the army lab at (under Wink) Lyme, Connecticutt around 1981–a few years after Gallo and crew developed and disseminated the AIDS virus. I still hear from people who say they have Lyme and assume they were bitten by ticks but many of them don’t live in areas where there are ticks and very few people ask themselves why nobody got sick from tick bites before 1981. I think it’s like the blue monkey scam with AIDS, only a more durable lie. I think ‘Lyme sickness’ is simply in vogue as a misdiagnosis for all chronic conditions now, though. ‘Candida’ is another fashionable way that incompetent natural physicians say, ‘I have no clue about what’s ailing you!’ MDs are more inclined to say that it’s all imaginary; whining. I bet most medical schools have courses to learn how to be arrogant and aloof. I know they have courses to teach students how to fake sincerity.

I stiil hear from zapper customers who are sickened by newer, smaller-scale bioweaponry and nanoweaponry assaults but in most cases they’re quite isolated, unlike before. So they’re obviously subjected to these things up close and personally. I realize that for someone who hasn’t been directly in touch with tens of thousands of sick folks, worldwide, over the years might find my statements incredible but it’s worth a mention. Morgellons was probably supposed to revive real terror of chemtrails because Carnicom was aggressively campaigning to persuade people that it came from chemtrails. This is one of the small-scale projects and the hundreds of Morgellons sufferers I was in contact with were quite isolated. Our zapper evidently cures them consistently and I rarely hear from new sufferers any more. I think the CIA screwed up by subjecting Truther Girl to Morgellons about five years ago because when she cured herself with our zapper she spread that news on her international radio program and interviewed Carol and I a couple of times in the process. Meanwhile, the Morgellons disinfo website probably still seeks to convince people that this condition, which I think is a combination of nano and bioweaponry, is incurable.

For awhile, a few years ago, I got reports of weaponized fleas and mites from small areas in the US but I don’t think that agenda panned out for the sewer rats because it’s been a couple of years since I got wind of it. Carol and I and a few others on EW have encountered more than our share of weaponized insects and nanoweaponry but I think the sewer rats are keen to test their hideous new toys on activists. It’s a good thing that that stuff has been pretty easy to neutralize. I feel sorry for activists who don’t know about zappers, orgonite vital diet, etc., and eventually get erased by this onslaught. I think they fail a lot more than they succeed.

There’s evidence in movies that there have been chemtrail experiments since the 1970s, by the way–rare until the 1990s. I was sickened by chemtrails in Southern California in late 1995, three years before it suddenly became universal in the industrialized countries. Fortunately, I wasn’t exposed often enough to become organ-damaged (chronically sick) and my first zapper cured me immediately in the following spring. Until that day I couldn’t figure out why I had no stamina and was coughing a lot, then I traced the beginning of my sickness to late November when I sat on a bench in San Bernardino and watched a very old, four-engine Air Force transport plane lay white spew in lazy circles right overhead at around 5,000’ altitude. Chemtrail jets fly more than twice that high, as you probably know. At the time I wasn’t sure those were chemtrails, though I’d listened to all the talk show guests telling about chemtrails and their aerial poisons since around 1992.

In early 1999 it was glaringly obvious all of a sudden and every day. People all around me were getting sick and hospitals were kept full to overflowing with respiratory sickness sufferers. I’m still suprised by how many people didn’t notice all this at the time and don’t remember it, now. Most people who see chemtrails didn’t start seeing them until after the Chicken Little websites became prevalent on the web in 2003 or so. So they don’t remember when they actually came down & destroyed all the cumulus clouds on their way to the ground. Part of why very few of us noticed them was because they didn’t hang in the sky the way they do, now. They quickly spread out, turned the sky white, then all the cumulus clouds disappeared. Sometimes, but not often, the kerosene (carrier) was so thick we had to use our windshield wipers Cool