Declining Sabotage of Orgonite Sellers' Businesses

I like to post good news and this section of the forum is an appropriate place for that.

A year ago, around the time when Francisco and I went to Belize, the assault on our livelihood reached a sort of crescendo, including the theft of $6,000 sent to me in the mail and via Western Union. They even targeted one of our zapper distributors, Craig Peachey in Georgia, USA, who had tried and failed to help me send money to Azti. All of my attempts to send Azti money failed; the money was being stolen on his end. In that case, I had asked Craig to send his payment for a zapper shipment to him and he sent it in a certified letter. I’ve never heard of a certified letter getting lost but that one did.

I’m mentioning Craig because, by now, his zapper sales have returned to robust normal by now and our own sales are starting to creep up to normal, too–this is after four and a half years of vigorous and constant interference, including a really sleazy attempt by the Idaho state government to shut us down. That one earned 4 months on the road in our motorhome, which we keep in Arizona for such occasions Cool but we still feel like we got raped by them.

Francisco’s fortunes improved after that trip but his sales are still being ‘inhibited’ in spite of healthy market demand in Europe and his very good reputation, especially in Spain. So it was a productive trip in terms of self defense against the occult forces Wink

When Yu in Singapore posted his first report, I added some welcoming comments this morning. I also sort of got into an update rant and it felt inappropriate in his thread and I removed it but it felt worth expressing, so here it is:

People who get established, now [in the orgonite biz], are on the ground floor and it’s up to each of us to keep up with it, I think. Carol and I might be the last ones in this global orgonite market who are still constantly being sabotaged (Francisco of may still be a close second) and it looks like market pressure is gradually blowing all of that secret-handshake, parasitic corporate hoodoo off of us. I won’t get complacent because Carol and I get reminders from the enemy, from time to time, that they still want to destroy us. She had a close call with those baby eaters last week in Tucson, where she went to do the annual wholesale gem/crystal shopping for our biz.

It’s always amused me that the Old Corporate Parasite has less and less control over market forces as time passes and it accelerated after Peking committed to ending the human extinction agenda. I’m sure these Babylonian bloodlusters pine for their good old days when they could crash the global market with a few secret moves.

The most vigorous active suppression of orgonite happened in China and our psychics, in our weekly self-defense chat sessions, most often see the Triads as our main assailants in the occult realm but it’s even starting to spread there, apparently without innocent blood spilled, as it was in East Africa in the beginning. I think that the regime in Peking are much less inclined to destroy their own innocent citizens than the Evil Axis regime (US/UK/Israel) is. That’s quite a turnaround, I think.

Over here, the enemy are doing their best to turn the notion of globalism into a ‘feverish meme’ (thanks for that lovely term, Positive Changes Jeff!) in order to frighten us away from realizing that excessive nationalism has become a dead letter due to simple human evolution and rising awareness. I’ve always felt that the earth is my country and the internet is proving the point that the only way to fix the dire problems that have been caused by the Old Global Parasite is to work together internationally. Nor do we need their stinking, murderous UN or any other erstatz-lawful enforcers Cool.

When I mention the failed attempt by the Idaho gov’t to destroy our business and perhaps disappear us into the Gulag I usually remember to also mention that when that was happening, all of the cancer-cure testimonials disappeared from the Testimonials page on our website, and this is good evidence that the assault was orchestrated by the pharmaceutical/medical cartel.

I stopped adding cancer cure testimonials because curing cancer has landed a whole LOT of good people in prison during the course of the Old Parasite’s century-old Warn on Healers.

I’m sometimes shocked when people express pity to me over our state of siege because, to me, these are the Good Old Days when committing to a career in the healing trade causes one’s survival to be threatened so simple survival becomes an achievement. Accountable people love genuine achievement so there’s no cause for pity.

These days are especially good for me because I’m watching the demise and growing frustration of humanity’s old enemy.

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The other testimonial that disappeared is the one from Nathan Kagina in Uganda, who cured his HIV/AIDS with a zapper and sent before and after photos and a report about having been featured for it in the national media. I think Uganda is the only country where it’s perfectly safe to promote zappers, thanks largely to the skilled networking efforts over the years of our old pal, Doc Kayiwa.

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