Deduction Or Psi - Perhaps Just Not Brainwashed?

this is right outside my doctors surgery. in fact the Preston Park Surgery has about six doctors there.

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I posted on a well known scientist’s facebook blog. No replies at all:

Mark Bennett ->Rachel Armstrong

Can anyone suggest a) how much this costs to buy, run and maintain b) where the data goes c) how to get said data out of it d) why the doctors surgery opposite haven’t noticed it and making serious enquires “WTF?”

Mentioned the stroke a dozen people locally – two of them recounted recent stories where a friend 35 and wife 47? both healthy or extremely healthy have had strokes in last 6 months. I feel we’re being messed with intentionally or by polution triggering it.

Ties into this? … mysteries/

Ever made rock candy? Supersaturate water wth sugar, dangle a string in it and bingo; I feel the same thing is happening with our air and sea.