'Den Haag vandaag'

‘The Hague today’

‘Den Haag vandaag’ is/was (?don’t look television anymore) the name of a news section covering the political news The queen’s residence and parliament are both located in centre of The Hague. It has a lot of tall buildings on a small surface that generate(d) a lot of negativity. Needless to add they are covered with antennas as well. One big antenna is not even a mile away from city centre.

An obvious target, but I had not yet passed by there. Last week was my chance, and armed with some 85 TB’s in my backpack I covered a considerable part of the centre, so now a lot of political decisions will be no longer influenced by the NWO’s energy signature.

I think political gifting is something that needs a bit more of our attention perhaps, as it is still through the 3D world that new laws are being cast upon us, and they are voted for by people that are just too much under the influence of DOR/negativity. So gifting parliaments and government instances should be high on the priority list if you ask me. That way we slowly turn this political moloch around, or better slow him down enough to let it be demolished by the people’s free will.

Gifting is fun!

hartstikke leuk! (extremely nice)