Denmark's First Prolific Gifter?

My name is ******, and I live in Denmark.

The reason I contact you, is because the psycho/sociopath/nazi parasites, are beaming me like crazy (which we of course know they are), every day.

But let me start by explaning a little about my country, and the situation here:

First of all: Denmark are one of the oldest monarchies in the world, and I have heard that “our” queen (Margrethe), (together with the english queen “el lizard birth”), is one of the highest Illuminatis on the planet.

Our “dear” prime minister (Anders Fogh Rasmussen), is one of the possible next leaders of NATO. … atest+news … r+NATO+job

That’s problerly because he licked @$$ on Bush, and manipulated our country in to this illegal war.
A “Thanks for the help, enforcing the New World Order” gift.

And then: A little love…. … 26740m.jpg … g_bush.jpg

I don’t know if you have heard about the so called “Muhammad drawings”? … ontroversy

But that was, again, an attempt from Illuminati, to provoke the muslim world to go nuts, here in Denmark, and then, it should escalate to the rest of europe, of course again to try to start a civil/race war, which should escalate to a world war, and then a global police state.

Luckily, the muslims here, was not so stupid that they fell for that, though, of course some of them was angry about it, and demanded an excuse.

Secondly: It appears that we, the danish citizens are pointed out to be victims of a lot of mind control projects, due to the population density, it’s a small country, and because people in this contry, are to mind controlled to ask any questions to authorities.

In Denmark, everyone is totally cloned, the look the same, the talk the same, the hear the same music (MTV crap mostly), they think the same, the only goals in their “lives”, are to buy as much materialistic elite cancer crap as possible, and watching stupid reality shows/series, and they are so paranoid you wouldn’t believe it.

They are afraid of each other, themselves, their feelings, reality, and so on.

They believe everything the mainstream medias, and the system tells them, despite daily exposure of corruption. … &Itemid=43

In this country, you can really talk about “cell phone zombies”, they just buy, and buy, but are to controlled/locked down, to noticing if they are getting any better, mentally.

They are not dissidents from the vikings, but from rednecks, I’m sorry to report.

Denmark, is the most law regulated country in the worlds history. We have more rules and laws than any other country on the planet, we have more laws than former nazi Germany + former soviet union TOGETHER, and the danish citizens think they are free, because they have heard the politicians repeating it over, and over, all their life. Of course, the most basic form for mind control is repeating, and the elite gives them the illusion of freedom with all their materialistic crap, “reality” shows, and confusing, lying “News” medias.

Third: We have the highest radiation levels in the masts, in the world, thanks again to our corrupt politicians, and a sleeping population, who are to stupid (sorry, but I like to call a showel a showel) to understand why they suffer from: headaches, sleepdisturbences, memory loss, stress, etc., despite it has been in the mainstream media several times, but they have heard and seen nothing!

People in this country are so paranoid, they don’t even dare to ask the “suits”, about these issues, they just eating pills/drinking their brains out, and blaming each other for their problems, while the elite is laughing their butts out. … str%E5ling

I have heard that Denmark is a very “light” country, clairvoyantly seen, which is hard to understand, considering all the materialistic atheist robots, and perhaps that’s why the elite are using such high radiation levels.

The elite here, are also very busy manipulating people to buy all their wireless/HD TV digital, mind control crap, it’s almost before they PAY people to obtain their cancer hardware, just to make sure enough people are inviting it in to their homes.

Another thing I have noticed, is that when they (CIA/NSA/MI6/Gestapo/whatever freaks), wants violence in a sudden area, they turn up the power in the masts, as I could clearly see (the sky, turned white only above the area), after I had been gifting the masts around a place where there live these “alternative” people (it started up as a cannabis hippie community, but have over the years, changed over to “cold business, baggy pant, gangsta rap types with weapons”, as the negative reptilians where “moving” in), with the result, that the police, when they are there, and the folks living there are going nuts on each other, which of course are meant to happen, so they can promote more police state.
The same goes for areas, where there are living a lot of young muslims, who live in a “gangsta rap”, MTV world.

They are very fascinated by your L.A. gang culture (bloods/Crips), which we know are controlled by CIA (drugs and weapons), and there are a lot of gang shooting these times in Denmark, again of course, to try to make people accept more, and more Big Brother.

And paranoid, and uninformed as they are (the danish citizens), they are accepting it, with the typical phrase: If you got nothing to hide….!

This is NOT to make muslims look bad (most of them are very nice, and helpfull people), but it seems that the CIA/NSA, are going after them, again to try to start a “race war”.

They (CIA) are very busy, trying to start a war (in Denmark) between different emigrant gangs, and the biker cultures (eg. Hells Angels), which of course, are meant to be escalating to a civil war, and again, to a police state.

This is the danish military’s secret service FE (meaning: Forsvarets Efteretningstjenste) place:……fault.aspx

And the police secret service PET:

Both are of course totally controlled by CIA/NSA/MI5/6, which we tax slaves have never been asked about, they have just done it without any democratic process, as usual (you know all about that of course), and that, again, is another reason to fight those bastards, who apparently thinks, they own this planet, and all of humanity.

Check this picture from the place (the hippie community): … ge&side=28

This “art”, are from a kids playground, and what you can not see on the picture, is that there are reptilian eyes all the way around inside looking in where the kids play.

Another thing I would like to tell you, is: During the christmas/new year (2008/9), I was on vaccation on Mallorca (Spain), to visit some family, and I, of course, had a little orgonite with me, as I knew it to be a very negative controlled island (LOTS of CIA activity/bases/planes,choppers, mind control/weather equipment, negative reptilians, etc.), and a very materialistic “godless” population.

When I walked around I saw lots of reptilian symbolism (eg. luxus yachts named: The Blue Draco, eating places called: The Grand Dragon, etc.), and a cave called: The Dragon Cave, plenty of “souvenirs” with reptilian “art”.

Already in the airport, when I was waiting for my stuff, there was trouble: I, as the only one on the plane, had to wait almost two ours for my things, and when it finally came, it was from another table, than the rest.

When I went home, same thing again, in the Danish airport, only my stuff was “delayed” for about two ours, and come out on a totally different table…

While I was there (Mallorca), from the first day, there was CIA plane/helicopter overflights, every single day.

No matter where I was going with my family, there was chopper/plane overflights, right about my head.

They beamed me like crazy, for all 17 days, I was there, so, as you can imagine, it was not a very pleasent vaccation.

On my way home, from Barcelona to Denmark, my plane was “escorted”, by a flying saucer, for several kilometers.

I was sitting in the plane looking out the windows (to check out the chemtrails), and I saw this strange dark tail, which I first thought was some kind of chemtrail.

Then I followed it a few meters forward, and saw this round cloud, with a blue aura, toning over in red, and yellow (I see flying saucers, almost every day, just a few kilometers down south from where I live, and where I have been gifting, there is a saucer hanging for ours on the same spot, during the evening/night, every day. It looks like a glittering star, but much lower, switching between white, red, and blue, when it flyes, it looks like a signal flare or fireworks, but noiseless).

Now, to get to the point:

As I mentioned, I’m being beamed heavy, for about a year now.

It started after I gifted my first weatherball, at a nearby airport, where this little Cessna’ish plane, flew a few meters right over my head, as I was waiting to get home.
I have disabled most of the weather weapons here (we are a small country), (weather balls, HAARP, and other strange antennas), and lots of mind control/cancer masts (“cell towers”), lodges, parliments, etc.

They must have known about me all the time, as I have realised that they started flewing over my home (choppers/planes), almost a year BEFORE, I began gifting (I have for a long time been reading “conspirecy theories”, e.g. David Icke, Alex Jones, and the others), and that is apparently enough to get their intensified attention (all people are of course surveilled, but those of us who have waken up, are subjects to even more surveillance), or perhaps their negative Orion masters knew, that in a future, I would be a problem for them (they work outside linear time, and can to a sudden point see the future). I have also been told, that I was a “problem” for them, in my last life, where I was working as a radar operator in the U.S., and I saw these strange “obejcts (UFO’s)” on the screen, and curious as I am, I wouldn’t shut up about it, as I was told to, perhaps that’s why they have been tracking me, all the time).

I don’t know what exactly they are doing, but sometimes it’s “just” a pressure, and pain, in the head, always in the right side, other times, there is a pain in my jaws (where I have had dentist work, teeths pulled out, implants perhaps. I have tried with neo magnets for ours, but the pain continues to be there. If it’s not implants, I wonder what sometimes gives me the pain in the jaws, when they are beaming me), and again, other times they are beaming my chest/lungs/heart, as I get pain in the chest, and it dissiperes from the head.

Every morning, I am being wakened, by intensified beaming, because they are so paranoid about my (ours) gifting work, that they want to track me very closely, I mean, I can’t even put on a jacket, and open my door, before there is 3-4 CIA planes flying overhead, same thing when I get home.
One thing is that they are beaming me (due to my work), but they are also beaming my mother, despite she have done nothing to them (well besides being awake, and living an organic life, and of course, have born me), and I have found out, that they are also targeting alot of other innocent souls, here in Denmark (when I talk to different people, they can tell about low frequent noises in their heads, dizziness, and so on, which is a sign of microwave (ELF) radiation, that startet last year, the same year I began gifting!).

I have also realized, that the paranoid maniacs are hacking all the private computers of people I had talked to/know.
They are VERY busy categorizing who I’m talking to/being around, those f****** nazis.

But what have shocked me the most, after joining this freedom battle, is to realise, that they are so paranoid, the mighty Illuminati, they are totally paranoid of us, why else all the interference?

I don’t know if others are experincing the same thing where you live, but here in Denmark, CIA planes are flying around 24/7, like flies on a dog sh…, and measuring the masts I have “taken down” (they fly directly over the "cell towers), and they are doing it right in front of the sleeping danes.

They do that almost every day/night, to stupid to realise that their crap will never again work as it should, but what do you expect from programmed robots, who are “just following orders”, and drone planes, properly controlled by the “Beast” computers, which, by the way, should be gifted HEAVY!

I was thinking, if there are different times, where the generators (TB’s, HHG’s, etc), don’t work at “full power”, and that’s what they are trying to measure, so they know when to spray most effectively, because they are still spraying once and a while?

They are wasting all their valuable energy/money/resources on nothing, those idiots, they must be really desperate (forgive my “harsh” language, but as you know, it’s difficult being positive, when you’re “under the gun”, by little paranoid, lower astrals, who hate humanity, because they didn’t get enough breast/love from mommy as a kid, or got raped/beaten up by their MK dad, or what the hell their problem is).

In Denmark, most of the mind control/cancer masts, are placed on chimneys, on roofs (hospitals, schools, kindergardens, so called “ghettos”, etc.), where most of the “useless eaters, quote: Henry Kissinger”, are living.
And as I had thought about, and checked out, where the elite in Denmark lives, you see no masts, except close to the train/bus stations, proberly because they know that in a near future people will rebellion, when/if the economy collapses, and they can then stop people from using the public transportations.

Another thing, I’m looking in to, is: Sub stations, or Transformer stations, I have heard that they are connected to negative underground bases, can you confirm this? … y_flow.jpg

I should also mention, that after gifting some old “sacred sites, vortices/chakras/old war zones/churches”, there was this strange, thick fog, for 3 days, a fog I have never in my entire life seen before.

Also, now they are beginning to hack a lot, the public computer I’m using (it started about 2 weeks ago), which make me think of the funny experince I had when Carolien put my mail to her, on your forum (the one about the paranoid nazi freaks, interfering with her businness, proberly because of me, due to my efforts), where I mentioned the CIA/NSA idiots, reading this mail, and immidetely after, when I entered your site, it showed up in a second (usually it takes several seconds, for me to get in, and now it’s back to “normal”, eg. it takes many seconds before your site opens.

Another thing I hope you can help me with is: I know the biggest underground base they have, is under Sweden (our neighbor country), is it possible, for you to see how much underground activity there is under Denmark, and from where they are leading the operations here in Denmark.

There was this case in the news, a few years back, about some danish citizens, who could hear strange noise, from deep underground (I know it’s when they are expanding their bases), and of course, our “authorites” denied to know anything about it.

That leads me to conclude that there must be some underground base stuff under my country (of course, it’s under every country/city, where they can steale energy).

It’s funny, about 14 days before I went to Mallorca, there was a big earthquake (the biggest in our history), here in Denmark, which had its centrum under Malmoe (Sweden), which is the closest city to Denmark, it started right after I had been gifting a lot, close to Sweden. … nmark.html

So to sum up: Can you help me, boosting them, and seeing who is beaming me (controlling the computer/satellite/mast/weather ball/whatever), which psycho/robot is “in charge”, and where they are hiding, so I can do something about it (gifting), (if they are doing it from Denmark, CIA, are operating from ALL our airports, without one single danish citizen knowing about it, well exept for our “lovely” corrupt system) , as, of course, I am most likely far from the only one being beamed, here in europe.

I am not good at boosting, it’s difficult to concentrate, when you are under electronic attack 24/7, as you of course know.
They think they are so smart, and that nothing can go wrong, sitting in their “hives”, hiding like the cowards, and parasites they are, with their mighty, all powerfull bosses, who tells them what to think, and do.

I can’t belive that they are so stupid, I mean, we know they are folloving your site VERY closely, so they should know that you always finds them, but perhaps it’s just a young naive fool, who are just following ordes, without knowing about your site, a little detail, their bosses “forget” to mention to them, otherwise I doubt they would be doing it (it’s on a need to know level, pyramid/fascist system).

Another thing, I’m a very curious soul, and I have always asked a lot of question, so I hope you bear with me.
I have been reading your exiting adventures, and I must say: that’s the most interesting, and exciting stuff (together with Icke’s, and others books), that I have seen in my entire life (it all just makes sense, opposed to the mainstream crap).

Apropos, Icke, I remember you are saying somewhere, that Icke needs to get over his xenophobia, about reptilians, I would like to point out, that Icke have several times said, that it’s not the whole reptilian race he is talking about, but a faction working for the negative agenda.

And speaking of reptilians: there are so much disinfo, so it’s hard to see what’s true, and what’s false.

To my understanding: many reptilians are negative, due to their genetic programming, they don’t have a heart chackra, and a mammel brain, that balances the emotions, how come there are postive/love reptilians, when it should be physical impossible (their programmed reptilian DNA)?

Some places, you read that all reptilians are hatefull against humans, and that they consider humans to be stupid monkeys, animals, etc., and other places you read that it’s only a faction of them.

I mean, if they are positive, why all that secrecy?

I know someone would say: that’s because humans would make “witch hunts against them”, but I mean, if they had from the begining played with open cards, and humanity had lived with them fully open, and aware of them, and would be used to them, there would be no witch hunts.

It’s only because unaware people think they are demons, devils etc., due to their looks, which wouldn’t had been a problem, if they had showed thesemlves, from the beginning, and humanity was used to them.

Besides from that: You are talking alot (in your adventures), about B-Sirians, and, curious as I am (bear with me), could you tell me what they look like.

Are they a reptilian race, or something else?

You also mention bugs, and bug hives, are they the so called praying mantis types? … ntis_2.htm

Another thing I have been wondering about, is: Do the bugs, squids, and greys, incarnate in human bodys, or is it just the reptiles?

It’s difficult to find the truth, with all that New Age/CIA crap, flooding the net.

You also mention in one of your adventures, that you wanna disable NSA (National Socialist Agency) from within (which are the freakiest of the secret services, considering all their surveillance, Echelon), is it because you don’t have the time?

A little funny thing: I was standing on a public street (lots of traffic, shops, etc.), and talking to a guy, when there was these 2 little bats, flying over our heads, back, and forth, during full daylight, I have never in my entire life, seen real bats, here in Denmark, only heard about them, They really like the good energy (I was having an orgone generator in my bag), the guy I was talking too, had also, never in his life experienced that, and was very fascinated by it.

The same goes for our birds (gulls, spurvs, ravens, hawks, etc.), they also recognize good energy, when they see it. They fly around, more happy than ever.
Of course, the birds are happy about it, as their navigation system (crystal, radar in their heads), are being f***** up, by the elites radiation crap (just like the dolphins, whales, bats, bees, etc.).

And final (phew), I would like to thank you, Carol, Dooney, and all the other lovely, freedomfighting/truthseeking, brave souls for your important healing work.

PS, I would appreciate, if you would keep this letter anonymous, I mean, don’t post it on EW, not because of the spirituelle retards/idiots (CIA/NSA/MI5/6, etc.), they know everything anyway, hence this mail, and I couldn’t care less about those paranoid freaks, but I’m just not such a “public” person, if you know what I mean.

I really hope you can spend a little time and energy on “my” problems, I know that the psychics, and you are more than busy, with the elites attempts to start world war 3/martial law, and I know that they use a lot of energy on these psychos.

PS, could you send me a note, that you have recived this mail, so I know that the psychos, have not intercepted/blocked it, as we know they try to, all the time (I bet your email address, is the most interesting/surveilled, in the world, which of course, are something to be proud about, LOL).

So, with love, and respect, thanks, in advance,



*****, it may be that you are the only very busy gifter in that whole country. In all the years we’ve been hearing from other gifters I’ve never gotten a report from Denmark, strange to tell. This may support your impression that the people in Denmark are especially controlled and subdued.

I hope you can get past Icke and Jones, though, and start directly reading the empowering research/journalism material that they plagiarized and then mutated into fearmongering. It’s the only way to break out of the induced paranoia that talented authors like these excel at generating. I’ve physically seen reptiles and other non-human sentient creatures but I never felt inclined to feel afraid of them, any more than I’m afraid of people in the Ituri Rain Forest or the Bronx. Icke’s apparently never seen the creatures he writes about so terrifyingly.

Also, with all your gifting you didn’t mention seeing any positive signs in the atmospherre but I’m assuming this is because the reading you’ve been doing has conditioned you not to notice positive signs. We call these signs, ‘confirmations,’ and it’s what we find so empowering about gifting. I bet there are plenty of these confirmations, by now, on account of your efforts.

The claim that Sweden has the biggest underground base (30 cubic miles) was made by Phil Schneider in 1996, right before he was murdered. By now, that base, which may be in the vicinity of Malmo, may extend under Denmark by now but we can assume that Denmark has plenty of big underground bases, so I hope you’ll consider an earthpipe campaign. Remember that they bbuild these mainl in areas where people are prevented from digging wells or mining, which means military, private, corporate and park lands, mostly.

On my first trip to Africa I had to wait a few hours in the airport at Copenhagen. A female, agency sewer rat, stood right in front of me and sprayed a biological weapon in my face–I’ve never experienced such an overt attack [Image Can Not Be Found] and the zapper stopped it from harming me, thouggh I had very mild flu symptoms for a few days after that. I wonder if the sewer rats in Denmark are as bold as the nazis used to be . When Carol and Jenny were in Paris, 7 yrs ago, they were followed around by a thuggish, middle-aged spook who glared at them and often pulled the lapel of his jacket aside to show them his pistol.

You’re experiencing a lot more harrassment than anyone else I’m in touch with, though some of us still experience stings and barbs, once in awhile. Mostly, the corporate world order seems more concerned with saving their own butts in the face of risign human awareness than with taking much initiative to threaten us. Actually, their preferred position has always been to have their butts in everyone’s faces, before. Even scoundrels have what passes for a sense of humor, I suppose.

Dooney does coaching online and if you will start fighting back every time you sense a psychic intrusion then the agency psychics will feel less inclined to bother you. You can contact her at and she charges a nominal fee for this.

You may notice that we don’t discuss reptilians, etc., much except in the context of what the psychics find while hunting for targets during the international chat sessions. We’ve never seen non-human associates and ‘consultants’ of the corporate world order as more than just parasites. Icke, Sitchin and others paintt another picture but, of course, they’re nott concerned with solving problems, nor are they or the rest of the army of professional Chicken Littles concerned with presenting factual information, evidently. I mentioned their selective plagiarism.

Before we help anyone we generally want to be sure that the person is willing to fight back on his own. that way, we can tell how much of the problem is not related to the person’s own ‘contract’ with the tormentors. You’d be surprised by how many people actually enjoy the drama of surveillance and intimidation. Those are the few whom we can’t help at all. I think your problem is more substantive but that you can etherrically kick their parasite butts on your own in a way that’s going to astound and gratify you.

Remember that the trillions of dollars that the agencies have vested in media, education, clergy and academia are designed to make the individual feel powerless and purposeless, okay? That delineates their main fear: that some of us will wake up to our potential and start taking this parasitic world order apart, finally. You’ve probably done a hundred times more good than you realize, with your gifting.

Watch for the attitudes and countenances of the people in the neighborhoods that you’ve gifted improve over time, okay? this is another source of confirmationns that I think is better than watching the sky and lower atmosphere get clean and feeliing those envigorating effects.

I’m posting your report, without your name. This will count coup on the $#!+birds who have been trying to drive you nuts and it will hopefully inspire others in Denmark to start gifting. I’ll be happy to help you network with them if they show up in my email box.
Networking also helps us maintain our composure and sanity in the face of all that paper-tiger psychological mayhem that the sewer rats throw at us all.

Yeah, a lot of people who email me get surveilled and sometimes even intimidated but it’s a good screening process. Before I got that reputation I was spending up to twelve hours per day with email; now, I’ve got a personal life and hobbies [Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks for contacting me! We’ll help you sort these occult/corporate parasites out, don’t worry


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