Devices Made In A Geometric Pattern

Hi everyone,
The renewed interest in the 108 lead me to look for the old thread. Dan from Bali had some great pictures of the 108 vs. the 114, plus there was all sorts of other info on the subject including info from the inventor. Does that thread still exist somewhere on the internet?

Also the new 108 thread came up blank for me just now.

Perhaps we could get all this info in one place.
The comparison between the 18, the 108, and the 114 is an interesting subject among other things.

I don’t know if this can help you but here’s a great video from Spirit Science.

That seems like a good idea. I also think the 108 is a very potent tool to have in place.

When I first started reading this forum in 2009 I picked up on the ‘buzz’ about the 108, but had to work to find all the information I needed to make one correctly.

I bounced around the 'net a bit and eventually figured it out. I have an outside 108 with large-sized TB’s and a smaller inside 108 with mini-muffin sized TB’s that I have sitting on an easel. I love having them on my property [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]

One tip. I originally built my outside 108 with HHG’s on the outer ring but I probably over-thought it a bit.
My energy sensitive friend advised that it works better with all the TB’s the same size and not mixing the sizes together in the same configuration. Hope that makes sense.

Enjoy! Toby

Here is a link to a 108 thread from 2009. Is this the old 108 thread being looked for? It’s fairly long and has lots of pictures.

Strangely it won’t show up on a forum search and neither in the list of threads under “Tips and Strategies” where it really should be found.

Perhaps here is a clue to why the thread doesn’t show up on searches: You may notice that Don in the beginning seems to refer to a previous post of Carolien which obviously has been deleted. Without knowing how the database is set up and programmed, perhaps if a first post of a thread is deleted, then the whole thread will lose its “hinge” to the database?

If so, there might be lots of other threads, where the starting post later was deleted, that are now “hanging freely” and are not searchable.

That’s the link Kristian. Thanks. It looks like Dan’s posts were also deleted.
Does the current 108 thread (who among us….)come up with a window that says 0 posts in this topic for any else?

yes it does Dave, i will email Don about it missing.