Did anyone get the number of that spew plane?

This morning I went out in the backyard and quickly noticed my sinuses flaring up and draining. I immediately looked up and there they were, chemtrails. I immediately put my zapper on and moved my cb as necessary to clear them up as you will see.

Chemtrails morning of 03-06-2007

X – Marks the spot

ThunderBird Cloudbuster saluting the military tankers while taking away their thunder within 1 hour of pointing in specific locations

Wearing my zapper before going out to ensure I do not take on any pathogens or other germs. I think I am learning from Don’s tips in recent posts. 2 hours afterward, my sinuses were fine.

Thank you all,


I FEEL SO GOOD TODAY WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE MY EUPHORIC STATE OF MY MIND. I think it may have something to do with balancing my chakras now that everyone has sent me so much healing energy. Thank you ALL!

I no further went to the front door when I put my zapper on and went to work. It’s nice to know our capacity remains unfathomable within the overall scope of life on this planet -we are so blessed. Now it’s time to get back to work.

03-07-2007 You can see the top of my mobile home in relation to the temporary chemtrails.

I will have these eliminated quick and efficiently business as usual.


Now let’s keep everything in proper perspective. In the past, they used spray at regular intervals spraying started early in the morning and stopped after about 1 hour. Later in the day the spraying was resumed when they thought it was necessary and sometimes they would spray again at night. The patterns were always start then finish. Our proof of the effectiveness of orgonite is overwhelming. Now they have to spray constantly to try to get something going because orgonite is making the chemtrails dissipate effortlessly and efficiently. They have completely lost their composure and their operations are in a mode of EXCESSIVE ACTIVITY proving the elite are fighting a losing battle. As everyone knows more is not necessarily better any way you slice it, but when you are out of control and don’t know what to do then excessiveness is a tell-tale sign of a deteriorating overall effort on the part of the elite. So long my elite friends!