DisCERNing The World

24 Sep 2008 13:12
Subject: DisCERNing The World
The days and weeks leading up to the trip were rather strange. Originally I intended to leave on Saturday and everything was arranged accordingly. There were little things pointing me to an earlier time and somehow I settled for Friday as the best day for this journey. (Later on the our weekly international chat session the psychic A-Team discovered that this happened because the timing of this gifting trip was of importance too)

We (a friend and gifting companion and I) set off @7:00 am for the 8-9 hours drive to the border region between Switzerland and France close to Geneva. We arrived there shortly after 3 pm and were in urgent need to relief our over pressured bladders in a manly way (looking for the next ‘private bushes’). There was a very interesting spot close by which received a gift right away – not knowing yet where exactly in relation to the CERN installation we actually were.

Next we went to the main entrance area, which turned out to be right around the corner and parked our car. When a bus stopped close by we boldly decided to blend into the crowd of people and try our luck by simply walking into the fenced area. Unfortunately we were stopped by the guard and and turned back. Somehow we ended up in the visitors center which also housed a museum. There we found maps of the whole installation. These maps depicted all the above ground buildings of CERN, which were evenly spaced around the big circle (LHC), the old (smaller) particle crasher(?) and intersections of those tunnels. We took some pictures of the maps which would serve us well later on.

(picture before gifting)
Before we left the CERN headquarter we left some gifts behind which we buried well. With the help of the picture of the map we found out that the former ‘pee-spot’ was right where a tunnel intersection is located. So we headed back to our ‘marked’ Embarassed area and hammered in the first three EPs there. We always used EPs in sets of three, preferably in the shape of an equilateral triangle with the target in the middle. It amplifies the working of the EPs we feel. This already caused the dark cloud (DOR) above the installation to dissipate and the sky cleared up - instant confirmation!

(the sky clearing)
Somehow it seemed logical to put another set of EPs on the similar intersection to the north, which we did. And another set ended up in the wood area in the middle of the smaller tunnel ring. We like wood areas, since it is easy to sink EPs there, as everybody who has hammered in an EP will certainly confirm J!
Looking for the next spot it seemed logical to us to target the above ground buildings of the LHC tunnel. So we headed for the destination of the first building and as we came close to it a road sign confirmed that we are on the right track! This gives the saying ‘please give me a sign’!? J some real substance! Nothing subtle there! We sunk the usual three EPs and deployed other gifts as we felt it was required.
We carried on by closing in on the remaining buildings by checking our camera/map until the powers in charge there guided us for the last couple of meters with their signs J (thanks angain!). We could not even be stopped by the breaking of one hammer (since we brought two of them)! When functionality of the second hammer was also reduced, we had already completed half of the buildings. These adverse conditions slowed us down a little but could not stop us of course! Same was true for the darkness, which provided better cover for the price of reduced orientation.

(a typical CERN building)
(the security)
After finishing with the last building we returned to the main parking area at the CERN headquarter. There we concluded (wrongly, btw) that we used 30 EPs (we already hammered in 33 of them as we later found out) and decided to put another 3 EPs right there at the main gate area in order to reach our predefined number of EPs! After hiding a few more other gifts we had the impression that our mission was completed.

To all those concerned and involved: thanks again for all the protection! It was fantastic!

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