Discovery House

Dooney mentioned this place needed gifting, can’t find the post, or context–was it Common Purpose I logged it as Banner Street at the time, which is them.

Tried out the new satnav, worked a treat, makes driving in London just about bearable. If you want to wind up the natives don’t switch your light on [Image Can Not Be Found] Anyone would think you were driving the wrong way up a dual carriageway in the dark [Image Can Not Be Found]; I thought the satnav had sent me up a one way street. I did meet a Frenchman coming the wrong way down the fast lane once, while I was in the slow lane, luckily!

And don’t black men like to toot their horn. It must be attached to their brake pedal.

Anyway, it had about 7 EPs and assorted HHgs and TBs. I wasn’t surprised to find just a street away the infamous Tavistock Institute which I gifted awhile back, I gave it some EPs as well.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

A relief to escape the city.

Here are some sunrise clouds

This looks to be a source of targets … RET-BASES/ He has some ‘weatherballs’ not on the weatherball list, for example.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Thank you John for gifting both Discovery House and Tavistock. I believe I posted about that in the Bankster Boosting thread but most of that thread is gone now. We found out about Common Purpose (Discovery House) from a new chatter in New Zealand who was getting harrassed by some masons. Common Purpose is evidently a training facility for NWO leaders. We also did a lot of work on Tavistock while we were in the middle of the banker boosting and we found that the energy of both groups runs along the same earth ley lines, so our boosting was really effective for both targets. The physical gifting of these sites will help a lot, I’m sure. Thanks for getting it done!


You can see how close they are, 30 Tabernacle street (A) is the Tavistock place, Banner St (B) is Discovery House.……38;source= … 3&t=h&z=17

With an ancient graveyard (closed to public) in between, must be where they hang out at night [Image Can Not Be Found] Also an army barracks just below that. All just north of City.

Did notice an obelisk on my travels as well, have to find that again.

A seriously good deed, John and long overdue too!

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