Dissecting some Dissembling in Germany

One of our cohorts has an exemplary orgonite business in Germany which is being undermined by some charismatic poseurs who are selling very weak but glamorous and costly orgonite so I offered to post the disinformation from that website, along with my comments for the record. I’ve found, over the years, that it’s pretty important and effective to ‘answer back’ this way when people misrepresent or slander us and I’m hoping it will help my friend, Klaus-Peter, who has http://shop.vzfdew.de/.

I’m cutting and pasting the English translations that Klaus-Peter sent to me, which has his highlighted text in it. My answers are in italics. I never name the culprits because that would be counterproductive. The enemy usually want their dissembling (‘lying’) to look like just another point of view, which (if we engage the saboteurs) gives ordinary people the impression that we’re just squabbling. This is going to be time-consuming, so I’ll get it done in many posts. Silvio in Milan sent me some aggressive slander on an Italian website that I need to take care of in another thread.

I’ll get right to it:

Don Croft is an American who sat down with the batteries [a piece of simple orgonite, 1998. ~D ] of the Austrian Wilhelm Kraft [ I think the authors are referring to Karl Welz. ~D ] apart. Croft created in collaboration with Dr. Reich and his research team a Cloudbreaker (DOR) to suck from the atmosphere orgone energy. The resulting harmful energy to be fed via a tube in water. Rumor said to have been produced by the Cloud Buster in the Arizona desert rain. The DOR - fields should be converted into living Orgon using the apparatus. Don Croft took issue with the construction of the device and combined this with the research of Karl Welz . Subsequently developed Don Croft numerous orgonite devices and cloud busters . The orgone generators were equipped with quartz crystals , which Orgon should catch . After converting positive orgone energy to be delivered to the environment .

I was five years old when Dr Reich temporarily reversed the desert in Southern Arizona and California with his cloudbusters in 1954. It wasn’t a rumor because the results were well documented. I never ‘took exception’ to anything Dr Reich did and our orgonite cloudbusters lack the power of his original cloudbusters, nor are they able, on their own, to reverse deserts. It was the quick proliferation of thousands of orgonite cloudbusters in a short period (2001 and 2001) that evidently disabled the international chemtrail agenda.

Crystals, of course, are not primary components of orgonite; simple crystals simply enable us to do more with slightly less orgonite and in personal orgonite, subtle energy elements, including gems and crystals, simply have greatly amplified effects and synergy when they interact with nearby people’s own energy fields. Dissemblers often try to confuse people this way, perhaps to distract them from the essential importance of the metal component. The devices sold on this website have very little metal in them so the devices are quite weak.

What is the harmonious relationship ? As rapport we denote the distribution and weighting of each component in Orgoniten as the synthetic resin , the precious stones and precious metals . ( For more information see the right balance in mixing the materials ) → [the right balance in mixing the materials“ don’t exist on this website! ~Klaus-Peter]

The photos of what they’re calling ‘orgonite’ are pretty typical: very little metal in them but a lot of expensive crystals, which are displayed in clear resin. This stuff will always be prettier than real orgonite because in the latter, the metal completely fills the resin content so most of the crystals, gems, coils, etc., are hidden Wink --Carol’s pyramids have a big Lemurian seed crystal in the center and 53 specific gems arranged in a sequence from bottom to top. I think all you can see are a dozen or so of the gems. We’ve never felt a need to weigh anything at all in our orgonite. An orgonite devices is only as powerful as the amount of resin volume that is filled with metal.

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