Distilled water versus mineral or tap water

I already read few times from Don, Laozu and now from Drakull that you guys use distilled water for charging water (or crystals) inside the CB.

For me distilled water is dead water that contains no more minerals. Drinking this water will drain all the minerals from my body and create mineral defficiency. In France we use this water for irons, and car batteries, not for human consumption. For crystals I understand

Could you please tell me why you choose distilled water?



I have not tried using the charged water for drinking, so I cannot intelligently comment on that aspect.
When Cesco and I first found that a CB will charge water, I compared results using tap water, filtered tap water, and distilled water.
All three charged up well, but the filtered water was marginally stronger than the tap water, and the distilled water marginally stronger than the filtered water. I am basing this comparison on the strength of positive feeling of the water after three or more hours charging, and on the feeling of the TBs made with crystals charged in that water.

If I remember correctly the only thing to have higher charge than distilled water is colloidal gold.

I have not tried drinking distilled water but have had both filtered tap water, tap water and spring water.
Spring water is superior, well if it’s Icelandig spring water anyway.
I have also made White Sage tea that I have charged and drank cold, it had a very high energy charge and definately a healing effect.

I guess alot of tests need to be made but i am quite confident that charging water on a CB is (at the moment) among the best ways available.
As Kelly mentioned earlier we discovered how to do this last year, I had made my way to America and was quite determined to find a way to charge water.
We made all sorts of tests and built vortex pipes and realigned water with magnets and vortex tubes and whatnot but nothing charged the water for very long.
After some brainstorming we remembered that a Cb creates a vortex and decided to place a jar of water on the CB.
It turned out to work very well.

I am quite confident that this charged water will play some role in free energy devices as well as healing applications.


To Kelly and Cesco, I want to thank you both for taking the time to experiment and discovering the portent effect of using distilled water for charging crystals on a CB. It was an invaluable breakthrough to many people making orgonite devices including me as I first started out researching about orgonite, beginning of this year. Thank you! Any chance the both of you could post an article or a new thread in the ‘research and development’ section in this forum?

The reason i asked is because when i first started out reading up on orgonite and the tutorials, i had to read through many websites. What i did not know at that point was, many of these websites were “dis-info” websites, designed to confuse new comers to orgonite. I spent hundreds of hours, literally sifting through all the forums on which was the ‘correct’ info. It felt as though i was navigating through a mine field to find out.

For example, when i first started out, i was really confused (thanks to alot dis-info sites and forums) about the SBB coil and whether Anti-clock wise or clockwise was the direction the coil pushes the energy. I built an orgonite disc with a SBB coil in it (right in the middle of the disc), with 2 similar crystals pointing the opposite direction, to determine which way the SBB coil was directing energy towards. I made a little stand for it as well so that people could place both their hands on each side of the disc to feel the energy. The disc would not be moved but only the tester, when trying out the opposite hands. I then brought it to central market (indoor market in Malaysia) to conduct random test on people feeling the energy from the disc and jotted down the results. Yes, the information and tutorials on SBB coils at Ryan Mcginty’s website was correct indeed. I had to find that out the ‘hard way’ with many disinfo websites out there.

There are a few Malaysian PJ folks that are very curious on orgonite and i point them to the direction of <a href="…//">www.ethericwarriors.com</a> . I don’t want them to go to the other ‘discredited’ forums and experience what i went through. I will share something from personal experience and it is not a big secret after all. It is ‘still’ a mess out there on the Internet, for people who are new and still researching about orgonite. I know, this is still going on despite the ‘very clear’ tutorials everyone with orgonite experience, at ethericwarriors, has posted on forums. The ‘clever’ and ‘sleek’ dis-info forums and websites out there, continue to ‘bait’ new beginners. Many new comers don’t have the perseverance to continue to learn about orgonite, after going through all that disinformation sites.

Could you guys re-post some of your earlier ‘discoveries’ & postings from the other old forums, to this forum. Especially about using distilled water for charging crystals on a CB. Yup, that will surely lead to many beginners to make a CB eventually (like me) for making stronger/portent orgonite devices for gifting. It will also add to the ever increasing number of CBs worldwide. Many thanks guys. This will help out alot of people who are ‘new’ to orgonite, by reading ‘this forum’ as a starting point for beginners.



Ever since Kelly did his initial research and concluded that distilled water is better at absorbing and ‘keeping’ orgone when in a closed container, I’ve been drinking cloudbustered distilled water daily. I even made a special CB that can hold a gallon of water between the pipes near the top. I can tell you from my experience that water like this tastes better and is more energizing than any water I’ve drunk before.

I can tell you that the talented and more energy sensitive among us use things like gold colloid, etc., productively but my hope, as always, is that we’ll all keep in mind the awesome power of unadorned orgonite and the simplicity of related approaches. It’s human nature to be drawn irrationally to the arcane and mysterious and what escapes many folks is that we still haven’t yet figured out how basic orgonite works, much less the more subtle workings of gems, colloids, etc. I really want to keep this in perspective but the responsibility is mainly on the readers, not on the aficionados like Kelly, Cesco, Carol, Ryan, etc., who certainly have a right to express and explore their more arcane findings.

I’m not much of a researcher, though I’ve got some basic inventions under my belt. Anyone can come up with inventions, by the way, and anyone’s welcome to promote them, confident of our support when they pan out.

Asking Kelly to rehash the months he spent before discovering the distilled water feature may be a little much to put on him and I hope his postings from that period on a previous board can be retrieved. At any rate, there should be something in public record about it, I agree.

For all the noise and horse$#!+ out there that presumes to be research I don’t know what to say to newcomers, other than, ‘Caveat emptor, and welcome to the world of discernment.’

It would be counterproductive to personally expose the poseurs because it would work as free advertising for them and, worse, would give them an excuse to say that we’re persecuting them (every genuine person roots for the underdog, after all). I rather believe that the power of attraction is better in the long run and that’s accomplished through earning good reputations and then posting our discoveries and considered insights.

YOu may have noticed, reader, that there are few, if any, chestpounders or Chicken Littles here and this is no accident. I simply won’t allow it and I’ve chosen substantive people to post, here, who have mostly convinced me that they’re not inclined to stink up the place, so you won’t likely see names disappearing here, though a mole now and then is inevitable.

As I’ve mentioned, a discredited site that represents this network but has been a garden plot for sabotage and sociopaths, so doesn’t have our personal support, will gradually expire and drop away. It’s much better if we don’t push them in that direction. As ever, I encourage unwitting substantive people who still post on boards like that (these few are no longer attacked by the saboteurs and their peanut gallery, of course, unless they bring up the subject of board integrity) to consider that they’re the ones who are keeping the breath of life in those decayed URLs and I also ask them to consider whether this is helping or hindering this unorganized movement.

I think it’s really enough to clearly identify and recognize the m.o. of poisonous boards, then avoid them. The Operators will take care things in their own time, not ours, don’t worry. The best way to learn how to avoid stepping in $#!+ is to take our cues from them and to keep our eyes on the path in the moment.


The bulk of the orgonite that Carol and I make and distribute has no fancy stuff in it, nor do we condition the crystals with colloid or other means. This is how we stopped the HAARPicanes in the Caribbean. I hope that simple statement will help the reader consider that orgonite, alone and unadorned, is more powerful than we can conceive, yet. My hope is that one will be more inclined to explore the use of additives for personal devices rather than for field pieces.

if one feels that it’s necessary to adorn field orgonite, much less of it will get made and distributed, after all, and this is a numbers game; a war in which territory has to be taken away from the world odor with orgonite. As I stressed before, this is a discernment/judgement issue for the individual gifter. Carol and I have all manner of fancy orgonite around our home and she employs methods that she keeps to herself, too, in order for us to maintain a little edge in this competitive market, as anyone might.

I recently started buying a hundred regular TBs per month from Marcus Guy in San Antonio, partly because Carol got tired of finding the five-gallon resin cans empty when it came time to make more of her pyramids and partly because I want Marcus to get some good payback for having gifted an entire huge city all by himself during a time when he probably had to choose between buying resin and buying nutritious food. I want him to prosper, along with rest of us who have been earning our livlihoods this way. I also want racial minority folks (also women) in this movement to be offered an advantage, which I consider to be fair rather than exclusive.

He’s ‘Orgonite4U’ in the vendor list to the right of this page. By the way, the vendors whom Carol and I have found to have personal integrity are in that list. I think there are many more out there who are reliable and whose work-integrity are worthy but I just don’t know about them, yet. A couple of the vendors in this list aren’t interested in posting on EW, by the way.

If anyone knows DB’s current website, please let me know what it is so I can update his link, which is ''The Noize by cbswork." YOu can either post it or email it to me. The CIA apparently got their stained hands on the link’s current URL, as you can probably see, and he hasn’t been in touch with us for awhile. Please send him energy whenever you think of him, okay?



Here is D Bradley’s current website

The first link is the home page with 2 links, the catalog link, and the other link that connects takes to another webpage not related to DB…




I don’t know (who does? what DB’s up to, but i too have not heared from him for a while. I made the cbswork.net site and mailed frequently but we had a difference of opinion and after that i did not hear from him anymore.

I hope he is sailing well and i’ll send him some blessing energy soon…


I’ve been drinking charged distilled water from a CB for some time now and it really feels and tastes fantastic. And another thing is that I’ve got a distiller which I felt tasted dead and metallic at first. So I purchased an expensive Vortex mixer with trace-minerals etc. It makes nice water, but it takes a long time in the mixer so then I placed 4-5 TBs and a HHg on the storage tank, and immediately the water livened up. Very nice. Now I don’t need the mixer anymore… …

I also have purchased something called Oxygen elements plus which is rather expensive, but it replaces trace-minerals in water.

Best wishes


Hello Elen,

I am sorry but I do not understand why buying distilled water and an expensive apparatus to add (artificial) trace minerals in your distilled water while you can simply buy mineral water in the first place.

Is there any specific reason?


Hello there!

Well, I’m just sharing what I found to be good, and I’m also sure that each person reacts different to the same things so we must choose for ourselves what we like and makes us feel well.

I’ve read some articles on the use of chemicals like Fluoride and Chlorine in water and I haven’t found any bottled mineral water (at least where I am) without these additives. Here in Scotland and in Norway, for sure, they put down the ingredients and no matter how pure the water (mountain springs etc.), <em>they always add it!</em> Fluoride especially was used by the Nazis in the consentration-camps to dampen the spirit. They found that the prisoners became quiet and lost their fighting-spirit (there is probably many other side-effects). So here you have it, I don’t want to loose that, and that’s the reason why I’ve gone to such trouble. Water is after all the most important factor in our lives. Have you noticed how “they” are spraying the lakes now, just recently another suggestion from the government (to kill the germs). To be honest, I do not know if you have Fluoride in your water, but check the labels.

If you orgonise water it livens up to my experience, even with only TBs. I’m sure any water will become better.


Thank you Elen for this very clear explanation, now I understand why you have to mineralize your distilled water. I have never seen any fluoride put into french mineral water, or even tap water in France. I just checked the labels of those I have here and nothing is specified (about fluoride) However, I recently heard they put fluoride into Hong Kong tap water (which I drink after filtering it , but I guess I dun drink enough of it to make me act as a vegetable hahahaha.

I also noticed all american toothpastes we have in HK are full of fluoride and it is hell to find one without it. So I make my own with clay a pinch of baking soda and a drop of essential oil.


Hello my friends,

Ive been curious into how to charge water with the cloudbuster, where is it exactly I should place the bottle/gallon? Hanging on the pipes? On top of the CB? I read somewhere that touching the pipes was not recommended and that the orgonite base was needed to be touched in this case…

Id like to drink orgonised water [Image Can Not Be Found] , please let me know what you think about my questions, gracias


Put a jar or bottle of destilled water on top of the CB.

Place your water at least 1 foot above the base of the CB, preferably abit higher.
The container with the water should fit between the pipes(in the center) and not ontop of the pipes themselves.


Just remember to have an air tight lid or cap on the jar/bottle as the water seems to boil in an odd way and the orgone disappears. I’ve tried doing this the hard way.

And, Didier…message to you. If you filter water it does not remove the Fluoride. I am filtering (char coal) my water before distilling and there is always a residue of white solidified Fluoride powder in the boiling tank. The only way you can get rid of the Fluoride in water is to boil it (read this somewhere), but be very careful not to breath the steam as the Fluoride becomes airborn. Make sure you have a fan going or use a kettle outside or something. Other than that….happy water!


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